Let our finding aids help you explore our archival collections.

Archivists prepare finding aids to assist researchers in working with a particular collection. These finding aids include descriptive information on a collection, its contents, and its creator(s).

The finding aids on this page all describe collections held by the Congregational Library & Archives. In addition to the information highlighted above, finding aids may also include the following useful information:

  • a collection's physical size and included formats (e.g., digitized items, photographs, microfilm, etc.); 

  • restrictions, if any apply;

  • biographical and/or historical notes regarding collection creators;

  • a summary about a collection's scope and content; and

  • a list of the collection’s contents by container type (e.g., box, folder, microfilm reel, etc.).

Finding aids do not, typically, describe every individual item found within a collection; locating specific items in a collection requires in-person review of the collection itself. Please review our policies for reference questions or plan your visit to come and see archival materials.

Depending on the era in which they were created, the information contained in finding aids can vary. Our archivists update finding aids to current standards whenever possible.

The list below includes finding aids for processed archival collections. Our online catalog contains records for collections which have been processed, as well as those which remain unprocessed. Please consider checking both sources to ensure you have found all the information we have on your research topic.

Please contact if you have any questions about how to use these finding aids.


Finding Aids Arranged Alphabetically


Abington, Mass. First Church Records 1714-1949   
Adonijah Bidwell Sermons, circa 1754-1781 
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Document Boxes, undated 
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in Account with S. J. Humphrey. Papers, 1871-1888 
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Southern Rhodesia Mission. Records, 1924-1958 
American Committee for Relief in the Near East. Records, 1891-1979   
American Congregational Association Records, 1846-2022   
American Congregational Deaconess Association Records, 1901-1906   
American Education Society. Records, 1815-1921 
American Friends of the College Cevenol, 1946-1989   
Andover Theological Seminary class of 1877. Correspondence and Congregationalist Biographies, 1875-1915 (gaps) 
Arlington, Massachusetts. Pleasant Street Congregational Church Records, 1842-2010   
Attleboro, Massachusetts. Second Congregational Church (United Church of Christ). Records, 1743-1932 [microform] and Records, 1933-1994 [microform] 
Aurora, Nebraska. Presbyterian United Church of Christ. Records, 1872-1949



