Wendell, Mass. Congregational Church

Collection History

Please note that as of January 2022, the Wendell, Massachusetts. Congregational Church records, 1783-1955, and all future digital collections are now hosted on the library's new digital archive.

The Congregational Church of Wendell was formed in Wendell, Mass. in 1774.  The first meetinghouse was built in 1783, and a second in 1846. Throughout the collection the church is referred to by several names, including Church of Christ, First Church, Central Congregational Church in Wendell, and the Congregational Church of Wendell. The Trustees of the Ministerial Fund of the First Congregational Society in Wendell were incorporated in 1823 to carry out their function for the church. A copy of the articles of their incorporation is pasted inside the front cover of their minute book. In 1874, the church and the town of Wendell celebrated their centennial with a joint event.

Even though the church was relatively small throughout its history, the Congregational Church of Wendell contributed to domestic and foreign missions, including mission work in China. The church belonged to the Franklin Association of Congregational Churches and worked closely with the Massachusetts Home Missionary Society to call and fund its ministers. The Congregational Church of Wendell joined the United Church of Christ in 1964 and closed in 2004.

The digital collections below include a bound volume of church records dating from 1783-1847, which includes meeting minutes and membership and vital records of the congregation. There is also a bound treasury book for the church (1822-1838) containing financial information.

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Digital Materials

Church records, 1783-1847

This volume covers a broad range of topics related to the administration of the church, as well as the activities of the church's ministers and members. Types of materials present include records related to the creation of a "religious Profession", meeting minutes, records of votes, a list of founding members of the church, admissions, dismissions, births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, confessions, annual birth and death statistics, deacons' records, church contributions, and copies of church correspondence.

Financial records, 1822-1838

The Parish Treasury Book is a volume of financial records for the Congregational Church of Wendell. Types of materials present include finance committee reports, account balances, records of transactions, salary records, and tax records.


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