Ohio Conference records, 1822-1981.

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Ohio Conference records, 1822-1981.


Ohio Conference of the United Church of Christ
Ohio Conference of Congregational Christian Churches
Congregational Conference of Ohio
Congregational Association of Ohio
Congregational Conference of Ohio
Ohio Congregational Convention


1822, 1840-1971, 1981, bulk 1950-1960s


14 document cases, 3 record storage cartons, 1 oversize folder (7.52 cubic feet)

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The Ohio Conference dates back to 1853 and has gone through several name changes over the years, currently it is the Ohio Conference of the United Church of Christ. The collection material is primarily records dating to the transitional years in the 1950s and 1960s when the Congregational Christian Church and the Evangelical and Reformed Church merged to form the United Church of Christ.

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Donated as a gift in 1984 and 2005.


New material added in 2005-2006, internal accrual in 2013.


Historical Note

The Ohio Conference's roots date back to the late 18th century when New England pioneers started to go further west. Rapid western expansion during the Great Awakening, lead to attempts at cross denominational cooperation between Presbyterians and Congregationalists to establish new churches in the territories, the Plan of Union. The Plan did not succeed, however, and Congregationalism continued to develop, organizing into Associations starting in the 1840s and the first state conference in 1853. The Board of Home Missions formed in 1864.


Ohio Congregational Conference 1853-1880
Congregational Association of Ohio 1881-1908
Ohio Conference of Congregational Churches 1909-1930
Ohio Conference of Congregational Christian Churches 1931-1960
Ohio Conference of the United Church of Christ 1961-present


Scope of Collection

Though some items date back to the late 1800s, the bulk of the material is from 1950-1963, the transition years when the Congregational Christian Church (CCC) and the Evangelical and Reformed Church (E & R) negotiated their merger, which is now the United Church of Christ. Records in the collection represent the Congregational Christian Churches.


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Ohio Conference of Congregational Christian Churches.

United Church of Christ. Ohio Conference.

Ohio Congregational Conference.

Congregational Association of Ohio.

Ohio Conference of Congregational Churches.

General Council of the Congregational Christian Churches of the United States.

National Council of Congregational Churches in the United States.

National Council of Congregational Churches (Organization).

United Church of Christ - History.

Church property - Ohio.

Church architecture.

Church - Associations, institutions, etc.

Congregational churches - Ohio.

Church finance - Ohio.

United Church of Christ. Uniting General Synod.


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Series I: Conference Legal Counsel, J. Hall Kellogg
  Subseries 1: Conference minutes
  Subseries 2: Reports to conference
  Subseries 3: Conference legal records
  Subseries 4: Correspondence
  Subseries 5: Correspondence concerning individual churches
  Subseries 6: Legal papers of individual churches
Series II: Ohio Conference of Congregational Christian Churches
  Subseries 1: Founding papers
  Subseries 2: Reports to conference
  Subseries 3: Conference special interest groups
  Subseries 4: Financial and legal documents
Series III: Individual churches within the conference
Series IV: Regional Associations
Series V: Records concerning union



Series I: Conference Legal Counsel, J. Hall Kellogg

Date: 1948-1963
Extent: 10 document cases
Scope of Series: Board of Trustee and Executive Committee minutes and reports are included; merger and anti-merger litigation; conference associations' reorganization; the search for a permanent UCC headquarters; legal and property-related records and correspondence with individual churches; legal records; and correspondence.
Arrangement: Subseries 1-4 are arranged chronologically. Subseries 5 and 6 is arranged alphabetically.
  Subseries 1: Conference minutes
  Subseries 2: Reports to conference
  Subseries 3: Conference legal records
  Subseries 4: Correspondence
  Subseries 5: Correspondence concerning individual churches
  Subseries 6: Legal papers of individual churches, 1908-1963

Subseries 1: Conference minutes

    Date Box/Folder
Trustees, executive committee minutes 1948, 1951, 1952 B1/F1
Trustees, executive committee minutes 1953-1954 B1/F2
Trustees, executive committee minutes 1955-1956 B1/F3
Trustees, executive committee minutes 1957-1958 B1/F4
Trustees, executive committee minutes 1959-1960 B1/F5
Trustees, executive committee minutes 1961-1962 B1/F6
Trustees, executive committee minutes 1963 B1/F7