Bangor, Maine. All Souls Congregational Church. Records, 1811-1995 [microform] 
Bangor, Maine. All Souls Congregational Church. Woman’s Association. Records, 1912-1987 
Barnstable, Mass. Unitarian Church Records, 1717-1930   
Barnstable, Mass. West Parish Church Records, 1639-1853   
Barton, William Eleazar (1861-1930). Papers, 1888-1930, 1952-1953 
Bates, Mary Kezia. Diary, 1916-1918, 1927   
Bay State Congregational Women's Fellowship. Records, 1963-2001   
Beard, Reuben Alview. Collection, 1873-1945 
Beckwith, Kenneth D. Papers, 1922-1966 
Bedford, Massachusetts. First Church of Christ, UCC. Records, [1730] - 1998. [microfilm] 
Belmont, Mass. First Congregational Church of Waverley Records, 1861-1979   
Beloit Convention. Records, 1880-1939
Berkeley, CA. Grace North Church Records, 1891-2016. RG5473
Berkley, Mass. Congregational Church Records, 1737-1949
Berkshire and Columbia Missionary Society Records, 1798-2002
Berthoud, Colo. Salem Congregational Church Records, 1909-1960
Blake and Goodsell Family Papers, 1883-2005 (bulk 1905-1980) 
Boston (South), Massachusetts. Phillips Church. Records, 1823-1913, 1981-2002 (gaps) 
Boston Congregational Ministers' Meeting Records, 1868-1951 
Boston Massacre sermon, circa 1770
Boston, Mass. Berkeley Temple Congregational Church Records, 1827-1907. RG0029
Boston, Mass. Mount Vernon Congregational Church Records, 1841-1969   
Boston, Mass. New North Church Sermon Notes, 1722   
Boston, Mass. Old South Church Records, 1659-2012   
Boston, Mass. Park Street Church Records, 1804-1976, 2009 
Boston, Massachusetts. (Hyde Park). First Congregational Church of Hyde Park. Records, 1861-2003 
Boston, Massachusetts. Boston Seaman’s Friend Society. Records, 1827-1973 
Boston, Massachusetts. Bowdoin Street Church. Records, 1825-1865 (gaps) 
Boston, Massachusetts. City Mission Society. Records, 1820-2006 
Boston, Massachusetts. Diversity Club. Records, 1887-1945, 1969   
Boston, Massachusetts. Pine Street Church. Records, 1827-1907   
Boston, Massachusetts. Shawmut Congregational Church. Records, 1851-1918 
Boston, Massachusetts. Union Congregational Church. Records, 1822-1984   
Boynton, Henry J. Papers, 1824-1866 
Bradford, Haverhill, Mass. First Church of Christ Records, 1682-1915   
Bradley, Dwight J. Papers, 1936-1962 
Bradley, Raymond H. Jr. Collection on Marriage Equality in Rhode Island, 1977-2013   
Braintree, Massachusetts. First Congregational Church Records, 1697-1871   
Bray, Sarah. (1900-1958) Letters, 1947-1950 
Brighton, Boston, Mass. Faneuil Congregational Church Records, 1884-1984 
Brockton, Mass. First Parish Congregational Church Records, 1738-1980   
Brockton, Mass. Porter Congregational Church, 1800-1979   
Brockton, Mass. South Congregational Church Records, 1835-1979   
Brockton, Mass. Waldo Congregational Church, 1896-1980   
Brookfield, Ohio. Slope Congregational Church. Records, 1866-1999 (bulk, 1870-1960) 
Brookings, Anne. Papers, 1929-1933 (bulk) 
Brown, Catharine (ca. 1800-1823). Papers, 1818-1824 
Brunswick, Maine. First Parish Church Records, 1735-1829   
Bryant, S.D. Union Congregational Church, 1892-2009   
Buschmeyer, Fred S. (1899-1981) Papers, 1939-1971



