Series III: Conference and Association Records

This series contains collections of records created by conferences of churches, associations of ministers, and other regional groups in the early Puritan, Congregational, and Christian (denomination) traditions in New England. Although Congregationalists tend to shun hierarchical systems in favor of the autonomy of each church, they often form these fellowship groups that allow them to debate and discuss various matters.

In this series you will find meeting minutes, committee reports, membership lists, rules and recommendations for ordinations of ministers, as well as discussions of various matters of doctrine. As the collection grows, the records of ecclesiastical councils that are not part of a larger church records collection will also be added.

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Berkshire Association of Congregational Ministers (1759-1859) NEW!

Cumberland Association of Congregational Ministers (1788-1839) NEW!

Cumberland Conference (1836-1859) NEW!

Essex North Association (1761-1836)
  later Northeast Association, Massachusetts Conference, UCC

General Association of Connecticut (1708-1952) TRANSCRIPTION AVAILABLE
  later Connecticut Conference, UCC

Hampden Association of Congregational Ministers (1762-1844) NEW!

Maine Missionary Society (1807-1869) NEW!

Marlborough Association of Congregational Ministers (1725-1842) NEW!

Massachusetts Convention of Congregational Ministers (1749-1838) NEW!

Salem Female Anti-Slavery Society (1834-1862)

Salem Witchcraft Trials (1692)

Strict Congregational Convention of Connecticut (1773-1811) NEW!