Subseries 2: Reports to conference

  Date Box/Folder
Reports to the conference 1951 June-September B1/F8
Reports to the conference 1952 B1/F9
Reports to the conference 1952 B1/F10
Reports to the conference, includes Pilgrim Hills 1953 B1/F11
Reports to the conference, includes consultative committee of Evangelical and Reformed and Ohio Conference of Congregational Churches 1956 B1/F12
Reports to the conference, includes Pilgrim Hills 1957 B1/F13
Reports to the conference, includes Pilgrim Hills 1958 B1/F14
Reports to the conference 1960 B2/F1
Reports to the conference 1961 B2/F2
Reports to the conference 1962-1963 B2/F3

Sub-series 3: Legal conference records

  Date Box/Folder
Fellowship, incorporation, declaration of trust. Middlefield resignation, Klippert Management Study 1945-1962 B2/F4
Bequest forms, memos - civil liability, negligence, sales tax; constitution of Laymen's Fellowship and Temple of Goodwill undated B2/F5
Shauffler College and Oberlin College contracts 1953-1954 B2/F6
Pilgrim Hills purchase from Ralph Hipp 1954-1957,
Pilgrim Hills promotion and loans 1957-1958 B2/F8
Muskegum / Pilgrim Hills Camp site 1952-1953 B2/F9
Congregational Student Union, Ohio State University, Campus Ministry - Westminster 1952-1962, gaps B2/F10
Council for Social Action 1955-1956 B2/F11
Tax exemption for charitable organizations 1892-1963 B2/F12
Lawyers Committee on Effects on Union. Reports, memoranda, and consideration of anti-merger information 1957-1963 B3/F1
Lawyers Committee, Anti-Merger and Faithful Minority 1955-1961 B3/F2
Toledo, Ohio. Keith Wilson et al, vs. Washington Congregational Church. Anti-merger litigation. Preliminary research, petitions, motions 1961-1963 B3/F3
Toledo, Ohio. Keith Wilson et al, vs. Washington Congregational Church. Anti-merger litigation. Preliminary research, petitions, motions 1961-1963 B3/F4
Toledo, Ohio. Keith Wilson et al, vs. Washington Congregational Church. Anti-merger litigation. Preliminary research, petitions, motions 1961-1963 B3/F5
Wilson/Washington. Court transcripts 1963 B3/F6
Wilson/Washington. Court transcripts 1963 B3/F7
Wilson/Washington. Court transcripts 1963 B3/F8
Wilson/Washington. Court transcripts 1963 B4/F1
Committee of 50, UCC Conference Reorganization - Legal reports and checklist 1960-1961 B4/F2
Committee of 50 - Subcommittee reports and consolidation documents undated B4/F3
Committee of 50 - Correspondence, minutes, memos 1962 B4/F4
Committee of 50 - Agreement of consolidation, constitution, by-laws 1963 B4/F5
Committee of 50 - Statistics, reports for 1964 yearbook 1963 B4/F6
Committee of 50 - Trust funds and endowments 1963 B4/F7
Committee of 24 - Member lists and minutes 1960 B4/F8
Committee of 24 - Basis of Union, agreement of consolidation, Resolution of Board Trustees 1949, 1963, undated B4/F9
Resolution of Board Trustees  Cleveland Trust vs. Western Reserve Association court petitions 1963 B4/F10
Resolution of Board Trustees Committee on permanent headquarters for the UCC 1962 B4/F11

