Marsh, John. Sermons

Collection History

Rev. John Marsh was born on November 2, 1742 in Haverhill, Mass. He graduated from Harvard in 1761 and in 1765 received his license to preach. Between 1771 and 1773, he was employed as a tutor at Harvard, and was ordained as the minister of the First Church of Christ in Wethersfield, Conn. in 1774, a position he held for 48 years until his death. He married Ann Grant of East Windsor, Connecticut in December of 1775 and had a total of seven children.

Rev. Marsh was a life-long academic and proponent of education. In 1801, he was elected Fellow of Yale College and retained the position for 19 years. In either 1806 or 1808, John Marsh received his Doctor of Divinity from Yale. As a pastor, he provided monetary assistance for some young men to continue their education. His eldest and middle sons also pursued academic careers. Rev. Marsh was described as a patriotic supporter of independence from Britain and of the Continental Army. He died in 1821 following a short illness.

This collection includes two sermons preached by Rev. Marsh on selected verses from 2 Corinthians and Luke. The documents, available digitally below, are physically held by the First Church of Christ in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

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Digital Materials

Sermons, 1774-1776

This folder contains two manuscript sermons, each in the hand of Rev. Marsh. Each sermon also lists additional dates and locations on which the sermon was preached.


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