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This volume consists of handwritten notes on sermons by an unidentified individual in Boston, Massachusetts during 1723. Their notes include the names of the preachers, date of delivery, the sermon's verse text, and a detailed summary of each sermon. The sermons were likely delivered at the Old South Church, due to the predominance of those preached by resident ministers Rev. Joseph Sewall and Rev. Thomas Prince.

The original manuscripts in this collection are owned by our project partners, the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Further information about the collection can be found in the NEHGS catalog.


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Memoranda book, 1723

In this booklet, the anonymous author records a diverse array of sermons and preachers heard in Boston. Many were delivered by Rev. Joseph Sewall and Rev. Thomas Prince of the Old South Church, but a number of other ministers are also included, such as Revs. Colman, Scivall, Cooper, Thatcher, Wordsworth, Webb, and Gee.


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