Cambridge, Illinois. First Congregational Church. Records, 1851-1917   
Cambridge, Mass. First Church Records, 1784-1968   
Cambridge, Mass. Second Church Covenant, 1739   
Cambridge, Massachusetts. Pilgrim Congregational Church of Cambridgeport Records, 1863-1992   
Campbell Family Papers, 1912-1993
Capron Family Papers, 1777-1950
Charlestown, Boston, Mass. First Church Records, 1632-1927   
Chicago Area Project Records, 1932-1937   
Chicago Congregational Club Records, 1880-1933   
Chicago Theological Seminary Collection of Rev. Joseph Edwin Roy Papers, 1853-1967 
Chicago Theological Seminary Collection on Professor Edwards Amasa Park Lectures, 1850s 
Chicago Theological Seminary Collection on Samuel Ives Curtiss, 1877-1904 
Chicago Theological Seminary's Collection of Ozora Stearns Davis, 1896-1933 
Chicago, Ill. Fellowship Congregational Church Records, 1897-1902   
Chicago, Ill. Fourth Congregational Church Records, 1893-1992   
Chicago, Ill. Green Street Congregational Church Records, 1927-1943   
Chicago, Ill. Millard Avenue Congregational Church Records, 1880-1973
Chicago, Ill. New England Congregational Church Records, 1853-1942
Chicago, Ill. Tabernacle Congregational Church Records, 1865-1911 
Chicago, Ill. Union Congregational Church of Auburn Park Records, 1909-1913   
Chicago, Ill. Union Park Congregational Church Records, 1896-1918   
Chicago, Ill. Washington Park Congregational Church Records, 1889-1927, 1948   
Chicago, Ill. Waveland Avenue Congregational Church Records, 1876-1980   
Chicago, Illinois. Avalon Park Community Church Records, 1932-1942   
Chicago, Illinois. Bethlehem Community Center. Records, 1944-1948   
Chicago, Illinois. Christ Congregational Church. Records, 1882-1944 
Chicago, Illinois. South Congregational Church Records, 1871-1933 
Chicago, Illinois. Summerdale Community Church Records, 1890-1954   
Chicago, Illinois. Trinity German Congregational Church Records, 1892-1942 
Churchman's League Records, 1940-1989   
Cincinnati, Ohio. Evangelical Protestant Conference. Records, 1915-1963   
Clarke, Dorus. Papers, 1820-1883 
Cleaveland Family Papers, 1742-1858   
Collection on James Mullenbach, 1870-1935, 1962
Colorado Springs, Colo. First Congregational Church Photographs, Undated
Community Renewal Society Records, 1881-1978   
Comstock Park, MI. Comstock Park Congregational Church Records, 1888-2021   
Congregational Board of Pastoral Supply. Records, 1893-1975 
Congregational Christian Chaplain Applicant Collection, 1939-1973 (bulk 1941-1950) 
Congregational Christian Churches. Board of Home Missions. Filmstrip Collection, 1947-1950s 
Congregational Christian Churches. Commission on Missions/Missions Council. Records, 1928-1961 
Congregational Christian Churches. Council for Social Action. Records, 1937-1963   
Congregational Christian Historical Society Records, 1899-2010   
Congregational Christian Service Committee. Records, 1942-1964 
Congregational Christian Woman's Fellowship of Illinois Records, 1960-1963   
Congregational Education Society. Records, 1816-1956 (bulk 1894-1925) 
Congregational Foundation for Education Records, 1917-1935 
Congregational Home Missionary Society Records, 1882-1963 
Congregational Library & Archives Artwork Collection, 1770-1998, undated 
Congregational Library & Archives Collection of the Congregational Conference of Illinois. Records, 1834-1967 
Congregational Ministers' Union of Chicago and Vicinity Records, 1857-1900   
Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society. Records, 1841-1917   
Congregational Superintendents' Council Records, 1924-1947 
Congregational Training School for Women. Records, 1907-1948
Connecticut Women of the United Church of Christ Records, 1928-2020. RG5477
Conscientious Objectors, World War II. Papers, 1940-1946 
Corban Society Records, 1811-1860 
Crabtree, Davida Foy. Papers, 1952-2016 
Craigville, Massachusetts. Christian Camp Meeting Association. Records, 1872-1975 
Cranston, Rhode Island. Knightsville-Franklin Congregational Church Records; 1807, 1863-2008
Creede, Colo. Creede Congregational Church Records, 1892-1954
Cripple Creek, Colo. The Union Church Records, 1892-1945
Cunningham, John (1820-1908). Papers, ca. 1845-1916 
Cyrus Nash Papers, 1630-1837



Danvers, Mass. First Church Records, 1672-1845 
David Avery Papers, 1794 
Dayton, Ohio. Murlin Heights United Church of Christ Records, 1948-2011 
Dayton, Ohio. St. Luke's United Church of Christ Records, 1908-2013 
Dean Walker's Collection of Mount Desert, Maine Church Records, 1792-1905 
Deane, John Y. Church Photograph Collection, circa 1960s 
Dedham, Massachusetts. Riverdale Congregational Church. Records, 1913-1925, 1941-1992 
Delaware Valley Association of Congregational Christian Churches Records, 1955-1963 
Detroit Congregational Union. Records, 1904-1937 
Detroit, Michigan. Fort Street Congregational Church. Records, 1904-1937 
Doane, Edward T. (1820-1890) and Clara Strong Doane. Papers, 1865-1890 
Doctor Gustav Adolf Deissmann Papers, 1914-1915 
Dodge, William Bradford (1783-1869). Papers, 1845-1869 
Doomsday Book of the Japan Mission, 1869-1974 
Dorchester, Boston, Mass. First Church Records, 1727-1784 
Dorchester, Boston, Mass. Second Church Records, 1770-1991 
Dover, N.H. First Parish Church Records, 1614-1862



E.W. Blatchford Collection on Charles G. Hammond, 1843, 1877-1913 
East Chicago, Indiana. First Congregational Church of East Chicago. Records, 1891-1984 
Edward Franklin Williams Papers, 1859-1918 
Endicott, New York. United Church of Christ. Records, 1920-1993 
Everett, Massachusetts. First United Parish of Everett Records, 1848-2013