Subseries 4: Correspondence

  Date Box/Folder
General, especially with Everett Babcock 1951-1957 B5/F1
General, Babcock 1958-1963 B5/F2
Shauffler College transfer of assets and funds to Oberlin College 1953-1962, gaps B5/F3
Purchase from Ralph Hipp for Pilgrim Hills Conference Site, Brinkhaven 1955-1956 B5/F4
Pilgrim Hills Conference Center loan and right of way 1957-1963 B5/F5
Congregational Christian Student Union at Columbus, uniting with Westminster Foundation 1952-1956 B5/F6
Counsel for Social Action 1953-1963, gaps B6/F1
Tax exemption for religious organizations, sales tax 1958-1963, gaps B6/F2
Lawyer's Committee on Effects of Union 1956-1957 B6/F3
Lawyer's Committee on Effects of Union 1958-1959 B6/F4
Lawyer's Committee on Effects of Union 1959 B6/F5
Lawyer's Committee 1960-1963, gaps B6/F6
Burlington, IA. 1st Church vs. E&R Church merger litigation 1961-1963, gaps B6/F7
Detroit, MI. Berkaw vs. Mayflower Congregational Church, merger litigation 1961 B6/F8
Toledo, OH. Wilson vs. Washington Congregational Church, merger litigation 1961-1962 B6/F9
Toledo, OH. Wilson vs. Washington Congregational Church, merger litigation 1962-1963 B6/F10
Committee of 50 1961-1963 B7/F1
Committee of 50 1961-1963 B7/F2
Committee of 50 Trust and endowments 1963 B7/F3
Committee of 50 Temple Hills E&R campsite 1963 B7/F4
Committee of 24, Western Reserve Association, UCC. Establishment of association 1963 B7/F5
Cleveland Trust vs Western Reserve Association 1963 B7/F6
Committee on permanent UCC headquarters 1962-1963 B7/F7
Committee of 50 1961-1963 B7/F8

Sub-series 5: Correspondence Concerning Individual Churches

  Date Box/Folder
Akron, Fairlawn Community Church, Congregational 1952, 1954, 1961 B7/F9
Ashland, Congregational Church and McConnell Ladies Home proceeds 1944-1956 B7/F10
Ashtabula, Finnish Congregational Church 1959-1960 B7/F11
Bear Lake, PA. Christian Church 1956 B7/F12
Center Belpre Church 1955-1958, gaps B7/F13
Chillicothe Community Church 1956-1959, gaps B7/F14
Chillicothe Community Church   B7/F15
Cincinnati, Vine Street Congregational Church - law suit over property 1951-1961 B7/F16
Columbus, South. Obetz Road Property 1958-1962 B7/F17
Farmers Chapel 1955-1961, gaps B8/F1
Huntsburg Congregational Church 1960-1962, gaps B8/F2
Milford Center Christian Church 1952-1955, gaps B8/F3
Newbury Community Church and South Newbury Congregational Church 1953-1961, gaps B8/F4
North Clayton First Congregational Church 1952-1953 B8/F5
Olmstead Community Church 1951, 1956, gaps B8/F6
Remington Congregational Church 1955-1956 B8/F7
Springfield Snowhill Church 1952-1959, gaps B8/F8
Westerville (North Columbus) Huber Ridge property 1961-1962 B8/F9
York First Congregational Society 1959 B8/F10
Zanesville First Congregational Church 1958-1961, gaps B8/F11

Subseries 6: Legal papers of individual churches

  Date Box/Folder
Akron Fairlawn Community Church 1946-1952 B9/F1
Ashland Congregational Church and McConnell Ladies Home 1944, 1954 B9/F2
Center Belpre Church 1941, 1955-1956 B9/F3
Chillicothe Community Church 1949, 1956-1959 B9/F4
Cincinnati Vine Street Church Court Pleadings, 1908 case 1908 B9/F5
Cincinnati Vine Street Church History of church, constitution undated, 1920 B9/F6
Cincinnati Vine Street Church Court decisions undated B9/F7
Cincinnati Vine Street Church court arguments 1953-1954, 1957 B9/F8
Cincinnati Vine Street Church, Board of Trustees vs. Tyroler Pleadings 1952-1958 B9/F9
Cincinnati Vine Street Church, Board of Trustees vs. Tyroler exhibits for trial undated B9/F10
Cincinnati Vine Street Church, Board of Trustees vs. Tyroler transcripts 1958 B9/F11
Columbus (South) Obetz Road 1958-1963 B9/F12
Danville Christian Church 1952, 1962 B10/F1
Elyria Lake Avenue Congregational Church 1958 B10/F2
Farmers Chapel 1955 B10/F3
Huntsburg Congregational Church 1960 B10/F4
Milford Center Christian Church 1952 B10/F5
Newbury and South Newbury: Community and Congregational Churches 1954, 1959-1960 B10/F6
North Clayton First Christian Church 1952 B10/F7
Olmstead Community Church 1951, 1954 B10/F8
Remington Congregational Church 1955 B10/F9
Springfield Snowhill Church 1952-1953, 1957 B10/F10
York First Congregational Society 1932-1933, 1959 B10/F11
Zanesville First Congregational Church 1953, 1959, 1961 B10/F12

