Iowa Conference. Records, 1839-1986.

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Iowa Conference records 1839-1986.


Iowa Conference of the UCC
General Association of Iowa
Congregational Churches and Ministers of the State of Iowa
Congregational Conference of Iowa
Congregational Christian Conference of Iowa
Iowa Congregational Association
Iowa Congregational Home Missionary Society




15 record cartons, 12 document cases, 2 pamphlet boxes, 3 flat boxes, 4 volumes (22.85 cubic feet)

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The settlement of Iowa began after the area became part of the United States as a result of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. The collection consists of records of the conference itself, records of regional associations, records of now disbanded churches, and the Department of Missionaries applications and reports.

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Iowa Conference, United Church of Christ 1992 and 2014.


One accrual of 2 boxes (2.25 cubic feet) in 2014. No further accruals planned.


Historical Note

The settlement of Iowa began after the area became part of the United States as a result of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. The territory finally achieved statehood in 1846. Many of the families who moved to Iowa came from New England and brought their religion — Congregationalism — with them. In 1838 Asa Turner, a Yale Divinity School graduate, organized and was called to be the minister at the first Congregational Church in the territory, at Denmark. He was soon joined by two fellow Yale graduates, Reuben Gaylord and Julius A. Reed. In 1840, these three ministers and five laymen organized the Congregational Association (later Conference) of Iowa. The association represented the churches at Denmark, Danville, and Fairfield.

The problem of ministering to the ever-growing population in the frontier territory was solved in large part by the arrival in 1843 of what was known as the Iowa Band — 11 graduates of Andover Theological Seminary who dedicated their lives to the Iowa ministry. More information on the Iowa Band can be found in a book of the same name, written by Ephraim Adams, located in the library.

The Iowa Conference is governed by a Board of Directors, one from each of the regional associations. There are elected officers and a paid staff, including a supervisor and a business manager.

Among its activities the Conference sponsors the Iowa Congregational Home Missionary Society, established in 1882, to help organize, support, and foster churches needing financial assistance. The Conference also is concerned with religious education, missionary work, and pastoral supply to its member churches. Women represented by the Iowa Fellowship of Congregational Christian Women (IFCCW) and the Women's Board of Missions of the Interior (WEMI), which merged with the women's Home Missionary Union in 1926 to become the Congregational Women's Missionary Society. The former organization is concerned with evangelism and spiritual life, stewardship, Christian education, missionary education, Christian social action, and friendly service. The WEMI's purpose is to cultivate World Service spirit, to promote missionary education and stewardship, and to recruit missionaries.

Iowa's regional associations have merged or divided several times over the years. The Council Bluffs Association, which helped establish Tabor College, was organized in 1854. The Denmark Association organized in 1842 and gave rise to the Des Moines River Association in 1849. The Des Moines Association was created in 1909 during a state redistricting plan and included churches from Central, Grinnell, and Webster City Associations. It merged with the Western Iowa Association (organized 1869) in 1931. The Dubuque Association organized in 1849 and merged with Northeastern in 1910. The Mitchell Association was founded in 1857, Northwestern in 1858, and Sioux about 1871. The Union Association, organized in 1857, dissolved in 1935. Webster City Association was established in 1859 and in 1963 became part of the North Central Association. The regional organizations elected officers, held annual meetings, licensed and ordained ministers, and generally oversaw the practice of congregationalism in their respective areas through the activities of various departments, including evangelism and devotional life, religious education, missions, and social relations. For the most recent information about the current Associations, please visit the Iowa Conference website.

Iowa was settled by a number of ethnic groups, and this is reflected in the records of individual churches. The Gomer Congregational Church of Red Oak, and the Welsh Congregational Church of Columbus Junction both held services and kept records in Welsh until the early 20th century. The First Congregational Church at Muscatine was originally German. Many of these and other small churches in rural Iowa disbanded in the 1930s and 1940s in large part due to the effects of the Depression.


Scope of Collection

The records of the Iowa Conference are arranged in four sub-groups: records of the conference itself, records of regional associations, and records of now disbanded churches, and material added in 2014: Conference records, disbanded church records, and Department of Missions applications and reports. In all cases, the original order in which the records were received has been maintained as much as possible. Scrapbooks that were in danger of falling apart, or which were easily taken apart, were disassembled, and their pages kept in the original order. Loose news clippings were photocopied onto acid-free paper and the originals discarded.


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Congregational Club of Central Iowa

Congregational Women's Missionary Society

Iowa Band

Iowa Congregational Association

Iowa Congregational Home Missionary Society

Iowa Fellowship of Congregational Christian Women

State Churchmen's Fellowship

United Church of Christ. Iowa Conference.

Western Christian Convention

Women's Board of Missions of the Interior

Fellows, Mrs. L. N.

Fiebiger, Judson

Lanning, Mrs.

McBeath, Mrs. N. W.

Reed , Julius A.

Gaylord, Reuben, 1812-1880.

Thomas, D.H.

Turner, Asa, 1799-1885.

Willadsen, Mrs. Peter

Benevolent and moral institutions & societies.

Christian education

Church records and registers - Iowa.

Church polity.


Ecclesiastical Council - Iowa.


Great Depression.

Installation (clergy).

Missionary Education Movement of the United States and Canada.

Pastoral supply

Religious education.


Spiritual life.


Women- Societies and clubs


Related Materials

Iowa Band by Ephraim Adams

Newsletter/journal Congregational Iowa

Annual reports of the Iowa Conference



The bulk of the records are in chronological order, from the oldest to the most recent. Incoming and outgoing correspondence are interfiled, with incoming letters first, and letters with the same date arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Letters of membership transfer, both for ministers and for general members, are arranged alphabetically, as are ordination records and ecclesiastical council minutes. Church records are arranged by town name.

Sub-Group I. Iowa Conference Records, 1869-1977
Sub-Group II. Association Records, 1848-1963
Sub-Group III. Church Records, 1839-1970
Sub-Group IV. Collection Accrual, 1888-1987



Sub-group I: Iowa Conference Records

Date: 1869-1977
Extent: 10 boxes
Scope of Sub-group I: Consists of the records of the lowa Conference, 1869-1977.
  Series A encompasses the records of the superintendent, primarily those kept or generated by Judson Fiebiger, who was superintendent from 1947 to 1971. These records include Board of Director minutes, 1944-1962; installation, ordination, and recognition records, 1918-1965; correspondence and minutes of the Iowa Federation of Congregational Christian women, 1935, 1950, 1961-1964; and Fiebiger's files of correspondence with and "historical materials" related to churches which have since disbanded.
  Series B consists of records of meetings and organizations sponsored by the Conference, spanning the dates 1869-1965. These include Fellowship conference programs, 1930-1965; minutes of the State Churchmen's Fellowship (a men's organization), 1962-1965; minutes of the Iowa Congregational Home Mission Society, 1907-1916, including annotated editions of printed annual reports and of the Journal Home Missionary; photographs of the Iowa Congregational Young people's Conferences, 1921-1938; and a "congregational Scrapbook," 1873-1885.
  Series C encompasses records of various women's organizations, 1876-1960. The records of the WBMI, 1876-1926, consist of regular meeting and executive committee minutes, published reports, and printed programs. Its successor organization, the Congregational Women's Missionary Society, is represented by records dating 1926-1938. These records include merger committee minutes, executive committee and annual meeting minutes, auditors' statements, mailing lists, and printed programs. The IFCO records, 1944-1960, consist of minutes, histories of local women's groups, printed programs, records of the Davenport, Des Moines, and Northeast Association branches of the IFCOV, and scrapbooks kept by presidents Mrs. L. N. Fellows, Mrs. N. W. McBeath, Mrs. Peter Willadsen, and Mrs. Lanning.
Arrangement: The series have separate folder numbering, regardless of the box it is in. This will mean if there are multiple series in one box, the folder numbers will restart with each box.
· Series A: Arranged alphabetically by minister's last name or by town in which the church was located.
· Series B: Divided into Sub-Series for each separate group represented.
· Series C: Divided into Sub-Series for each separate group represented, arranged chronologically within each group.

