Hamm Family Papers

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Hamm Family papers


Hamm, David.

Hamm, Margaret Howe.


1900-2000 (gaps)


2.3 linear feet, 7 boxes

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MS 4849

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[Identification of item], in the Hamm Family papers, MS 4849. The Congregational Library and Archive, Boston, MA.

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Processed by Emmalia Harrington, Spring 2008

Historical Note

The Reverend David Hamm and his wife Margaret (nee Howe) spent about 13 years in the Philippines as missionaries. They lived on the southern island of Mindanao where they helped to establish and run a school to serve the needs of the predominantly Muslim Maranao people who lived in the Lake Lanao region. The name of the school was Dansalan Junior College, and the documents in this collection chronicle its beginnings as a high school and junior college, and its transformation into a foundation that provides a broad range of educational, medical and social services.

While they both worked as teachers, the Hamms befriended many in the area while keeping in touch with family and friends back home. For a couple of years, Margaret’s mother Mae Howe came to visit and stayed to teach. She too, wrote many letters back to the United States. When they returned to America, the family wrote many letters to their friends and colleagues in the Philippines. Occasionally over the years they would return to Mindanao for visits.


Scope and Content Note

Series I: The bulk of the collection is made up of letters. Of these, most of them were written between the years 1950 through 1969. The great majority of these letters were addressed to family members or close friends, many of which were associated with the school or the United Church of Christ. Letters concerning work are listed in Series II.

Series II: The Hamms spent much of their time addressing academic matters, writing papers, speeches and teaching classes. Sub-series A contains documents directly concerning Dansalan Junior College, both during and after the Hamms time by Lake Lanao. Sub-series B features papers, notes, speeches and mementos of academic and theological works by the family before, during and after their time in the Philippines that are unrelated to the school.

Series III: This portion of the collection contains personal items for the family which do not include letters. Some are about day to day affairs, like diaries or date books, while others are in honor of special occasions and events, such as newspaper clippings or travel receipts.

Series IV: Rounding out the collection are pictures and negatives, most of which are dated to the 1957 and 1985-86, but range from 1930 to 2000. The most common ones were taken while on trips such as to Indonesia or the Philippines, and/or contain images of family and friends.


Folder List

Series I: Correspondence

Box 1
    Letter 1900
    Correspondence for Mae Howe 1924-38, 1956- 60
    Howe family papers and correspondence 1934-70 (gaps)
    Correspondence 1946
    Correspondence 1947
    Correspondence and record 1948
    Correspondence 1949
    Correspondence 1950
    Correspondence 1951
    Correspondence 1952
    Correspondence 1953
    Correspondence 1954
Box 2
    Correspondence between David and Margaret Hamm 1954
    David Hamm's letters to Margaret April-September 1954
    Hamm family correspondence 1954, 1969-71
    Correspondence 1955
    Letters from Mae Howe 1955-57
    David Hamm Indonesia+ impressions 1957, 58
    Hamm family letters 1958-60, 1966-67
    David and Margaret Hamm 1959-60
    Hamm family papers and correspondence 1959-63
    Howe family letters 1959-63
Box 3
    Correspondence 1956
    Correspondence 1957
    David Hamm's Indonesia trips 1957
    Correspondence 1958
    Correspondence 1959
    Philippine correspondence 1959-63 (gaps)
    De los Santos correspondence 1960-62
    Philippine correspondence 1963- 89(gaps)
    Rev. and Mrs. Hamm's correspondence 1966-84 (gaps)
    Rev. and Mrs. Robert Hamm's correspondence 1968, 1985-86
    Rev. and Mrs. David Hamm's correspondence 1980s (gaps)
    Hamm family papers and correspondence 1981-83
    Undated correspondence  

Series II: Work Papers

Box 4
  Sub-series A: Dansalan Junior College
    Dansalan Reports 1952-53, 1967-68
    Macaraya re: dictionary 1952
    Frances Thompson correspondence 1952-53
    Mae Howe's speech class 1955-57
    Dansalan College 1957-2000 (gaps)
    Lloyd and Maisie Van Vactor correspondence and papers 1977-88 (gaps)
    Dansalan College report 1982
    Dansalan 50th anniversary affairs  
    Dansalan research center  
    Mission papers  
  Sub-series B: Hamm's work
    David Hamm's church programs 1943, 69, 77
    Margaret Hamm paper 1953
    Academic papers and speeches 1954-58
    David Hamm notes 1957-8, 1980s (gaps)
    Margaret Hamm presentation papers 1960
    Work letters 1962, 73, 81
    Margaret Hamm's 50th high school reunion 1988
    Undated unidentified paper Post 1986
    Undated David Hamm paper  

Series III: Familial Items

Box 5
    Programs 1927-85 (gaps)
    Newspaper clippings 1945-83 (gaps)
    Mae Howe's date books 1955-57
    Mae Howe's diaries 1955-57
    Travel papers and receipts 1959, 1980
Box 6
    Address books 1980-81, 2000
    Misc. papers 2000, undated
    From the Mae Howe box Undated

Series IV: Image items

Box 7
    David Hamm sketch 1930
    Photos and negatives 1952-2000 (gaps)
    Asia trip (album) 1957
    Negatives 1984-85
    Negatives and photos 1986
    Unidentified photos and negatives  
Box 8
    Indonesia trip (album) 1957
    Philippines 1985-86
    Philippines 1986
    Philippines - Hong Kong (album) 1986
    Philippines (album) 1986