Series II: Ohio Conference of Congregational Christian Churches

Date: 1883-1981
Extent: 1 record carton and 8 folders
Scope of Series: Contains constitutions; articles of incorporation; studies done by the conference and reports of special interest groups; history; home mission groups; constitutions; deeds; articles of incorporation; policies; loans; reports; financial information; and studies.
Arrangement: Arranged by subject.
  Subseries 1: Founding papers
  Subseries 2: Reports to conference
  Subseries 3: Conference special interest groups
  Subseries 4: Financial and legal documents

Subseries 1: Founding Papers

  Date Box/Folder
Ohio Congregational Christian Story by Edwin Bowers 1952 B11/F1
Constitution 1908, 1911, 1956, 1958 B11/F2
Articles of Incorporation 1892, 1907, 1930, 1959 B11/F3
Appointment of statutory agent 1954, 1962 B11/F4
Certificate of continuing existence 1939, 1958, 1963 B11/F5
Documents of name change 1908, 1930 B11/F6

Subseries 2: Reports to Conference

  Date Box/Folder
American Congregationalism in the 20th Century by Charles Merrill 1939 B11/F7
Hugh Riots study 1968 B11/F8
Knowing Your Ohio – Church Wise by Roy E. Bowers 1937 B11/F9
Management Study and Recommendations for Conference by William H. Klippert 1957 B11/F10
Conference Manual by Klippert and Babcock 1958 B11/F11
A Map of Our Frontiers 1959, 1960 B11/F12
Columbus, Ohio. Congregational Christian Church. A Study of Trends, with special emphasis on a program to re-build the membership of our present churches 1945 B11/F13
The Ohio Story of Congregational Christian Home Missions 1955-1956 B11/F14
Our Ohio Frontier by Roy E. Bowers 1936 B11/F15
Reports: SE Ohio Rural Parishes by Hotchkiss; Meron Institute Survey; Rural Missions; Job Analysis of work in SE Ohio Rural Parishes 1951, no date, 1948-1951, circa 1952 B11/F16
Toward Denominational Strategy 1958, 1963 B11/F17
Chillicothe - Look at ourselves 1960 B11/F18
Dayton - Self Study 1961 B11/F19
Mount Zwingli proposal for renewal 1981 B11/F20
New Palestine - Self Study 1961 B11/F21

Subseries 3: Conference Special Interest Groups

  Date Box/Folder
Autobiography of Mary C. Collins 1918 B11/F22
Board of Ministerial relief. Proceedings concerning incorporation and consolidation 1907, 1910 B11/F23
Bureau of State Work, Home Missionary Society records 1907-1914 B11/F24
Bureau of Home Work records 1914-1915 B14/F1
Bohemian Mission Board - Charter and legal documents 1884-1909 B11/F25
Bohemian Mission Board - Reports 1883-1909 B11/F26
Bohemian Mission Board - Financial records 1895-1907 B11/F27
Bohemian Mission Board - Mortgages, Bohemian churches 1908-1926 B11/F28
Bohemian Mission Board - Correspondence 1885-1908 B11/F29
Bohemian Mission Board - History 1909 B11/F30
  Date Oversize drawer
Ohio Home Missionary Society articles of incorporation 1888 5A
  Date Box/Folder
Ohio Committee for Continuation of Congregational Christian Churches, McDonald and Seely correspondence 1957 B11/F31
Schauffler Missionary Training School 1911-1912, 1930 B11/F32
Women's Home Mission Union- Conception to decease 1894-1957 B11/F33
Work camps, southern Ohio- Reports 1959 B11/F34