Series A. Superintendents' Records, 1912-1968

  Sub-Series 1. Board of Directors Minutes, 1944-1962
      Date Location
Board of Directors Minutes 1944-1946 B1/A1/F1
Board of Directors Minutes 1947-1949 B1/A1/F2
Board of Directors Minutes 1950-1951 B1/A1/F3
Board of Directors Minutes 1952-1955 B1/A1/F4
Board of Directors Minutes 1956-1958 B1/A1/F5
Board of Directors Minutes 1959-1960 B1/A1/F6
Board of Directors Minutes 1961-1962 B1/A1/F7
Information pamphlet, Christian education plan 1944-1946 B1/A1/F8
  Sub-series 2. Installation, Ordination, and Recognition Records, 1918-1965
A-C 1918-1965 B1/A2/F1
D-F 1918-1965 B1/A2/F2
G-I 1918-1965 B1/A2/F3
J-K 1918-1965 B1/A2/F4
L-M 1918-1965 B1/A2/F5
N-R 1918-1965 B1/A2/F6
S-T 1918-1965 B1/A2/F7
U-Z 1918-1965 B1/A2/F8
Miscellaneous lists, programs, memoranda 1918-1965 B1/A2/F9
  Sub-series 3. Iowa Federation of Congregational Christian Women Records, 1935, 1950, 1961-1964
Iowa Federation of Congregational Christian Women Records 1935, 1950, 1961-1962 B1/A3/F1
Iowa Federation of Congregational Christian Women Records 1963-1964 B1/A3/F2
  Sub-Series 4. Church Files, 1912-1968
Anamosa Cass Congregational Church 1956 B1/A4/F1
Anita First Congregational Church 1950-1961 B1/A4/F2
Atlantic Trinity United (predecessors Peace Evangelical and Reformed, Atlantic United Church of Christ) 1944-1962 B1/A4/F3
Aurelia Congregational Church 1955-1963 B1/A4/F4
Carson Wheeler Grove First Congregational Church 1953, 1960-1964 B1/A4/F5
Castana Community Church 1926, 1955-1962 B1/A4/F6
Cedar Falls-Waterloo 1957-1961 B1/A4/F7
Cedar Rapids First Congregational Church 1952-1962 B1/A4/F8
Central City Baptist-Congregational Federated Church 1954-1963 B1/A4/F9
Charles City First Congregational Church 1912, 1956-1962 B1/A4/F10
Chester Center Congregational Church 1953-1963 B1/A4/F11
Clarion First Congregational Church 1954-1962 B1/A4/F12
Clay Brighton Congregational Church 1962 B1/A4/F13
Clay First Congregational Church 1955-1956 B1/A4/F14
Clemons United Church of Christ 1958-1962 B1/A4/F15
Clinton Community Congregational Church 1949-1962 B1/A4/F16
Clinton First Congregational Church 1951-1962 B1/A4/F17
  Date Location
Colwell Congregational Christian Church 1957-1962 B2/A4/F18
Corning Fairview Congregational Christian Church 1958-1961 B2/A4/F19
Council Bluffs-Dodge Memorial Congregational Church 1954-1961 B2/A4/F20
Council Bluffs First Congregational Church 1950-1957 B2/A4/F21
Cresco First Congregational Church 1962 B2/A4/F22
Creston First congregational Church 1952-1961 B2/A4/F23
Creston St. John's Evangelical & Reformed Church 1928, 1942-1943, 1953-1958 B2/A4/F24
Cromwell Congregational Church 1957-1961 B2/A4/F25
Cromwell Southwestern Association Larger Parish 1952-1957 B2/A4/F26
Danville First Congregational Church 1957-1963 B2/A4/F27
Davenport Edwards Congregational Church 1950-1962 B2/A4/F28
Decorah First Congregational Christian Church 1954-1962 B2/A4/F29
Denmark Congregational Church 1950-1961 B2/A4/F30
Des Moines Babbitt Community Church, First United Church of Christ. Also includes information on Mitchelville 1954-1963 B2/A4/F31
Des Moines Plymouth Congregational Church 1932, 1950-1966 B2/A4/F32
Des Moines Urbandale Community Church 1949-1962 B2/A4/F33
Des Moines Valley High Manor 1960-1961 B2/A4/F34
DeWitt First congregational Church 1956-1962 B2/A4/F35
Doen First Congregational Church 1951-1960 B2/A4/F36
Dubuque First Congregational Church 1951-1963 B2/A4/F37
Dubuque Immanuel Congregational Church 1953-1962 B2/A4/F38
Dubuque Summit Congregational Church 1950-1962 B2/A4/F39
Eagle Grove First Congregational Church 1951-1962, 1966 B2/A4/F40
Eagle Grove First Congregational Church 1951-1962, 1966 B2/A4/F41
Earlville Congregational Church 1953, 1958 B2/A4/F42
Eldon Congregational Church 1956-1962 B2/A4/F43
Eldora congregational Christian Church 1954-1962 B2/A4/F44
Elkader Congregational Church 1953-1962 B2/A4/F45
Emmetsburg First Congregational Church 1958-1962 B2/A4/F46
Exira Federated Church 1950-1959 B2/A4/F47
Fairfield Antioch Congregational Church 1921-1924, 1961-1962 B2/A4/F48
Farnhamville Congregational Church 1949-1958 B2/A4/F49
Farragut First Congregational Church 1953-1963 B2/A4/F50
Fonda First Congregational Church 1953-1962 B2/A4/F51
Fontanelle First Congregational Church 1951-1962 B2/A4/F52
Fontanelle Pleasant Grove Congregational Church 1957-1958 B2/A4/F53
Fort Dodge First Congregational Church 1950-1962 B2/A4/F54
Gilbert Congregational Christian Church 1954-1962 B2/A4/F55
Gilman Community Church 1950-1962 B2/A4/F56
Givin Congregational Church 1951-1961 B2/A4/F57
Glenwood First Congregational Church 1953-1963 B2/A4/F58
Gravity Oak Hill Church 1954-1961 B2/A4/F59
Green Island Congregational Church 1955-1961 B2/A4/F60
Green Mountain First Congregational Church 1952, 1956-1962 B2/A4/F61
Greenville Grace Congregational Church 1952, 1955-1962 B2/A4/F62
Grinnell First Congregational Church 1951-1955, 1960-1963 B2/A4/F63
Hampton First Congregational Church 1953-1962 B2/A4/F64
Hanford Community Church 1949-1958 B2/A4/F65
Harlan Congregational Christian Church 1954-196 B2/A4/F66
Hartwick First Congregational Church 1953-1962 B2/A4/F67
Hawarden Associated Church 1951-1962 B2/A4/F68
Hudson Community Church 1960 B2/A4/F69
Humboldt Congregational Church 1951-1962 B2/A4/F70
  Date Location
Ionia First Congregational Church and Republic Community Church 1949-1960 B3/A4/F71
Iowa City Congregational Church 1946-1948, 1955-1962, 1966 B3/A4/F72
