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Rev. Benjamin Pomeroy (1704-1784), originally of Suffield, Connecticut, graduated at Yale in 1733. He was ordained in 1735 and installed at the Congregational Church in Hebron, CT. He was caught up in the First Great Awakening and became an admirer of the revivalist preacher George Whitefield. He subsequently encouraged revivalist movements in the other parishes around Hebron, without seeking permission from other pastors as mandated by state law, and was consequently deprived of his salary for 7 years. He married Abigail Sheelock of Windham with whom he had 7 children. He received a Doctor of Divinity from Dartmouth College and became a trustee of Yale. Rev. Pomeroy died in December of 1784, aged 81 years.

The collection below consists of thirteen faith relations composed by prospective parishioners of the church in Hebron, CT and kept by Rev. Pomeroy as part of his ministerial records, as well as several other incidental church records. The original manuscripts in this collection are owned by our project partners, the Connecticut Historical Society. Further information about the collection can be found in the CHS catalog.


Digital Materials

Relations, 1735-1739, undated

These relations of faith are formalized confessions in which individuals described their conversion experience in order to gain membership in the church. They were composed during the ministry of Rev. Benjamin Pomeroy at the Congregational Church in Hebron, CT. The records are itemized below and listed in alphabetical order by last name. Also included is a copy of the church covenant signed by Rev. Pomeroy and members, a letter by Rev. Pomeroy requesting salary payments, and records from a disciplinary case.

Derby, John relation 1756 June 21
Filer, Samuel relation 1736 July 12
Hutchison, Aaron relation undated
Hutchison, Mary relation 1736 January 15
Man, Mercy relation undated
Polk, Thomas relation undated
Pomeroy, Benjamin church covenant 1736 May 2
Pomeroy, Benjamin letter entreating salary payments undated
Porter, Abigail relation undated
Porter, David Jr. relation undated
Porter, Joseph relation undated
Right, Aaron relation undated
Right, Elizabeth relation 1739 February 9
Root, Rachel relation 1735 February 23
Root, Rebecka relation undated
unknown disciplinary records in case against "C.D." for defamation undated


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