Fagley, Frederick Louis. (1879-1958). Papers, 1923-1955 
Falmouth, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1731-1790 
Fisk, D. M. (Daniel Moses). Papers, 1858-1898 
Fitchburg, Mass. Calvinistic Congregational Church Records, 1805-2006 
Foxboro, Mass. Bethany Congregational Church Records, 1779-1974 
Frank S. Brewer Papers, 1931-1934 
Franklin, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1737-1877 
Frederick Irving Kuhns Papers, 1880-1950 
Freeport, Maine. First Congregational Church. Records, 1789-1961 
Fulton, N.Y. First Congregational Church Records, 1856-2004



Gardner Family Papers, 1892-1994 
General Conference of the German Evangelical Congregational Churches of the United States. Papers, 1883-1971 
General Council of the Congregational and Christian Churches of the United States Records, 1865-1971 
Georgetown, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1731-1866 
German Evangelical Protestant Church Manuscript Records, undated 
Glen Ellyn, Ill. Faith Congregational Church Records, 1957-1992
Golden, Colo. United Church of the Applewoods Membership Records, 1961-1971
Goodsell, Fred Field (1880-1976). Papers, 1928-1972 (bulk) 
Goodwin, Henry Martyn. Papers, 1846-1894 
Goodwin, Joseph T. Collection of Rutherford Congregational Church Records, 1932-1964 
Grafton, Mass. Evangelical Congregational Church Records, 1731-1849 
Graham Society Records, 1817-1831 
Grand Rapids, MI. South Congregational Church Records, 1850-2001 
Granville, Mass. Granville Federated Church Records, 1754-1941 
Greenfield, New Hampshire. Union Congregational Church. Records, 1791-1991 
Gregory, Lillian S (1914- ). Collection, 1860-1968 
Griggsville, Ill. Griggsville Congregational Church Records, 1836-1963



Halifax, Mass. Congregational Church Records, 1734-1932 
Hall Family Papers, 1815-1871, 1939 
Hamm Family Papers, 1900-2000 
Hancock, Vermont. Community Church of Hancock and Granville, UCC. Records, 1995-2017 
Hanover, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1728-1818 
Harrer, John. Collection of Papers, 1912-1985 
Harvard, Massachusetts. Evangelical Congregational Church. Records, 1821-1959 [microform] 
Harwich, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1726-1982 
Hastings, Nebraska. German Congregational Emmanuel Church. Records, 1908, 1916 
Haverhill, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1719-2011 
Haverhill, Massachusetts. West Congregational Church Records, 1734-1900 
Hawley, Gideon Missionary Journals, 1753-1806 
Hickory, Iowa. Hickory Grove Congregational Church Records, 1867-1917 
Hillsborough, N.H. Hillsborough Center Congregational Society Records, 1840-2022 
Hopkinton, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1722-1911 
Hopkinton, New Hampshire. First Church. Records, 1757-1909 
Horton, Douglas (1891-1968). Papers, 1915-1942 
Howard Conn Papers, 1944-1986



Igelsia Congregasional Mexicana en Sur Chicago, 1931-1935 
Illinois Home Missionary Society Records, 1872-1911 
Indiana-Kentucky Conference Records, 1857-1947 
Iowa Conference. Records, 1839-1986 
Ipswich, Mass. First Church Records, 1724-1898 
Ipswich, Mass. South Church Records, 1747-1868 
Isaac Watts and Mrs. Sewall Correspondence, 1728



Jackson, Mich. First Congregational Church Records, 1832-1935 
Jaffrey, New Hampshire. United Church of Jaffrey. Church Records, 1827-1980 
Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass. Christ Church Evangelical Records, 1900-1930 
Jamestown, N.Y. First Congregational Church Records, 1816-2006 
Jefferson, Charles E. Papers, 1898-1929 
Jersey City, N.J. First Congregational Church Records, 1859-1972 
John Davenport Sermon Book, 1649-1652 
John Marsh Sermons, 1774-1776 
John Rogers Papers, 1689-1714, undated 
John Wiley Pew Deed, 1844, 1964 
Jonathan Edwards and Joseph Bellamy Correspondence, 1757 
Jonathan Edwards Correspondence to Esther Burr, 1757