Iowa City Welsh Congregational Church 1953-1954 B3/A4/F73
Iowa Falls First Congregational Church 1954-1962 B3/A4/F74
Keokuk First Congregational Church 1952-1962 B3/A4/F75
Klemme Immanuel United Church of Christ, previously Immanuel E&R Church 1946-1963 B3/A4/F76
Lake View First Congregational Church 1952-1952 B3/A4/F77
Larchwood First Congregational Church 1949-1962 B3/A4/F78
Letts Oak Grove Church 1956-1962 B3/A4/F79
Lewis Congregational Church 1953-1962 B3/A4/F80
Madison County Fellowship Congregational Church of Christ (Monroe Township) 1935-1955, 1961-1963 B3/A4/F81
Madrid First Congregational Church 1952-1969 B3/A4/F82
Madrid Garden Prairie Church 1957-1970 B3/A4/F83
Manchester Community Congregational Church 1952-1966 B3/A4/F84
Manson First Congregational Church 1953-1969 B3/A4/F85
Maquoketa, Evangelical and Reformed Church 1944-1960 B3/A4/F86
Maquoketa First Congregational Church 1943-1963 B3/A4/F87
Moguoketa United Church of Christ 1961-1969 B3/A4/F88
Marshalltown First Congregational Church 1914, 1951-1969, 1974 B3/A4/F89
Marshalltown, LaMoille Congregational Community Church 1949-1962 B3/A4/F90
Mason City First congregational Church 1951-1962 B3/A4/F91
McGregor First Congregational Church 1949-1968 B3/A4/F92
Milford Union Memorial Church 1950-1962 B3/A4/F93
Minden Congregational Church 1951-1961 B3/A4/F94
Mitchellville First Congregational Church 1953-1962 B3/A4/F95
Monticello First Congregational Church 1953-1962 B3/A4/F96
Moville Federated Church 1954-1963 B3/A4/F97
Nashua First Congregational Church 1953-1962 B3/A4/F98
Nashua Little Brown Church in the Dale 1949-1962 B3/A4/F99
New Hampton First Congregational Church 1950-1963 B3/A4/F100
Newburg, Chester Center-Newburg Congregational Churches 1954-1962 B3/A4/F101
Newell First Congregational Church 1912, 1950-1955, 1960-1962 B3/A4/F102
Newton First Congregational Church 1908, 1950-1962 B3/A4/F103
Newton, Zoar Evangelical and Reformed Church 1944-1950, 1961-1962 B3/A4/F104
Oakland First Congregational Church 1951-1962 B3/A4/F105
Olds Congregational Church 1949-1962 B3/A4/F106
Onawa First Congregational Church 1950-1962 B3/A4/F107
Orchard First Congregational Church 1950-1965 B3/A4/F108
  Date Location
Osage First Congregational Church 1951-1962 B4/A4/F109
Oskaloosa First Congregational Church 1951-1963 B4/A4/F110
Oskaloosa St. Paul's United Church of Christ (formerly First Evangelical and Reformed) 1939, 1945-1962 B4/A4/F111
Otho United Congregational Church 1950-1956 B4/A4/F112
Oto Congregational Church 1942-1963 B4/A4/F113
Ottumwa First Congregational Church 1949-1970 B4/A4/F114
Ottumwa First Congregational Church 1949-1970 B4/A4/F115
Ottumwa First Congregational Church 1949-1970 B4/A4/F116
Ottumwa First Congregational Church 1949-1970 B4/A4/F117
Ottumwa, Plymouth Congregational Church 1952-1962 B4/A4/F118
Parkersburg First Congregational Church 1952-1968 B4/A4/F119
Peterson First Congregational Church 1953-1960 B4/A4/F120
Primghar First Congregational Church 1951-1963 B4/A4/F121
Red Oak First Congregational Church 1951-1963 B4/A4/F122
Redfield Union Chapel Congregational Christian Church 1948-1960 B4/A4/F123
Reinbeck, Union Congregational Church 1955-1962 B4/A4/F124
Riceville First Congregational Church 1952-1963 B4/A4/F125
Rock Rapids First Congregational Church 1932, 1950-1959 B4/A4/F126
Rockwell First Congregational Church 1950-1956 B4/A4/F127
Rodney First Congregational Church 1955 B4/A4/F128
Rossie Congregational Church 1955-1958 B4/A4/F129
Rowan First Congregational Church 1954-1963 B4/A4/F130
Runnels First Congregational Church of Runnels-Adelphi 1948-1977 B4/A4/F131
Ryan Golden Congregational Church 1953-1962 B4/A4/F132
Salem Congregational Church 1952-1961 B4/A4/F133
Shenandoah First Congregational Church 1953-1962 B4/A4/F134
Sherrill United Church of Christ 1954-1962 B4/A4/F135
Sibley First Congregational Church 1953-1962 B4/A4/F136
Sigourney St. Paul's Evangelical and Reformed United Church of Christ 1945-1962 B4/A4/F137
Sioux City First Congregational Church 1953-1963 B4/A4/F138
Sioux City Grace Evangelical and Reformed Church 1944-1946, 1950, 1957-1960 B4/A4/F139
Sioux City, Mayflower Congregational Church 1951-1962 B4/A4/F140
Sioux Rapids Congregational Church 1954-1962 B4/A4/F141
Sloan United Congregational Church 1951-1962 B4/A4/F142
Spencer First Congregational Church 1913, 1950-1962 B4/A4/F143
Stuart Fairview Congregational Christian Church 1950-1957 B4/A4/F144
Stuart First Congregational Church 1950-1962 B4/A4/F145
Tabor United Congregational Church of Christ 1952-1962 B4/A4/F146
Thayer Pleasant Valley Congregational Christian Church 1956 B4/A4/F147
Tipton St. John's United Church of  Christ (formerly St. John's Evangelical and Reformed) 1941-1963 B4/A4/F148
Traer Ripley Congregational Church 1946, 1955-1962 B4/A4/F149
Treynor Zion Congregational Church 1953-1962 B4/A4/F150
Tripoli United Church of Christ (formerly St. Peter's Evangelical and Reformed Church, and the First Congregational Church 1952-1962 B4/A4/F151
Truro Congregational Christian Church 1950-1962 B4/A4/F152
  Date Location
Waterloo First Congregational Church 1954-1962 B5/A4/F153
Waucoma Federated Church 1954-1960 B5/A4/F154
Webster City First Congregational Church 1951-1962 B5/A4/F155
Westfield Congregational Church 1953-1962 B5/A4/F156
Whiting First Congregational Church 1955-1962 B5/A4/F157
Winthrop First Congregational Church (merged with Kiene Community Congregational Church) 1952, 1956-1962 B5/A4/F158

