Westborough, Mass. Church of Christ

Collection History

Please note that as of January 2022, the Westborough, Mass. Church of Christ records, 1724-1787, and all future digital collections are now hosted on the library's new digital archive.

The town of Westborough was incorporated in 1717 and construction on the town's first meeting house completed in 1722. The Church of Christ was gathered in 1724 with Ebenezer Parkman as its minister. During the First Great Awakening, both George Whitefield and Johnathan Edwards preached at the Church of Christ. Construction began on a second meeting house in 1748, and the first service held there was in 1749. In 1825 the church reformed as the First Congregational Society. It continues today as the Congregational Church of Westborough.

The digital collection below consists of a single church record book dating from 1724-1787. The records have been provided in partnership with the Westborough Public Library, where the original manuscript volume is held.

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Digital Materials

Church records, 1724-1787

This volume includes church meeting minutes, records of votes, marriages, baptisms, admissions and dismissions, membership lists, and church covenants.


Related Materials

Parkman, Ebenezer. Papers, 1717-1782


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