Kennebec Valley Association Records, 1931-2015 
Kenosha, Wisconsin. First Congregational Church Records, 1862-2008 
Kincaid Family Papers, 1865-1976 
Kingsbury Davis Collection on John Dennison Kingsbury, 1883-2009



Lancaster, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1708-1846 
Lawrence, Mass. Riverside Congregational Church Records, 1876-1881 
Lawrence, Massachusetts. South Congregational Church. Records, 1868-2015 
Lee, Gerald Stanley. Correspondence with Jennette Barbour Perry Lee, 1917-1918 
Legacy of a Dying Father Bequeathed to His Beloved Children: Or Sundry Directions in Order unto a Well Regulated Conversation, 1693-1694 
Lincoln, RI. Sayles Memorial Church Records, 1860-2012 
Lisle Collection, New York. Records, 1806-1977 
Litchfield, Conn. South Farms Church Disciplinary Records, 1781 
Long, Loy and Edna. Missionary Papers, 1929-1968 
Lowell, Massachusetts. Eliot Union Church. Records, 1830-1955



Manchester, Mass. Orthodox Congregational Church Records, 1717-1917 
Manchester, Vt. First Congregational Church Records, 1804-1867 
Marblehead, Mass. Old North Church Records, 1684-1866 
Marblehead, Mass. Third Congregational Church Records, 1858-1876 
Marion N. Scott's Vital Records of the Trinitarian Congregational Church in Northfield, Mass., 1878-2019 
Marlborough, Mass. First Church Records, 1704-2002 
Massachusetts Conference Records, 1722-2012 
Massachusetts Congregational Charitable Society. Records, 1786-1911; 1948-1954 
Massachusetts Convention of Congregational Ministers Records, 1749-2019 
Massachusetts Council of Churches. Records, 1887-Present 
Massachusetts Woman’s Home Missionary Union Records, 1879-1990 
Mattapoisett, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1736-1984 
Maynard, Mass. Union Congregational Church Records, 1850-2017 
McCorison, Joseph Lyle. Papers, 1925-1968, undated 
Mckeith, David Jr. (1896-1961). Papers, 1948-1953 (gaps) 
Medfield, Mass. First Parish Unitarian Church Records, 1697-1970 
Medford, Massachusetts. Congregational Church of West Medford. Records, 1872-2014 
Medford, Massachusetts. Mystic Congregational Church. Records, 1847-1978 
Medway, Mass. First Church of Christ Records, 1730-1876 
Merom Institute Records, 1935-1973 
Merrill, Charles Clarkson. Papers, 1891-1960 
Merrimac, Mass. Pilgrim Congregational Church Records, 1725-1900 
Michael McGiffert Manuscript, circa 2000-2017 
Michigan Conference of Congregational Christian Churches. Records, 1908-1964 
Middleboro, Mass. First Church of Middleboro Records, 1702-1925
Milliken, Colo. German Congregational Church Records, 1918-1975
Minister's Club Records, 1870-1976 
Monee, Ill. First Congregational Church of Monee Records, 1864-1901



Natick, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1721-1920 
Necedah, Wisconsin. First Congregational Church Records, 1891-1905, 1963 
New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ. Carroll-Strafford Association. Records, 1854-1976 
New West Education Commission. Records, 1879-1893 
New York Conference. Hudson-Mohawk Association. Records, 1906-1959 
New York, New York. Broadway Tabernacle Church. Records, 1917-1932 (gaps) 
Newbury, Mass. First Church Ecclesiastical Council Meeting Minutes, 1670 
Newburyport, Mass. First Church Disunion Records, 1743-1770 
Newton, Mass. First Church Records, 1664-1974 
Newton, Massachusetts. Central Congregational Church. Records, 1868-2003 
Northbridge, Mass. Centre Congregational Church Records, 1782-2011