Subseries 4: Financial and Legal Documents

  Date Box/Folder
Church titles 1904-1914 B11/F35
Fidelity bonds 1908-1918 B11/F36
Congregational Christian tax matters 1910-1917 B11/F37
Conference revisionary conditions with churches 1916-1947 B11/F38
Conference loans, investments, trust funds 1927-1933 B11/F39
Miami Christian Conference 1929-1942 B11/F40
Documents of incorporation of religious corporations not for profit; various articles of incorporation of individual churches undated B11/F41
Ohio State University Center Property 1924-1929 B11/F42
Legal brief: taking possession of abandoned church property circa 1927 B11/F43
Deeds of various churches 1940s B12/F1
Policy matters with churches, correspondence 1940s B12/F2
Mortgage cancellations 1940s B12/F3
Specific Mortgages: Coan, Fortunate 1938-1944 B12/F4
Specific Mortgages: Green, Hurlbut, J. H. 1937-1945 B12/F5
Specific Mortgages: Hubal, George and Sophie 1930-1945 B12/F6
Specific Mortgages: Komanec, Melvin and Marie 1932-1954 B12/F7
Specific Mortgages: Kontos, Felicia 1937-1939 B12/F8

Series III: Individual Churches within the Conference

Date: 1880-1971
Extent: 2 record cartons
Scope of Series: Includes lists of endowment and trust funds, deeds; legal papers (majority of which deal with property); correspondence with the conference; matters of policy; problems in churches; petitions; self-studies; and Bible schools.
Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically.
  Date Box/Folder
Akron Fairlawn Community Congregational Church. Report to Board of Home Missions, 1946; deeds correspondence, mortgage correspondence 1946, undated B12/F9
Akron McCoy St. Welsh Church 1942-1943 B12/F10
Amesville Mound Hill Church. Reports, correspondence, Bible school enrollment lists 1951-1961 B12/F11
Appleton Christian Church. Women's Fellowship disbanding; transfer and donation of funds 1961, 1964 B12/F12
Ashland Congregational First Church and McConnell Ladies Home, correspondence 1954 B12/F13
Ashtabula Finnish Congregational Church. Property-related records 1958-1969, gaps B12/F14
Ashtabula Finish Church: mortgage and insurance records 1907, 1924, 1960, 1962-1965 B12/F15
Bear Lake, PA. Deed and correspondence 1906, 1944, 1948 B12/F16
Belden Church property 1911, 1917 B12/F17
Belpre Congregational Church 1953-1963 B12/F18
Bethlehem Church legal documents and correspondence 1904-1929 B12/F19
Brunswick church fund 1907-1909 B12/F20
Bryn Nebo Welsh Congregational Church property fund 1910-1911 B12/F21
Carpenter - Columbia Chapel Church. Bible School correspondence, reports, enrollment 1957-1961 B12/F22
Case Memorial Fund (Georgetown OH, Fairview Church). Correspondence 1954 B12/F23
Center Belpre Church Correspondence 1941, 1953-1957, gaps B12/F24
Center Belpre - Deed, property, correspondence 1892; 1941; 1953-1954; 1952 B12/F25
Central North Association trust fund. Correspondence 1933-1943, gaps B12/F26
RESTRICTED UNTIL 2015 — Ceredo, WV Church - Bible school, church description, Phil White 1959-1961 B12/F27
RESTRICTED UNTIL 2015 — Ceredo, WV Church - Phil White Correspondence and reports 1962-1963 B12/F28
Cheshire - Little Kyger Church 1958-1971 B12/F29
Chesterland Community Church birthday celebrations 1942 B12/F30
Chillicothe UCC (St. John's E&R): Parochial reports 1957-1962 B12/F31
Chillicothe UCC (St. John's E&R): Constitution, history, directory, reports 1958-1963 B12/F32
