Essex North Association, Mass.

Collection History

The Essex Middle Association, which would later become the Essex North Association, was formed in Rowley, West Parish (now Georgetown) in 1761. Noteworthy members included Rev. John Cleaveland, who ministered Chebacco Church in Ipswich for 52 years. The Association weighed in on various social issues throughout its long history, including slavery and the temperance movement. In 1840 members attempted, via written correspondence, to sway the Charleston Union Presbytery, SC against the practice of slavery, but were met with a terse rebuttal.

The Essex North Association merged with the Essex South Association and later the Andover Association to eventually become the Northeast Association within the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ.

The digital volume below consists of the records of the Essex North Association spanning 1761-1836 and largely including meeting minutes and reports, as well as membership information. 

The original manuscripts in this collection are owned by our project partners, the Phillips Library at the Peabody Essex Museum.

Early historical information from Contributions to the Ecclesiastical History of Essex County, Mass.


Digital Materials

Association records, 1761-1836

This single bound volume comprises meeting minutes, the association's original articles of agreement, a chronological listing of members accepted, and a list of committee members and clergy. It also contains a list of interview questions for the admission of new clergy, focusing on details of scripture and theology.


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