Oak Park, Illinois. First Congregational Church. Records, 1898-1924 
Oak Park, Illinois. Pilgrim Congregational Church. Records, 1893-1927 
Oak Park, Illinois. Third Congregational Church. Records, 1898-1935 
Ohio Central Christian Conference Ledger, 1829-1896 
Ohio Conference Records, 1822-1981 
Ohio Conference, United Church of Christ. Southwest [Southern] Ohio Association. Records, 1836-1963 
Onward Neighborhood House Records, 1931-1933 
Open and Affirming Coalition, United Church of Christ. Collection, 1969-2015 
Oxford, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1721-1850



Paradox, Colo. First Congregational Church Records, 1911-1999
Pastor's Study Conference Records, 1980-2000 
Pattison, Francis Wayland. Travel Book, 1930 
Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Pawtucket Congregational Church. Records, 1828-2009 
Peabody, Alan Bowe (1925-1997). Papers, 1947-1962 
Pelham, Massachusetts. Pelham United Church Records, 1920-2013 
Pembroke, Mass. First Church Records, 1712-1953 
Pennsylvania Conference of Congregational and Christian Churches. Northeastern Association. Records, 1925-1991 (gaps) 
Philadelphia, Pa. Park Congregational Church Records, 1946-1982
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Central Congregational Church Records, 1873-1954
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kensington Congregational Church Records, 1895-2005
Phillips, Ray E., 1889-1967, and Dora 1892-1967. Papers, 1934-1966 [bulk: 1957-1966]
Pilgrim Club Records, 1906-1955 
Pilgrim Fellowship Records, 1918-1964 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Smithfield Evangelical Protestant Church Records, 1907-1935   
Pittsfield, Mass. First Church of Christ Records, 1764-1864 
Pixley, Stephen Clapp (1829-1914) and Louisa Healy (1833-1900). Papers, ca. 1852-2000 (bulk 1852- ca. 1934) 
Plymouth, Ill. Plymouth Congregational Church Records, 1836-1949
Pueblo, Colo. Christ Congregational Church Records, 1955-2023
Pueblo, Colo. First Congregational Church Scrapbook, 1959-1960



Reading, Mass. Second Church of Christ Records, 1720-1806 
Rehoboth, Mass. First Church Articles of Faith, 1785 
Revere, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1828-1963 
Rhode Island Conference of the United Church of Christ. Records, 1812-1974 
Rice, Eleanor H. Papers, 1950-1951 
Richard Cordley Papers, 1895-1910 
Richard H. Taylor Papers, 1904, 1912, 1960-2014 
Richard J. Boles' Collection of New England Church History, 1762-1958, 2012-2013 
Richardson, Charles Addison. Correspondence, 1794, 1798, 1848-1872 
Robert Chase Lane Ministerial Log Book, 1952-2008 
Robert Henry Davis's Collection of Papers, 1861-1910 
Robert Wood Papers, 1891-2018 
Roslindale, Massachusetts. Highland Congregational Church. Church Records, 1869-2006 
Round Prairie, Ill. Congregational Church in Round Prairie Records, 1836-1877 
Rowley, Massachusetts. First Congregational Church. Records, 1664-1941