Chillicothe UCC (St. John's E&R): Correspondence 1949-1962 B12/F33
Chillicothe UCC (St. John's E&R): Newsletter, merging meeting notes 1959-1964; 1957 B12/34
Chillicothe UCC (St. John's E&R): Reports, programs, property map 1956-1962 B12/F35
Chillicothe UCC (St. John's E&R): Legal dispute 1901, 1918-1920, 1956 B12/F36
Cincinnati, Riverside. Property, church dissolution, legal correspondence 1902-1909 B12/F37
Cincinnati, Vine St. Court case correspondence 1905-1908 B12/F38
Cincinnati, Vine St. Court case. Legal records. Includes Findlay church records 1908 B12/F39
Circle Hill Congregational Church. Correspondence and Deed.
Includes Italian Mission at Lakeview, correspondence
1897, 1905
Clarksburg Christian Church. Covenant, constitution, by-laws, correspondence 1959-1960, 1962-1963 B12/F41
Cleveland Bethel Chapel. Financial correspondence, confession of faith, constitution 1937-1962, gaps B12/F42
Cleveland, Emanuel Bohemian Congregational Church - Legal and financial 1899-1926, 1963 B12/F43
Cleveland, Evangelos and Felia Kontos property - mortgage deed, title abstract 1924 B12/F44
Cleveland, Fellowship House: Deeds, correspondence, financial 1947-1965 B12/F45
Cleveland, First Church. Correspondence: property, endowment 1959-1960 B12/F46
Cleveland, Franklin Blvd. property - Correspondence - ownership, insurance 1967 B12/F47
Cleveland, Grace Congregational- property reports, legal documents 1908-1912 B12/F48
Cleveland, Hough Avenue UCC mortgage correspondence 1966 B12/F49
Cleveland, Hough Avenue Reformed Church property appraisal 1968 B12/F50
Cleveland , Kinsman-Union Congregational Church 1900, 1913-1915 B12/F51
Cleveland , Mizpah Church, correspondence and minutes, legal and financial 1914, 1916, 1930 B12/F52
Columbus, First Church. Burk hart memorial, retirement center correspondence 1962, 1963 B12/F53
Columbus, First Church. Newsletters, correspondence, building construction 1957-1963, gaps B12/F54
Columbus, North Church. Relocation and funds correspondence 1955-1965 B12/F55
  Date Box/Folder
Columbus, Plymouth Church. Planning, self-studies 1958-1960 B13/F1
Columbus, South Congregational Church. Correspondence Nichols's resignation and withdrawal from UCC 1957, 1966 B13/F2
Coolville Church. parish sketch; reports; area vacation Bible school 1958-1961 B13/F3
Coolville Ireland Church. History, reports, Bible school 1938, 1960-1961 B13/F4
Cuyahoga Falls. Silver Falls Church. Purchase of land 1946 B13/F5
Danville Christian Church. Correspondence concerning sale 1952 B13/F6
Dayton. Shrover Road property. Architectural drawings and articles of incorporation, correspondence 1945, 1946 B13/F7
Dublin Community Church. Correspondence re: constitution rewrite; self-evaluation and planning 1955, 1958-1959 B13/F8
Elyria Second Congregational Church. Legal documents, correspondence 1917-1926 B13/F9
Farmers Chapel Church, correspondence 1953, 1955 B13/F10
Findlay First Church. Correspondence and deed 1880-1947, gaps B13/F11
Florence Church Property 1911, 1916 B13/F12
Frost Centennial Church. Ministerial Supply correspondence, Bible school report 1960, 1961 B13/F13
Genntown Church. Indenture 1958 B13/F14
Grafton First Congregational. Legal, financial records and correspondence 1916-1917, 1928-1929 B13/F15
Hamilton Church. Property records, correspondence 1920, 1934, 1942 B13/F16
Hiram Old Church. All Church Conference preparation 1953-1955 B13/F17
Huntington Church. Property 1909 B13/F18
