Congregational Library & Archives launches new digital exhibit: 'We do Give up ourselves to one another'

Thursday, March 24, 2022

The Congregational Library & Archives is pleased to announce the launch of its first digital exhibit which coincides with the launch of its digital archive. Titled 'We do Give up ourselves to one another:'  Exploring digitized Congregational disciplinary records at the Congregational Library & Archives, the exhibit includes documents and stories found within the digital archive both to present compelling historical narratives about church disciplinary cases and to teach visitors about the unique genre of Congregational disciplinary records. Just as we do today, Congregationalists in the colonial era and the early years of our nation struggled with the questions “what is our responsibility to one another?” and “how do we make amends to a community we’ve harmed?” This exhibit provides a window into how Congregationalists grappled with these questions and illustrates the important roles of forgiveness and repentance in bridging community divisions.

The library’s digital exhibit is available at

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