Reference Key to Richard Taylor's New England book

The information on this page is excerpted and condensed from Richard H. Taylor's The Churches of Christ of the Congregational Way in New England. It is intended merely as a reference tool for use in conjunction with that text. For fuller explanations of the information contained in each column, please see pp.30-34 of the original.


Table columns

  • A: Ecclesiastical, ethnic, or language notations (see below)
  • B: Town name (alphabetical within county) & Church name (alphabetical within town)
  • C: Date of official organization
  • D: Years of listing in published Congregational church lists (yearbooks)
  • E: Current status (as of 1989)


Column A abbreviations

Ecclesiastical notations

  • AP: Associated Presbytery member at some time
  • NE: Not Established a some time during establishment period, but claiming to be Congregational (in addition to Strict church)
  • OL: Old Light church at some time
  • pP: possibly Presbyterian at some time
  • Pr: Presbyterian at some time
  • pS: possibly Strict or Separate Congregational at some time
  • Se: Strict or Separate Congregational at some time


Ethnic / language notations

  • Ar: Armenian
  • bB: became Black
  • Bl: Black
  • Ch: Chinese
  • CV: Cape Verdean
  • Da: Danish
  • DN: Danish - Norwegian mixture
  • Dt: Dutch
  • Fi: Finnish
  • Fr: French
  • Gk: Greek
  • Gr: German
  • Hu: Hungarian
  • In: American Indian (all tribes)
  • Ir: Irish
  • It: Italian
  • Ko: Korean
  • mI: mixed American Indian and English
  • Nr: Norwegian
  • Sc: mixed Scandinavian
  • SF: Swedish - Finnish mixture
  • Sp: Hispanic (all types)
  • Sw: Swedish
  • We: Welsh