Series B. Meetings and Organizations, 1869-1965

  Sub-series 1. Iowa Congregational Home Mission Society Minutes, 1907-1916
  Date Location
Minutes 1907-1916 B6/B1/V1
Printed reports with annotations 1883-1906 B6/B1/V2
Printed reports with annotations 1891-1898 B6/B1/V3
Home Missionary reports with annotations 1869-1871 B6/B1/V4
  Sub-series 2. Fellowship Conference Programs, 1906, 1930-1953
  Date Location
Programs 1906, 1930-1953 B6/B2/F1
Centennial lectures 1940 B6/B2/F2
  Sub-series 3. State Churchmen's Fellowship Records, 1962-1965
  Date Location
Minutes 1962-1965 B6/B3/F1
  Sub-series 4. Iowa Congregational Young People's Conference Photographs, 1921-1938
  Date Location
Photographs 1921-1938 B29/B4
  Sub-series 5. Congregational Scrapbook, 1873-ca. 1920
  Date Location
Scrapbook 1873-1885 B6/B5/V1
Photograph and engraving circa 1900 B6/B5/F1

Series C. Women's Organizations Records, 1876-1964

  Sub-series 1. Women's Board of Missions of the Interior, Iowa Branch, Records, 1876-1926
  Date Location
Minutes 1876-1880, 1886-1887 B6/C1/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B6/C1/F1
Executive Committee minutes 1905-1911 B6/C1/V2
Minutes removed from volume 2 undated B6/C1/F2
Executive Committee minutes 1911-1914 B6/C1/V3
Financial journal 1916-1923 B6/C1/V4
Published reports 1918-1922 B6/C1/F3
Printed programs 1917-1926 B6/C1/F4
  Date Location
Annual reports 1890 B7/C1/V5
Annual reports 1892 B7/C1/V6
Annual reports 1893 B7/C1/V7
Annual reports 1895 B7/C1/V8
Annual reports 1896 B7/C1/V9
Annual reports 1897 B7/C1/V10
Annual reports 1898 B7/C1/V12
Annual reports 1899 B7/C1/V13
Annual reports 1900 B7/C1/V14
Annual reports 1901 B7/C1/V15
Quarter Centennial, 1876-1901 1901 B7/C1/V16
Annual reports 1902 B7/C1/V17
Annual reports 1903 B7/C1/V18
Annual reports 1904 B7/C1/V19
Annual reports 1905 B7/C1/V20
Annual reports 1906 B7/C1/V21
Annual reports 1907 B7/C1/V22
Annual reports 1908 B7/C1/V23
Annual reports 1909 B7/C1/V24
Annual reports 1910 B7/C1/V25
Annual reports 1911 B7/C1/V26
Annual reports 1912 B7/C1/V27
Annual reports 1913 B7/C1/V28
Annual reports 1914 B7/C1/V29
Annual reports 1915 B7/C1/V30
Annual reports 1916 B7/C1/V31
Annual reports 1917 B7/C1/V32
Annual reports 1918 B7/C1/V33
Annual reports 1919 B7/C1/V34
Annual reports 1920 B7/C1/V35
Annual reports 1921 B7/C1/V36
Annual reports 1922 B7/C1/V37
Annual reports 1923 B7/C1/V38
Annual reports 1924 B7/C1/V39
Annual reports 1925 B7/C1/V40
Annual reports 1926 B7/C1/V41
  Sub-series 2. Congregational Women's Missionary Society Records, 1926-1938
  Date Location
Merger Committee minutes 1926 B8/C2/F1
Executive Committee minutes 1926-1930 B8/C2/F2
Executive Committee minutes 1927-1930 B8/C2/F3
Executive Committee minutes 1931-1935 B8/C2/F4
Executive Committee minutes 1932-1938 B8/C2/F5
Annual Meeting minutes 1927-1928 B8/C2/F6
Auditor's statements 1931, 1933 B8/C2/F7
Mailing lists 1927, 1928, 1932 B8/C2/F8
Printed programs 1926-1935 B8/C2/F9
  Sub-series 3. Iowa Federation of Congregational Christian Women Records, 1944-1960
  Date Location
Minutes 1944-1951 B8/C3/F1
Minutes 1950-1953 B8/C3/F2
Minutes 1954-1960 B8/C3/F3
Histories of local church groups circa 1956 B8/C3/F4
Printed programs 1936-1959 B8/C3/F5
Convention material 1939-1940, 1960 B8/C3/F6
  Date Location
Davenport Association of IFCCW minutes 1936-1962 B9/C3/F7
Des Moines Association of IFCCW minutes 1937-1948 B9/C3/V1
Des Moines Association minutes 1948-1953 B9/C3/V2
Des Moines Association minutes 1954-1963 B9/C3/V3
Northeast Association of IFCCW minutes 1938-1961 B9/C3/V4
President's Scrapbook, disassembled 1941-1944 B9/C3/F8
Scrapbook, disassembled 1944 B9/C3/F9
  Date Location
Scrapbook 1951-1952 B30/C3/V5
  Date Location
Material removed from volume 5 undated B9/C3/F10
Material removed from volume 5 undated B9/C3/F11
  Date Location
Scrapbook (oversize) 1952-1954 B31/C3/V6
  Date Location
Mrs. Lanning's files, IFCCW correspondence 1954-1964 B10/C3/F12
Mrs. Lanning's files, photographs circa 1958 B10/C3/F13
Mrs. Lanning's files, clippings 1957-1959 B10/C3/F14
Mrs. Lanning's files, state conference material 1956-1959 B10/C3/F15
Scrapbook 1957-1959 B10/C3/V7

Sub-group II: Association Records

Date: 1848-1963
Extent: 6 boxes
Scope of Sub-group II: This group consists of records of various regional associations, 1848-1963. These records include minutes; ecclesiastical council records; letters of transfer; ministerial standing records, including "cases" brought against various ministers for misconduct; records of advisory committees; religious education committee minutes; constitutions and by-laws; treasurer's records; correspondence; scrapbooks; and printed annual and semi-annual meeting programs. Included with these records are the minutes of the Congregational Club of Central Iowa, 1869-1883; and the minutes of the Western Christian Convention, 1915-1941, overseers of the Christian Church-sponsored Palmer College, originally located in Le Grand, Iowa and later moved to Albany, Missouri, the topic of the minutes in this volume. The convention was comprised of churches from Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, and Nebraska. This organization dissolved in 1941.
Arrangement: Arranged in Series alphabetically by name. Volumes without box designations are oversize and do not have a box.