Ironton Congregational Church. Correspondence concerning sale to United Bretheren 1940-1947, gaps B13/F19
Lafayette Property correspondence 1965-1967 B13/F20
Langsville Church. Bible school reports, ministerial problems reports 1958, 1960-1961 B13/F21
Lee's Creek Church. Church affiliation correspondence 1954 B13/F22
Lorain Second Church. Church property legal documents and correspondence 1917-1928 B13/F23
Marietta Little Muskegum Church. Reports 1959-1962 B13/F24
Marietta Putnam Church. Reports concerning future, Methodist influence. Name lists 1959-1963, 1963 B13/F25
Marietta 2nd Church. Bible School, centennial program 1958, 1959 B13/F26
Marietta Wayne St. Church. Constitution, church roll, bible school, pulpit supply correspondence 1957-1963 B13/F27
Marysville - Watkins Church. Ministerial problems, correspondence 1955 B13/F28
Miami Association fund (from defunct Riverside Church, Cincinnati). Correspondence 1933-1936 B13/F29
Milford Center Congregational Christian Church. Correspondence 1951-1953 B13/F30
Mt. Pleasant Church. History, photo, withdrawal from Congregational denomination correspondence 1952, 1954-1956 B13/F31
Mt. Sterling 1st Church. Constitution and bylaws, change in minister correspondence 1954, 1958-1959 B13/F32
Mt. Vernon Church. Minister problem correspondence 1963 B13/F33
Neville Church. Correspondence 1953-1954 B13/F34
North Clayton Christian Church. Correspondence 1952-1953 B13/F35
North Madison Congregational Church title 1935 B14/F2
  Date Box/Folder
Norwalk Church property 1928-1929 B13/F36
Parkman Church. Statement of condition, property and financial: legal and correspondence 1874, 1937 B13/F37
Point Isabel Church. Property sale 1954 B13/F38
Prairie Depot Church. Church fund 1911-1912 B13/F39
Remington Church. Deed and correspondence 1955-1956 B13/F40
Saybrook Church. Correspondence, sale of property 1944-1946 B13/F41
Struthers property. Negotiations with Sally Danvers, deed 1965-1966 B13/F42
Sylvania Community Church Loyalty Sunday 1940 B13/F43
Syracuse Welsh Congregational Church. Deed, correspondence 1909-1910 B13/F44
Thivener Elizabeth Chapel. Church covenant, Bible school lists 1959-1960 B13/F45
Thompson Church. Property transfer, correspondence, legal documents 1909-1929 B13/F46
Wadsworth Church - Medina Conference Fund. Sale of church 1903 B13/F47
Westboro Christian Church 1966-1969 B13/F48
Westerville. Huber Ridge. Purchase deeds 1961-1962 B13/F49
Westerville. Huber Ridge. Disbanding church, property sale, 1st Presbyterian merger 1966-1967 B13/F50
Worthington UCC Church history circa 1967 B13/F51
Worthington property appraisal 1964 B13/F52
Worthington UCC financial 1964 B14/F3
  Date Box/Folder
York First Congregational Society Trust Fund. Petition, deed, correspondence 1936-1937; 1957-1963 B13/F53
Zanesville. 1st Church, Pilgrim E & R merger to Immanuel UCC. Correspondence, basis of union, reports 1957-1963 B13/F54
Barton, William W. Bequest. Correspondence 1931-1933, 1948-1949 B13/F55
Bexan, David - Fund. Correspondence 1914 B13/F56
Frasier, John G. - Gift 1928 B13/F57
Comstock, Bertha M. Will 1954 B13/F58
Haskell Fund, Correspondence 1907-1916 B13/F59
Mechling, George - Will and correspondence 1915-1916 B13/F60
Metcalf, Irving W. Correspondence 1908-1919 B13/F61
Penfiled, W. W. - Fund correspondence 1904, 1906 B13/F62
Wood, Jessie B - Estate 1954 B13/F63
Woolworth, Abbie B. - Bequest will and correspondence 1938-1941 B13/F64