Saint-Pe, Jean Baptiste de (1686-1770). Correspondence, 1748-1753 
Salem, Mass. South Church Records, 1774-1805 
Salem, Mass. Tabernacle Church Records, 1743-1858 
Salisbury, Mass. First Church Request for Reconciliation, 1746 
Samuel Billings Capen Collection of Writings, 1882-1913 
Samuel Hopkins Correspondence, 1766-1767, 1803 
Samuel Wolcott Journal, 1869-1885 
Sanford, Me. North Congregational Church Records, 1786-1905 
Santa Barbara, California. La Mesa Community Church. Records, 1954-2004 
Scranton, Pennsylvania. Concord United Church of Christ Church. Records, 1884-2003 
Scribner, Frank (d. 1965). Papers, ca. 1936 
Sheffield, Mass. Second North Housatonic Parish of Sheffield Covenant and Confession of Faith, 1743 
Smith, Llewellyn Parsons. Papers, 1956-2016 
Snow, Lydia Vose Buck (1820-1887). Collection of Family Papers, 1851-1890s 
Society for the Promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education. Records, 1827-1877 
Somerset, Massachusetts. First Christian Union Church. Records, 1840-1912 
Somerville, Massachusetts. Broadway Winter Hill Congregational Church. Records, 1864 -2004 
South Hadley, Mass. Congregational Church of South Hadley Falls Records, 1824-2012 
Spirit of the Pilgrims (magazine). Records, 1826-1831
Springfield, Mass. East Congregational Church Records, 1925-2019
Springfield, Massachusetts. Emmanuel United Church of Christ. Records, 1881-2000 
Starkey, Marion L. Papers, ca. 1966 
Stevens, Frederick L. and Mary E. Gridley. Papers, 1868-1890 
Stoneham, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1728-1889 
Sturbridge, Mass. Federated Church of Sturbridge and Fiskdale Records, 1736-1999 
Sturbridge, Mass. Separatist Congregational Church Personal Records, 1749-1762 
Summer Hill, New York. Congregational Church. Records, 1831-1977 
Susan Counce Hunt Papers, 1756-1837



Temple, New Hampshire. Congregational Church, United Church of Christ. Records, 1782-1974 (gaps). [Microfilm] 
The Congregational Christian Church and the Evangelical and Reformed Church Merger Collection, 1945-1965 
Thomas Weld Commonplace Book, 1723 
Timothy Dickinson Papers, 1809, undated 
Tishkins, Frank (1893-1954). Papers, 1913-1966 
Torrey, Charles Turner (1813-1846). Collection, 1837-1846 
Troy, N.Y. United Calvary Congregational Church Records, 1906-2021 
Truman M. Post Papers, 1850-1853 
Tweedy, Harry Edgar (1858-1941). Papers, 1907-1939



United Church Board for World Missions. Memoirs, Papers, Records, 1804-1994



Vermont Conference. United Church of Christ. Windham Union Association. Records, 1775-1931



Waltham, Massachusetts. Trinity Church (The First Congregational Church of Waltham). Records, 1820-2015 
Washington, D.C. Plymouth Congregational Church Records, 1930-1994 
Watertown, Mass. West Precinct Church Covenant, 1709 
Waucoma, Iowa. First Congregational Church. Records, 1874-1973 (gaps) 
Welch Papers, Maxwell and Elizabeth. Papers, 1940-1998 
Wendell, Mass. Congregational Church Records, 1783-1955 
Wenham, Mass. First Church in Wenham Congregational Records, 1643-1847 
West Brookfield, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1754-1917 
Westborough, Mass. Church of Christ Records, 1724-1787 
Weston, Mass. First Parish Church Records, 1709-1864 
Westwood, Massachusetts. Islington Community Church. Records, 1875-2004 
Weymouth, Mass. Old South Church Records, 1723-1905 
Wheeling, W.Va. St. John’s German Evangelical Protestant Church Records, 1885-1887
William A. Hallock Journal, September 1822-September 1823. MS 0087
William Dana Locke Papers, 1821-1882 
William Haskell Woodwell Diaries, 1872-2018 
Wilmette, Ill. First Congregational Church Records, 1943-1953 
Winthrop Club Records, 1855-1990 
Winthrop, Mass. Union Congregational Church Records, 1896-2011 
Wollaston, Quincy, Mass. Wollaston Congregational Church Records, 1874-1968 
Woodhaven, NY. First Congregational Church Memorial Resolution, November 6, 1932 
Woods Family Papers, 1796-1896 
Worcester, MA. Adams Square Congregational Church Records, 1897-2011 
Worcester, Massachusetts. Bethany Congregational Church. Records, 1891-1983 
World War I and II Patches, Undated



Yarmouth, Mass. First Congregational Church Records, 1729-1888 
York, Me. First Parish Church Records, 1731-1927 
Young, William H., (1883-1975). Papers, 1908-1973