Series A. Council Bluffs Association of Congregational Christian Churches, 1854-1945

  Date Location
Minutes 1854-1875 B11/SA/V1
Minutes 1875-1895 B11/SA/V2
Items removed from Volume 2 including material on Tabor Congregational Church undated B11/SA/F1
Minutes 1896-1909 B11/SA/V3
Items Removed From Volume 3 undated B11/SA/F2
Minutes 1918-1920 B11/SA/F3
Minutes 1921-1923 B11/SA/F4
Minutes 1924-1933 B11/SA/F5
Minutes 1933-1945 B11/SA/F6
Ecclesiastical Council Records 1939-1942 B11/SA/F7
Ministers' Letters of Transfer 1907-1940 B11/SA/F8
Treasurers' Reports 1940-1943 B11/SA/F9
Constitution, History 1914, 1915, 1920 B11/SA/F10
  Series B. Davenport Association of Congregational Christian Churches and Ministers of Iowa Records, 1946
  Date Location
Constitution 1946 B11/SB/F1
  Series C. Denmark Association of Congregational Christian Churches Records, 1880-1944
  Date Location
Administrative Records 1911-1930 B11/SC/F1
Ministerial Standing Committee Records 1914-1931 B11/SC/F2
Letters of Dismissal/Transfer, A-H undated B11/SC/F3
Letters of Dismissal/Transfer, J-Z undated B11/SC/F4
Bohn Case Records 1908-1909 B11/SC/F5
Phillips Case Records 1916-1917 B11/SC/F6
Staunton Case Records 1910 B11/SC/F7
Ecclesiastical Council Minutes 1902-1931 B11/SC/F8
Advisory Committee Records 1917-1934 B11/SC/F9
Registrar's Correspondence 1901-1934 B11/SC/F10
Treasurers' Reports 1914-1944 B11/SC/F11
Meeting Programs 1900-1935 B11/SC/F12
Regional Conference Records 1931-1932 B11/SC/F13
News Clippings undated B11/SC/14
Iowa Pilgrim Fellowship Scrapbook (oversize) 1938-1942 B11/SC/V1
  Series D. Des Moines Association of Congregational Christian Churches and Minister Records, 1909-1962
  Date Location
Constitution undated B11/SD/F1
Minutes 1909-1962 B11/SD/V1
Scrapbook, disassembled 1959-1961 B11/SD/F2
Iowa Pilgrim Fellowship, Des Moines Association, Scrapbook 1941 B11/SD/F3
  Series E. Des Moines River Association of Congregational Churches Records, 1848-1864
  Date Location
Minutes 1848-1864 B11/SE/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B11/SE/F1
  Series F. Dubuque Congregational Association Records, 1849-1879
  Date Location
Minutes 1849-1879 B11/SF/V1
  Series G. Grinnell Association of Congregational Christian Churches and Ministers Records, 1886-1958
  Date Location
Minutes 1886-1909 B12/SG/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B12/SG/F1
Minutes 1910-1930 B12/SG/V2
Items removed from volume 2 undated B12/SG/F2
Constitution and Minutes 1931-1935 B12/SG/V3
Minutes 1943-1947 B12/SG/F3
Minutes 1948-1950 B12/SG/F4
Minutes 1954-1957 B12/SG/F5
Registrar's records 1935-1943 B12/SG/V5
Registrar's Correspondence Concerning Barnes City 1957-1958 B12/SG/F6
Registrar's correspondence, Ministerial Committee 1956-1958 B12/SG/F7
Registrar's general correspondence 1954-1958 B12/SG/F9
Registrar's general correspondence 1954-1958 B12/SG/F10
Registrar's general correspondence 1954-1958 B12/SG/F11
Ecclesiastical Council records 1878-1946 B12/SG/F12
Ecclesiastical Council records 1878-1946 B12/SG/F13
Letters and certificates of transfer 1877-1949 B12/SG/F14
Letters and certificates of transfer 1877-1949 B12/SG/F15
Letters and certificates of transfer 1877-1949 B12/SG/F16
Letters and certificates of transfer 1877-1949 B12/SG/F17
Letters and certificates of transfer 1877-1949 B12/SG/F18
Letters and certificates of transfer 1877-1949 B12/SG/F19
Letters and certificates of transfer 1877-1949 B12/SG/F20
Scrapbook, letters of transfer (disassembled) 1883-1927 B12/SG/F21
Committee on Ministerial Standing correspondence 1949-1954 B12/SG/F22
Recognition Council records 1884-1898 B12/SG/F23
Advisory Committee minutes and correspondence 1946-1958 B12/SG/F24
  Date Location
Religious Education Committee records 1955-1958 B13/SG/F25
Committee on Resolutions undated B13/SG/F26
Treasurers' records 1941-1947 B13/SG/F27
Correspondence 1885-1930, gaps B13/SG/F28
Printed programs; correspondence concerning programs 1915-1942; 1946-1951 B13/SG/F29
Printed programs; correspondence concerning programs 1915-1942; 1946-1951 B13/SG/F30
Miscellaneous records 1929 B13/SG/F31
Churchmanship scrapbook 1939-1940 B13/SG/V5
  Date Location
Iowa Pilgrim Fellowship Grinnell Association, scrapbook 1940-1942 B31/SG/V6
  Series H. Mitchell Congregational Association Records, 1857-1941
  Date Location
Minutes 1857-1885 B14/SH/V1
Minutes 1886-1927 SH/V2
Minutes 1927-1941 B14/SH/V3
  Series I. Northeastern Association of Congregational Christian Churches, 1899-1940
  Date Location
Minutes 1899-1909 B14/SI/V1
Minutes 1909-1940 B14/SI/V2
Material about Rev. J. R. Morgan removed from volume 1 undated B14/SI/F1
Minutes removed from volume 1 1940 B14/SI/F2
Correspondence removed from volume 1 1940 B14/SI/F3
Printed constitution 1945 B14/SI/F4
  Series J. Northwestern Association of Iowa Records, 1855-1895
  Date Location
Minutes 1855-1895 B14/SJ/V1
  Series K. Sioux Association of Congregational Churches and Ministers Records, 1935
  Date Location
Program 1935 B14/SK/F1
  Series L. Southwestern Association of congregational Christian Churches and Ministers Records, 1946
  Date Location
Constitution 1946 B14/SL/F1
  Series M. Union Christian Conference Records, 1857-1935
  Date Location
Minutes 1857-1914 SM/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B14/SM/F1
Minutes 1915-1931, 1935 SM/V2
Items removed from volume 2 undated B14/SM/F2
  Series N. Webster City Association of Congregational Christian Churches and Ministers Records, 1896-1963
  Date Location
Constitutions 1908-1942 B14/SN/F1
Minutes 1896-1949 B14/SN/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B14/SN/F2
Minutes, 1949-1961 1949-1961 B14/SN/V2
  Date Location
Ministerial Standing Committee, licensures 1910-1914, 1927 B15/SN/F3
Letters missive 1961-1963 B15/SN/F4
Ecclesiastical Council minutes and ordination programs 1900-1963 B15/SN/F5
Ecclesiastical Council minutes and ordination programs 1900-1963 B15/SN/F6
Letters and certificates of transfer 1883-1962 B15/SN/F7
Letters and certificates of transfer 1883-1962 B15/SN/F8
Letters and certificates of transfer 1883-1962 B15/SN/F9
Letters and certificates of transfer 1883-1962 B15/SN/F10
Letters and certificates of transfer 1883-1962 B15/SN/F11
Lists of member ministers, letter 1942-1947 B15/SN/F12
Applications to UCC 1961 B15/SN/F13
Professional Ministerial Records 1959-1961 B15/SN/F14
Glenn R. Albro case 1942 B15/SN/F15
Percival Barker case 1905, 1910 B15/SN/F16
Ira Mallory case 1913 B15/SN/F17
Advisory Committee minutes 1917-1919 B15/SN/V3
Registrar's correspondence 1908-1919 B15/SN/F18
Registrar's correspondence 1933-1962 B15/SN/F19
Registrar's correspondence 1933-1962 B15/SN/F20
Registrar's correspondence 1933-1962 B15/SN/F21
Registrar's correspondence 1933-1962 B15/SN/F22
Registrar's correspondence 1933-1962 B15/SN/F23
  Date Location
Treasurers' records 1916-1954 B16/SN/V4
Treasurers' records 1954-1963 B16/SN/V5
Meeting programs 1889-1924 B16/SN/F24
Meeting programs 1925-1947 B16/SN/F25
Iowa Pilgrim Fellowship, Webster City Association, Constitution undated B16/SN/F26
"Christian and Constructive Use of Leisure Time" project scrapbook 1938 B16/SN/F27
  Series O. Western Iowa, Ministerial Association of, Records, 1869-1883
  Date Location
Minutes 1869-1883 B16/SO/V1
Page removed from volume 1 undated B16/SO/F1
  Series P. Congregational Club of Central Iowa Records, 1889-1890
  Date Location
Minutes 1889-1890 B17/SP/V1
  Series Q. Western Christian Convention Records, 1915-1941
  Date Location
Minutes 1915-1941 SQ/V1