Series IV: Regional Associations

Date: 1822-1967
Extent: 4 document cases
Scope of Series: Constitutions, by-laws, articles of incorporation. Most complete are the Ohio Central Association, with minutes and account books from 1930-1963; Southeastern Ohio Association minutes, 1949-1963; Marietta Association minutes, 1916-1949.
Arrangement: Arranged by geographic area.
  Date Box/Folder
Central North. Polity 1902, 1917, 1950 B14/F4
Chatauqua, NY Ministerial Union. Polity, correspondence 1929 B14/F5
Cincinnati. Polity 1962 B14/F6
Cleveland Union - Kiplinger Correspondence, Polity 1904-1931, 1892, 1916, 1960 B14/F7
Grand River. Polity records, historical sketch by William Harrison 1949, 1954, 1962 B14/F8
Hambersville District. Polity 1960, 1962 B14/F9
Marietta Association minutes 1916-1931 B14/F10
Marietta Association minutes 1931-1949 B14/F11
Marietta Association receipts 1873-1875 B14/F12
Marietta Association reports 1822, 1840-1849 B14/F13
Marietta Association reports 1850-1888 B14/F14
Marietta Association reports 1840s-1880s, undated B14/F15
Medina. Polity 1954, 1962 B14/F16
Miami. Church list, financial, polity undated, 1908 B14/F17
Northwest Ohio. Polity 1955, 1962 B14/F18
  Date Box/Folder
Ohio Central Accounting books 1931-1958, 1956-1964 B15/F1
Ohio Central Columbus Area Council of Churches - Comity Committee 1958-1962 B15/F2
Ohio Central Correspondence - general and concerning Coshocton 1st Christian 1946-1948 B15/F3
Ohio Central Correspondence, reports - Chillicothe inclusion to Association 1954-1955 B15/F4
Ohio Central Fellowship House, Ohio State University, reports and correspondence 1953-1956 B15/F5
Ohio Central Mailing lists: churches, officers, trustees, committees 1955-1960 B15/F6
Ohio Central Minutes - trustees, annual, audit reports 1930-1937 B15/F7
Ohio Central Minutes - regular and special meetings. Includes 1st meeting , constitution, by-laws, and list of officers 1938-1947 B15/F8
Ohio Central Minutes - trustee, reports, ecclesiastical council 1947-1956 B15/F9
  Date Box/Folder
Ohio Central Minutes - trustee, reports, ecclesiastical council 1956-1959 B16/F1
Ohio Central Minutes - trustee, reports, ecclesiastical council 1959-1963 B16/F2
Ohio Central Ministerial procedures - licensing and ordaining 1939, 1943-1963, gaps B16/F3
Ohio Central Ministerial registration forms 1933, 1961-1963 B16/F4
Ohio Central Ministerial changes, lists 1962-1963 B16/F5
Ohio Central Ministerial ordination alphabetical lists 1947-1963, gaps B16/F6
Ohio Central Ministerial transfer and dismission forms, alphabetical listing 1918, 1950s-1963 B16/F7
Ohio Central Polity 1930, 1941, 1947, 1955, 1960 B16/F8
Ohio Central Reports 1947-1960 B16/F9
Plymouth Rock. Polity 1954, 1962 B16/F10
Puritan. Polity 1962 B16/F11
  Date Box/Folder
Scioto Valley Christian Conference. Polity, member lists, resolutions, Shiloah Church correspondence 1952, 1957, 1961, 1963 B17/F1
Southeastern. Polity, minutes 1963, 1949-1963 B17/F2
Southwest. Polity 1963 B17/F3
Washington County Larger Parish. Constitution, church lists, rural life pilgrimage report 1957-1959 B17/F4
Washington County Larger Parish. Minutes 1960-1967 B17/F5

Series V: Records concerning union

Date: 1959-1963
Extent: 1 document case
Scope of Series: Contains the original ballots of Agreement of Consolidation cast in June 1963 at Defiance College; documents of incorporation for the new associations formed under the UCC in 1963; fragmentary information of delegates to synod, church listings of voting; officers and committees; statements on union; ballots voting for consolidation; documents concerning formation of new associations and consolidation under UCC.
Arrangement: Arranged by subject.
  Date Box/Folder
Records on voting for UCC status 1959-1961 B17/F6
Ballots. Agreement of Consolidation 1963 B17/F7
New Conference agreement of consolidation 1963 B17/F8
Articles of Incorporation, Central Southeast 1963 B17/F9
Articles of Incorporation, Eastern Ohio 1963 B17/F10
Articles of Incorporation, Northwest Ohio 1963 B17/F11
Articles of Incorporation, Southwest Ohio 1963 B17/F12
Articles of Incorporation, Western Reserve 1963 B17/F13