Jefferson, Charles E. Papers, 1898-1929

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Charles E. Jefferson papers


Jefferson, Charles Edward, 1860-1937




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MS 4700

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[Identification of item], in the Charles E. Jefferson papers, MS 4700. The Congregational Library and Archive, Boston, MA.



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Processed by Jessica Steytler, April 2004

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Gift of Sue Taylor, 2004

Biographic Information

Charles Edward Jefferson was born in Cambridge, Ohio on August 29, 1860. He attended Ohio Wesleyan University and earned a B.S. in 1882 and a B.A. in 1886. He moved to Boston University's School of Theology and graduated with a S.T.B. in 1887. His was given honorary D.D. degrees from Oberlin 1898, Union College 1898, Yale 1903, University of Vermont 1921, Rollins College1928, and L.DD from Ohio Wesleyan 1905, and Miami University 1923. He was ordained by the Congregational Council in Chelsea, MA September 29, 1887. He was pastor at Central Church, Chelsea from 1887 to 1898. He found a home as pastor of the Broadway Tabernacle Church in New York City from 1898 to 1929, then was honorary pastor from 1929 until his death in 1937. He died at Fitzwilliam Depot, NH September 12, 1937.

Member of: National Committee on Expenses of Delegates 1901-1902
  National Council Committee on Increase of Ministry 1904-1907
  National Council Nominating Committee 1910-1913
  National Council Commission on Evangelism and Devotional Life 1919-1924
  Yale Corporation 1902-1924
  American Board: New York Church Extension Society  
Lecturer at: Bangor School of Theology 1903 and 1912
  Yale Divinity School 1910
  Grinnell College 1915
  Union Theological Seminary 1922-1923
Moderator: New York Conference 1911-1912
Preacher: National Council 1913
Vice Chairman: Commission on Evangelism and Devotional Life 1921-1924
Director: Union Theological Seminary  


Biographical information taken from the Congregational Yearbook. 1937, pp. 48-49.


Scope and Content

This collection contains only Rev. Jefferson's sermons while he presided at Broadway Tabernacle Church in New York. The entire collection of sermons are individually bound, rather than hand-written or typed.

The gift from Sue Taylor also included some material from Broadway Tabernacle, created by the church not specifically Jefferson.


List of Sermons

Anglo-American Friendship 10/22/1922
Anniversary Sermon, 10th 3/1/1908
Anniversary Sermon, 20th 3/2/1918
Anniversary Sermon, 25th 3/4/1923
Anniversary Sermon, 30th 3/4/1928
The Broadway Tabernacle of the Past and Future 1901
The Cloud and the Sea 12/17/1916
The Common Sense of Jesus 9/22/1929
Congregationalism. Its Contribution to Education 12/21/1902
Congregationalism. Its Origin, Principles, and Mission 12/15/1901
The Declaration of Independence 7/5/1925
The Devotional Reading of the Bible [n/d, number xiii of Broadway Tabernacle Tracts]
The Duty of Thinking 1/15/1922
The God of the Mountains and the Valleys 8/24/1924
Ethical Questions. Created by our Government's Declaration of War 4/29/1917
Facing the Future, a Watch Night Sermon 12/31/1929
Faith in a Storm 10/6/1929
The Foolishness of Preaching 5/17/1899
Forty Years in the Wilderness 11/26/1922
Fundamental Traits of Puritan Character Illustrated by John Milton 12/27/1908
The Heavenly Vision 1/8/1922
How to Become a Christian n/d
"I am the Way" 3/18/1923
"I Don't Know What to Believe" 10/24/1926
Liberty n/d
Liberty and Prohibition 10/20/1929
Liberty Its Dangers and Duties 9/27/1903
Like a Trumpet 10/16/1927
The Man at Bethesda n/d
The Many Sided Christ 9/29/1929
A Message to the Perplexed 3/2/1913
The New Commandment 5/28/1925
A New Year's Sermon 1/2/1921
Obedience to Law 1929
The One Foundation 9/15/1929
"An Open Door" 1/21/1925
Pilgrim Tercentenary Sermon 12/19/1920
The Puritan 12/12/1926
The Puritan and the Cavalier 12/20/1914
The Puritan Sabbath and Ours 12/18/1910
The Puritan Type 12/14/1913
Seeds of War 11/7/1926
Sermons to the Boys and Girls of the Broadway Tabernacle, numbers 1-10, 44 n/d
The Soul of Britain 10/1/1922
Streams in the Desert 8/28/1927
The Strength and Weakness of Puritanism 12/17/1905
Temptation from the Mountain Top 6/19/1898
A Thanksgiving Sermon 11/29/1917
Thinking Peace 11/13/1927
The Unpopularity of the Puritan. Its Causes and Glory 12/15/1907