Sub-group III. Church Records

Date: 1839-1970
Extent: 7 boxes
Scope of Sub-group III: This group consists of records of disbanded churches which sent their records to the Iowa Conference once they closed their doors.
Arrangement: The records, dating from 1839 to 1970, are arranged in Series alphabetically by the town in which the church was located. For example, Kiene Congregational Church is filed under the town of Winthrop. These records primarily encompass minutes of the church and/or the congregational society. Also included are photographs; audiotapes; church registers, encompassing membership, baptism, marriage, and death records as well as minutes; letters of transfer and other membership records; legal documents; minutes of Ladies' Aid Societies, the Iowa Pilgrim Fellowship (for young people), and Young People's Societies; Sunday School records; correspondence; materials relating to constructing church buildings; and miscellaneous materials such as historical addresses and news clippings.
  Series A. Alvord, Congregational Church Records, 1891-1942
  Date Location
Church Register 1891-1942 B18/SA/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B18/SA/F1
Junior Christian Endeavor Society minutes 1909-1913 B18/SA/V2
Financial journal 1905-1908, 1919-1941 B18/SA/V3
Financial journal 1920-1924 B18/SA/V4
  Series B. Bondourant, Congregational Church Photographs, circa 1900
  Date Location
Photographs of church and parsonage circa 1900 B18/SB/F1
  Series C. Columbus Junction, Welsh Congregational Church Records, 1937-1959, 1967, 1984
  Date Location
Minutes 1937-1959 B18/SC/V1
Items removed from volume 1 (includes minutes when church voted to disband 1959, 1967, 1984 B18/SC/F1
Centennial program 1946 B18/SC/F2
Photograph of ministers undated B18/SC/F3
  Series D. Crocker Congregational Church Photograph circa 1911
  Date Location
Photograph of church circa 1911 B18/SD/F1
  Series E. Denison, Congregational Church Records, undated
  Date Location
Audiotapes undated B18/SE/F1
Audiotapes undated B18/SE/F2
Audiotapes undated B18/SE/F3
Audiotapes undated B18/SE/F4
Audiotapes undated B18/SE/F5
Audiotapes undated B18/SE/F6
  Series F. Denmark, Congregational Church of, Records, 1914
  Date Location
Manual 1914 B18/SF/F1
  Series G. Des Moines, First United Church of Christ, formerly Babbitt Community Church Records, 1954-1965
  Date Location
Church Register 1954-1965 B18/SG/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B18/SG/F1
Trustees minutes 1960-1964 B18/SG/V2
Items removed from volume 2 undated B18/SG/F2
Minutes, clerk's book 1961-1963 B18/SG/V3
Minutes, clerk's book 1963-1965 B18/SG/V4
  Date Location
Scrapbook (oversize) 1954-1965 B32/SG/V5
  Series H. Dickens, Congregational Church of, Records, 1894-1939, 1949
  Date Location
Minutes 1894-1904 B18/SH/V1
Minutes 1904-1911, 1920 B18/SH/V2
Items removed from volume 2 undated B18/SH/F1
Minutes 1912-1934, 1949 B18/SH/V3
Items removed from volume 3 undated B18/SH/F2
Member list, constitution 1910 B18/SH/V4
Ladies' Aid Society minutes 1930-1939 B18/SH/V5
Items removed from volume 5 undated B18/SH/F3
Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor Minutes 1904-1911 B18/SH/V6
Items removed from volume 6 undated B18/SH/F4
  Series I. Eddyville, First Congregational Church of, News clipping, 1935
  Date Location
News clipping 1935 B18/SI/F1
  Series J. Ft. Atkinson German Congregational Church Records, 1867-1969
  Date Location
Minutes 1867-1919, 1928 B18/SJ/V1
Items removed from volume 1, includes information on the church in Harmony undated B18/SJ/F1
Legal documents 1872-1873 B18/SJ/F2
Correspondence 1969 B18/SJ/F3
  Series K. Galt, First Congregational Church Records, 1887-1965
  Date Location
Church Register 1887-1927 B19/SK/V1
Church Register 1927-1965 B19/SK/V2
  Series L. Genoa Bluffs, Congregational Church Records, 1856-1940
  Date Location
Minutes 1856-1882 B19/SL/V1
Church Register 1856-1928 B19/SL/V2
Items removed from volume 2 undated B19/SL/F1
Church Register 1920-1939 B19/SL/V3
Letters of Transfer 1858-1895 B19/SL/F2
Letters of Dismission 1918-1940 B19/SL/V4
Congregational Society minutes 1870-1895 B19/SL/V5
Congregational Society minutes 1896-1903 B19/SL/V6
Sunday School records 1922-1938 B19/SL/V7
"Census of adolescents" undated B19/SL/F3
Correspondence 1888-1914, 1938 B19/SL/F4
Correspondence 1888-1914, 1938 B19/SL/F5
Miscellaneous undated B19/SL/F6
  Series M. German Township First Congregational Church Records, 1892-1917
  Date Location
Minutes 1892-1917 B19/SM/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B19/SM/F1
  Series N. Givin, Congregational Christian Church Records, 1936-1968
  Date Location
Minutes and Financial Records 1936-1968 B19/SN/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B19/SN/F1
  Series O. Gowrie, Congregational Church of, Records, 1875-1939
  Date Location
Minutes 1875-1917 B19/SO/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B19/SO/F1
Church Register 1917-1939 B19/SO/V2
Items removed from volume 2 undated B19/SO/F2
  Series P. Harmony Congregational Church Records, 1891-1922
  Date Location
Minutes 1891-1922 B19/SP/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B19/SP/F1
  Series Q. Hiteman, Congregational Church Records, 1892-1922
  Date Location
Minutes 1891-1922 B20/SQ/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B20/SQ/F1
  Series R. Kelley, United Church of Christ Records, 1915-1971
  Date Location
Church Register 1915-1970 B20/SR/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B20/SR/F1
Minutes 1953-1962 B20/SR/V2
Minutes 1962-1970 B20/SR/V3
Legal documents 1916, 1964-1965 B20/SR/F2
Miscellaneous records 1967-1971 B20/SR/F3
  Series S. Keokuk, First Congregational Church Program, 1930
  Date Location
Diamond Jubilee program 1930 B20/SS/F1
  Series T. Linden, Christian Church Records, 1898-1936
  Date Location
Minutes 1906-1935 B20/ST/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B20/ST/F1
