Note on Transcription

Hidden Histories staff strives to complete “verbatim" transcriptions of the church records that precisely mirror the manuscript pages in typescript. However, we are currently in the process of converting our verbatim transcription into a searchable file format. The conversion process introduces minor inconsistencies in the rendering of spacing within lines, marginalia, page headers and other issues pertaining to formatting. We will address these formatting issues over time; in the transcription we now present, content is rarely, if ever, affected. Finally, Hidden Histories relies heavily on volunteers to complete transcription. While we proofread everything, errors inevitably creep in. We invite readers to contact our Director of Transcription, Helen Gelinas ( with corrections or suggestions on questionable readings. We are always looking for more volunteers to assist in transcribing these invaluable documents. Please contact Ms. Gelinas if you would like to help our project.