Medway, Mass. First Church of Christ - Church and Financial Records, 1730-1796

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These records cover a wide range of topics. They are ordered by creation date.

Meetinghouse expenses Plimpton, Jonathan 1730 subscription for noonhouse to meet on the sabbath between meetings
Meetinghouse expenses Plimpton, Jonathan 1730 a true copy examined by Jonathan Plimpton Clerk for the Properties of Common and undivided land in Medfield and Medway
Relation Peniman, James 1735 relation of faith made by James Peniman
Ministerial salary Bucknam, Nathaniel 1736 warrant for May meeting to consider minister's salary and support
Ministerial salary Bucknam, Nathaniel 1746/7 Rev. Bucknam's plea for a raise in salary and support
Rates Barber, John 1748/9 record of Samuel Garnsey, constable, received by John Barber, Town Treasurer
Correspondence unknown scribe 1796 letter to the Council before the ordination of Mr. Isaac Braman
Ordination unknown scribe 1796 ordination of Mr. Isaac Braman
Ecclesiastical Council Haven, Jason 1796 council result of vote for Mr. Isaac Braman as pastor
Correspondence Braman, Isaac 1796 letter from Mr. Isaac Braman declining the call to settle at First Church in Medway


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