Sunday School records 1898-1904 B20/ST/V2
Sunday School records 1904-1908 B20/ST/V3
Sunday School records 1927-1931 B20/ST/V4
Sunday School records 1931-1936 B20/ST/V5
  Series U. Madison County, First Congregational Church Photograph, circa 1905
  Date Location
Photograph of church circa 1905 B20/SU/F1
  Series V. Marion, First Congregational Church Records, 1839-1967
  Date Location
Minutes 1839-1845 B20/SV/F1
Minutes 1898-1941 B20/SV/V1
Board of Trustees records 1931-1943 B20/SV/F2
Church Register 1848-1929 B20/SV/V2
Church Register 1892-1925 B20/SV/V3
Church Register 1907-1942 B20/SV/V4
  Date Location
Letters of transfer 1924-1940 B21/SV/F3
Membership lists 1877 B21/SV/F4
"Historical materials" concerning the new building and laying the cornerstone 1877 B21/SV/F5
Legal documents 1948-1951 B21/SV/F6
Church histories undated B21/SV/F7
Correspondence concerning building loan 1940-1947 B21/SV/F8
Correspondence concerning damage to building 1949 B21/SV/F9
Correspondence concerning sale of building and dispersal of funds 1950-1951 B21/SV/F10
Laws concerning the closing of a church undated B21/SV/F11
Program bulletins 1943 B21/SV/F12
Correspondence concerning disposition of church records 1950, 1967 B21/SV/F13
Memoranda undated B21/SV/F14
  Series W. Mitchell, First Congregational Church of, Records, 1957-1918
  Date Location
Minutes 1857-1889 B21/SW/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B21/SW/F1
Administrative records 1868-1918 B21/SW/F2
Administrative records 1868-1918 B21/SW/F3
Membership letters/certificates 1857-1918 B21/SW/F4
Membership letters/certificates 1857-1918 B21/SW/F5
Membership letters/certificates 1857-1918 B21/SW/F6
Membership letters/certificates 1857-1918 B21/SW/F7
Membership letters/certificates 1857-1918 B21/SW/F8
Correspondence 1860-1911 B21/SW/F9
Treasurers' records 1876-1912 B21/SW/F10
  Series X. Montour, congregational Church Records, 1913-1953
  Date Location
Minutes 1913-1953 B21/SX/V1
  Series Y. Muscatine First Congregational Church (German) Records, ca. 1881-1892, 1968
  Date Location
Photocopies of historical sketches and member records circa 1881-1892, 1968 B21/SY/F1
  Series Z. Olds Congregational Church Records, 1937
  Date Location
Church bulletin 1937 B21/SZ/F1
  Series AA. Perry, Congregational Church Records, 1883-1940
  Date Location
Church Register and minutes 1883-1898 B21/AA/V1
Minutes 1889-1898 B21/AA/V2
Minutes 1898-1905 B21/AA/V3
Minutes 1905-1940 B21/AA/V4
  Date Location
Trustees minutes 1904-1940 B22/AA/V5
Items removed from volume 5 undated B22/AA/F1
Church Register 1899-1921 B22/AA/V6
Church Register 1922-1940 B22/AA/V7
Items removed from volume 7 undated B22/AA/F2
Treasurers' records unbound 1934-1937 B22/AA/F3
  Series BB. Pleasant Hill Union Sunday School Records, 1900-1948
  Date Location
Attendance records 1900-1931 B22/BB/V1
Attendance records 1944-1948 B22/BB/V2
  Series CC. Red Oak Gomer Congregational Church (Welsh) Records, 1882-1937
  Date Location
Minutes and financial records 1903-1919 B22/CC/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B22/CC/F1
Minutes 1924-1935 B22/CC/V2
Items removed from volume 2 undated B22/CC/F2
Membership records 1902-1924 B22/CC/V3
Items removed from volume 3 undated B22/CC/F3
Subscription lists 1882-1894 B22/CC/V4
Items removed from volume 4 undated B22/CC/F4
Subscription lists 1893-1902 B22/CC/V5
Items removed from volume 5 undated B22/CC/F5
Ladies Aid Society records 1924-1937 B22/CC/V6
Items removed from volume 6 undated B22/CC/F6
  Series DD. Shell Rock Congregational Church Records, 1891-1930
  Date Location
Church register 1891-1930 B22/DD/V1
Letters removed from volume 1 undated B22/DD/F1
  Series EE. Steamboat Rock Congregational Church Records, 1897-1943
  Date Location
Church register 1897-1943 B22/EE/V1
Letters removed from volume 1 undated B22/EE/F1
  Series FF. Strawberry Point Congregational Church Records, 1883-1952
  Date Location
Church register 1907-1935 B23/FF/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B23/FF/F1
Church register 1935-1952 B23/FF/V2
Historical address 1922 B23/FF/F2
Treasurers' journal 1883-1887 B23/FF/V3
Items removed from volume 3 undated B23/FF/F3
  Series GG. Tabor Congregational Church Records, 1852-1874
  Date Location
Minutes 1852-1869 B23/GG/V1
Contracts, removed from Ministerial Association of Western Iowa records 1872, 1874 B23/GG/F1
  Series HH. Victor, First Congregational Church Records, 1898-1957
  Date Location
Church register 1898-1957 B23/HH/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B23/HH/F1
  Series II. Waverly, First congregational Church Records, 1865-1927
  Date Location
Minutes 1865-1892 B23/II/V1
Minutes 1892-1924 B23/II/V2
Minutes 1925-1927 B23/II/V3
Items removed from volume 3 undated B23/II/F1
Letters of dismission stubs 1914-1931 B23/II/F2
Women's Missionary Society minutes 1917-1922 B23/II/V4
Treasurers' reports 1913-1927 B23/II/F3
  Series JJ. Webster Congregational Church Records, 1866-1926, 1942
  Date Location
Minutes 1866-1902 B23/JJ/V1
Items. removed from volume 1 undated B23/JJ/F1
Minutes 1902-1926, 1942 B23/JJ/V2
Items removed from volume 2 undated B23/JJ/F2
  Series KK. Winterset Christian Church Records, 1896
  Date Location
Histories, photograph 1896 B24/KK/F1
Lists, reports 1896 B24/KK/F2
Clippings, correspondence 1896 B24/KK/F3
  Series LL. Winthrop, Kiene Community Church Records, 1891-1974
  Date Location
Church register 1891-1964 B24/LL/V1
Items removed from volume 1 undated B24/LL/F1
Church register 1947-1972 B24/LL/V2
Treasurers' records 1916-1956 B24/LL/V3
Treasurers' records 1956-1957 B24/LL/F2
Treasurers' records 1958-1961 B24/LL/V4
  Date Location
Treasurers' records 1962-1965 B25/LL/V5
Treasurers' records 1966-1968 B25/LL/V6
Treasurers' records 1969-1970 B25/LL/V7
  Series MM. Miscellaneous Church Records, undated
  Date Location
Order of worship undated B25/MM/F1

