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Relations are written accounts of individuals' religious experience, often required in the process of applying for full membership. This collection contains approximately 115 such documents, many in the congregants' own handwriting. It also includes related membership records, such as letters of transfer to and from other churches, requests for baptism, and confessions of sins written in order to return to the good graces of the church community.

  Full transcriptions of these documents are available.




unnamed (1) relation 1815      
unnamed (2) relation 1827      
unnamed (3) relation undated      
unnamed (4) relation after 1798      
unnamed (5) relation undated      
unnamed (6) relation undated      
unnamed (7) relation undated      
Adams, Almira relation undated      
Ames, Laura relation undated      
Ames, Sophia relation 1831      
Bacon, Abigail relation circa 1800      
Bacon, Mary relation undated      
Bacon, Sophia relation 1821      
Bacon, Theda relation 1810      
Baldwin, Ebenezer confession 1759      
Baldwin, Lois confession 1759      
Baldwing (see Baldwin)
Barlow, Irene relation circa 1840      
Barlow, Jane relation undated      
Barlow, Rhoda relation undated      
Barton, Sybil relation undated      
Bates, Caroline relation 1846      
Bissell, Chester relation 1798      
Bolding, Lois relation undated      
Bulwind (see Baldwin)
Campbell, Emma confession undated      
Campbell, Eunice relation 1834      
Church, Bethuel form confession 1775      
Church, Mrs. Bethuel form confession 1775      
Church, Hannah (Mrs. Josiah) form confession 1768   confession 1775
Church, Josiah form confession 1768   confession 1775
Clark, Daniel relation 1799      
Coe, Rachel relation undated      
Coe, Samuel (1) relation undated      
Coe, Samuel (2) confession 1765      
Cooley, Abigail relation 1799      
Cooley, Content relation undated      
Cooley, James relation 1798      
Cooley, Lydia relation circa 1813      
Cooley, Michael relation 1816      
Cornwill, William form confession undated      
Cornwill, Mrs. William form confession undated      
Dickinson, Hannah relation undated      
Dunham, Lydia relation undated      
Dunham, Mehetibal relation undated      
Ensign, Permelia relation 1816      
Forbes (see Forbs)
Forbs, Jonathan confession 1770      
Forbs, Rebecca confession undated      
Foster, James confession 1762      
Gaines, Esther relation 1816      
Gibbons, Eli confession undated      
Gibbons, Mrs. Eli confession undated      
Gillet, Rebecca relation 1798      
Goss, Thomas confession undated      
Graves, Ruth relation 1816      
Griswold, John relation undated   confession 1770
Hail, Sarah form confession 1771      
Hale, Sarah (see Hail, Sarah)
Harvey, Betsey relation 1815      
Harvey, Cynthia relation 1819      
Harvey, Mr. & Mrs. confession undated      
Hatch, Elizabeth relation undated      
Hitchcock, Charles form confession 1774      
Hitchcock, Mrs. Charles form confession 1774      
Hoag, Mary relation undated      
Holdin, Adonijah confession circa 1770      
Holdin, Darius confession circa 1770      
Holdin, Ebenezer confession undated   confession circa 1770
Hubbard, Emily relation undated      
Hubbard, Julia relation undated      
Lambson, Apollos relation 1816      
Lamson, Sylvia relation 1816      
McClean, Jane relation undated      
Moore, Mary relation undated      
Morson, Jerusha confession undated      
Moses, Martin relation 1799      
Munson, Jemima confession undated      
Parsons, Eliza relation undated      
Parsons, M. relation circa 1805      
Parsons, Susan relation circa 1815      
Pynchon, Mr. & Mrs. form confession 1768      
Ranney, Sarah relation circa 1840      
Robinson, Timothy relation undated   confession 1773
Rose, Amos form confession 1775      
Rose, Daniel confession undated      
Rose, Mary form confession undated      
Rose, Naomi relation undated      
Moses, Sally (Mrs. Amos) form confession 1775      
Rose, Solomon confession undated      
Seaward, John relation undated      
Seaward, Mary relation undated      
Seymour, Abigail relation undated      
Seymour, Laura relation 1847      
Seymour, Mariah relation 1810      
Seymour, Orpah relation 1822      
Smith, Polly relation undated      
Smith, Rhoda relation undated      
Spelman, Almon relation 1825      
Spelman, Charles relation undated      
Spelman, Charlotte relation 1836      
Spelman, Harriet relation circa 1830      
Spelman, Mary relation 1810      
Spelman, Oliver confession undated      
Spelman, Sarah form confession 1773      
Spelman, Stephen relation 1768      
Spelman, Thomas confession circa 1758   confession undated
Stiles, Elijah form confession 1773      
Stiles, Mrs. Elijah form confession 1773      
Stiles, Lydia (1) relation undated      
Stiles, Lydia (2) confession 1798      
Strickland, Delight relation 1798      
Strickland, John form confession 1774      
Strickland, Mrs. John form confession 1774      
Strickland, Jonathan form confession 1773      
Strickland, Mrs. Jonathan form confession 1773      
Strickland, Joseph relation undated      
Strong, Elisabeth relation undated      
Sweetman, Ezekiel confession undated      
Sweetman, Mary confession 1763      
Sweetman, Thomas confession undated      
Thrall, James relation 1799      
Tillotson, Martha relation undated   relation undated
Tillotson, Polly relation 1798      
Tinker, Olive relation 1810      
Ward, Plumea relation undated      
Webb, Elizabeth confession 1767      
Webster, Helene relation 1828      
Webster, Rhoda relation undated      
Williams, Anne relation 1779      
Williams, Comfort relation 1816      
Williams, Elijah relation undated      
Williams, Susanna relation 1815      
Williams, William form confession 1774   confession undated
Williams, Mrs. William form confession 1774      


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