Series II: Personal Papers and Documents

This series contains personal papers and documents created by individuals and ecclesiastical councils that are not part of a larger church records collection. The collections in this series document early Congregational thought and attitude towards topics such as theology, preaching, and mission work. They speak to a larger cultural context and to a more personal and private context, offering additional perspectives on the time period addressed by New England's Hidden Histories.

In this series you will find the personal diaries of ministers and missionaries, as well as examples of manuscript sermons and sermon notes. As the collection grows, personal correspondence and the minutes of ecclesiastical councils will be added.

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The Collections

Avery, David. The Case of the Pastor in Wrentham (1794)

Barnard, Edward. Sermons (1739-1774)

Bidwell, Adonijah. Sermon Booklets (circa 1754-1781)

Cleaveland, John. Papers (1741-1810)

Cleaveland, John. Sermons (1752-1799)

Collins, Zaccheus. Diary (1726-1769)

Cotton, Ward. Correspondence (1811-1814)

Curwen, George. Papers (1699-1737)

Davenport, John. Sermons (1649-1652) NEW!

Edwards, Jonathan. Letter to Esther Burr (1757)

Eells, Nathaniel. Sermon (1740) NEW!

Fisk, Samuel. Correspondence (1731-1755)

Green, Joseph. Diary (1700-1715)

Green, Joshua. Memoranda (1768-1775)

Hawley, Gideon. Missionary Journal and Letterbook (1754-1807)

Homes, William. Diary (1715-1747) NEW!

Hooker, John. Sermons (1753-1777) NEW!

Hopkins, Samuel. Correspondence (1766-1803)

Hovey, Ivory. Papers (1731-1803) NEW!

Josselyn, Thomas. Diary (1743-1775)

Lake, John. Memoranda (1687-1688)

Leavitt, Dudley. Sermons (1740-1751)

Marsh, John. Sermons (1774-1776) NEW!

Mather Family. Papers (1648-1651) NEW!

Mather, Cotton. Diary and Personal Documents (1716)

Parkman, Ebenezer. Papers (1717-1782) NEW!

Parsons, Jonathan. Sermons (1735-1770)

Parsons, Moses. Sermon (1746) NEW!

Perley, Samuel. Papers (1744-1800) NEW!

Phillips, Samuel. Papers (1670-1746) NEW ITEMS!

Pomeroy, Benjamin. Relations (1735-1739) NEW!

Pynchon, John. Notes on sermons by George Moxon (1640) TRANSCRIPTION AVAILABLE

Rand, William. Sermons (1746-1778)

Richardson, John. Sermon notes (1692-1693)

Rogers, Daniel. Sermons (1740-1799) NEW!

Rogers, John. Papers (1693-1714)

Stockman, John. Testimony (early 1700s)

Stone, Samuel. Whole Body of Divinity (1656) TRANSCRIPTION AVAILABLE

Storer, Ebenezer. Diary (1749-1764)

Tilden, Mary. Disciplinary case records (1732-1733) NEW!

Turell, Ebenezer. Account of a witchcraft case (1728)

Unknown Author. Boston Massacre sermon (1770)

Unknown Author. Legacy of a Dying Father (1694)

Unknown Author. Memoranda book (1723)
  notes on sermons preached primarily at the Old South Church in Boston, Mass.

Unknown Author. Sermon notes (1679-1681) NEW!
  notes on sermons preached primarily at the First Church in Cambridge, Mass.

Unknown Authors. Sermon notes (1660-1694) NEW!
  notes on sermons preached primarily at the First Church in Cambridge, Mass.

Wadsworth, Benjamin. Sermons (1707-1712) NEW!

Weld, Thomas. Commonplace book (1723)

White, John. Sermons (1702-1760) NEW!

Wigglesworth Family. Papers (1649-1794) NEW!

Williams, Stephen. Diary (1716-1782)