Sub-Group IV. Collection Accrual

Date: 1883-1987
Extent: 3 boxes
Physical Access: Most of the papers from this section are extremely brittle. Handle with care.
Scope of Sub-group IV: Conference Records deal mostly with Conference property, primarily farms. Conference business manager D.H. Thomas features throughout.  The Church Records are from congregations that either left the denomination, or closed outright. The bulk date range for this series mirrors the changes surrounding the formation of the United Church of Christ in 1957.  The Department of Missions records are primarily applications for grants from churches; some churches dominate whole folders.
Arrangement: This material was added in 2014 and has three distinct series. Much of the material here are continuations from the original deposit and follow alphabetical order where applicable.
· Series A. Iowa Conference Records
· Series B. Church Records
· Series C. Department of Missions

Series A: Iowa Conference Records

  Date Location
Appanoose-Steel Farm 1938-1939 B26/F1
Conference Farm, Minnesota 1922-1927 B26/F2
Conference Farms and other property 1933-1936 B26/F3
Conference Farms 1942 B26/F4
Department of Missions 1940 B26/F5
Gardiner, C. Elliott, Correspondence 1941-1943 B26/F6
Honse Farm 1934-1938 B26/F7
Jones Farm 1939-1940 B26/F8
Lakeside Property 1940-1950, 1967-1970 B26/F9
Salter House 1943-1944 B26/F10
  Date Location
Stafford Farm 1937-1946 B27/F1
Stouffer Farm 1938-1939 B27/F2
Stouffer Farm 1939-1941 B27/F3
Thomas, D. H.  Business Manager Correspondence on Farms 1938-1941 B27/F4

Series B: Church Records

  Date Location
Alvord First 1893, 1942 B27/F5
Avoca First Congregational 1965-1972 B27/F6
Bassett First 1950-1961 B27/F7
Benton Zion E and R 1947 B27/F8
Buffalo Center First Congregational 1960-1964 B27/F9
Burlington First Congregational 1967, 1977 B27/F10
Carnforth First undated B27/F11
Cedar Rapids Bethany 1955-1964 B27/F12
Cedar Rapids Czech Church Annual Statistical Information 1942-1956 B27/F13
Chapin First 1961-1962 B27/F14
Cherokee First 1905, 1939-1940 B27/F15
Clear Lake 1960-1964 B27/F16
Crocker First 1942-1971 B27/F17
Columbus Junction Independent Bible Church 1965 B27/F18
Columbus Junction Trinity 1948 B27/F19
Columbus Junction Welch Congregational 1946-1968 B27/F20
Des Moines Babbitt First UCC 1963-1966 B27/F21
Dinsdale Parsonage 1953-1954 B27/F22
Eldon Railway Congregational UCC 1972-1986 B27/F23
Elkader Congregational 1968-1979 B27/F24
Fairfield Congregational 1974 B27/F25
Farmington First 1956, 1968 B27/F26
Fayette First 1901, 1939-1943 B27/F27
Fontanelle First 1981 B27/F28
Galt First 1965 B27/F29
Garber St. John 1957 B27/F30
Garner Peace Reformed Church 1939, 1951-1954 B27/F31
Gilbert Congregational 1973 B27/F32
Given Congregational 1968-1969 B27/F33
Gowrie First 1934, 1940 B27/F34
Hartwick First 1975-1976 B27/F35
Humeston First 1938 B27/F36
Iowa City Bethlehem Missionary Society 1940 B27/F37
Iowa City Salter undated B27/F38
Jamaica Community 1954, 1963 B27/F39
  Date Location
Kelley UCC 1970-1971 B28/F1
Knoxville First 1987 B28/F2
Lawton Churches 1926-1928 B28/F3
Letts Oak Grove Church 1963, 1972-1973 B28/F4
Lincoln Bethlehem Church undated B28/F5
Linden Christian Church 1954 B28/F6
Liscomb Grace UCC 1967, 1985 B28/F7
Lone Tree Grace UCC 1966-1970 B28/F8
Manly St. Paul's Evangelical Congregation 1958-1962 B28/F9
Marengo St. John 1943-1945 B28/F10
Montezuma Forest Home Christian Church 1957 B28/F11
Newton St. John's UCC 1972-1974 B28/F12
Ocheyedan Pilgrim UCC 1968-1969 B28/F13
Ogden First 1974 B28/F14
Orient Hill of Zion UCC 1967-1974 B28/F15
Ottumwa First 1953-1972 B28/F16
Perry Congregational 1937-1941 B28/F17
Peterson UCC 1970 B28/F18
Primrose Zion E and R 1941-1968 B28/F19
Quasqueton Congregational 1938 B28/F20
Redfield Union Chapel 1960-1964 B28/F21
Rockford Congregational Christian 1883, 1937-1943 B28/F22
Saratoga Congregational 1940-1942 B28/F23
Sebula First 1939 B28/F24
Sergeant Bluff Congregational 1969 B28/F25
Sheldon First 1963-1986 B28/F26
Sigourney St. Paul's UCC 1970-1972 B28/F27
Sioux City Grace E and R 1963-1980 B28/F28
Sioux City Riverside 1930-1943 B28/F29
Union First, Community 1919, 1943 B28/F30
Vinton Free Methodist Church 1942, 1948 B28/F31
Washington St. Paul 1964, 1970-1971 B28/F32
Waverly First 1891, 1942 B28/F33
Williamsberg Zion UCC undated B28/F34
Winthrop Kiene Community 1971-1972 B28/F35
Dismissals to Pastors 1941-1961 B28/F36
Dissolution of Churches 1953-1959 B28/F37
Application for churches to join the E and R denomination 1941-1959 B28/F38

Series C: Department of Missions

  Date Location
Missionary Grant Reports 1939-1942 B28/F39
Missionary Grant Applications 1936-1943 B28/F40
Missionary Grant Applications, A 1908-1928 B28/F41
Missionary Grant Applications, B 1908-1928 B28/F42
Missionary Grant Applications, C 1908-1928 B28/F43
Missionary Grant Applications, D-F 1908-1928 B28/F44
Missionary Grant Applications, G 1908-1928 B28/F45
Missionary Grant Applications, H-K 1908-1928 B28/F46
Missionary Grant Applications, L-M 1908-1928 B28/F47
Missionary Grant Applications, N-O 1908-1928 B28/F48
Missionary Grant Applications, P-R 1908-1928 B28/F49
Missionary Grant Applications, S 1908-1928 B28/F50
Missionary Grant Applications, T-V 1908-1928 B28/F51
Missionary Grant Applications, W 1908-1928 B28/F52
Missionary Grant Applications, W 1908-1928 B28/F53