Goodsell, Fred Field (1880-1976). Papers, 1928-1972 (bulk)

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Fred Field Goodsell papers


Goodsell, Fred Field, 1880-1976


1928-1972 (bulk)


3 linear feet, 8 boxes

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MS 0881

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All researchers must contact the Wider Church Ministries Department of the United Church of Christ before using this material.

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[Identification of item], in the Fred Field Goodsell papers, MS 0881. The Congregational Library and Archive, Boston, MA.



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Processed by Jessica Steytler, February 2005

Biographical Sketch

Fred Field Goodsell was born in Montevedeo, Minnesota on September 21, 1880, a son of pioneer missionaries. He was educated at Harford Seminary Goodsell spent 25 (1905-1930) years posted at three Turkish missions: Western, Central, and Eastern. Under his leadership, these three posts were reorganized as the Near East Mission in 1925. At that time, he was given the title Field Secretary.

In 1930, he moved to Boston where he was made the first Executive Vice-President of the ABCFM. After his retirement in 1948 as Executive, he lectured at Boston University throughout the 1950s and then at LaSell Junior College in Auburndale, Massachusetts. Dr. Goodsell died in Newton on August 13, 1976.


Scope and Content

This collection was stored in Dr. Goodsell's former office for about three decades before it was added to the Congregational Library. He had several dozen filing volumes organized alphabetically by subject. A large number of the subject files were secondary sources on mission work and were added individually to the library collection. Given the nature of the collection, there is very little sub-division. The folder names reflect the original box labels. The first six boxes contain correspondence, reports, and some secondary pamphlets that related specifically to either report or letters. The last two boxes are manuscripts by Goodsell. Both sections are in alphabetical order. The highest concentration of dates are in the 1930s and 40s. There is significantly less in the '60s and '70s.


Folder List

Box 1
1 Evangelism  
2-4 Fellowship of Those Who Care ca. 1931-1947
5 Foreign Missions, Division of -- NCCC, Correspondence 1947-1955
6-7 India, Madura 1935
Box 2
1 India, Marathi 1935
2 Japan, Interboard Committee on Christian Work 1947
3-5 International Missionary Council [IMC] Madras 1938
6-7 IMC, Madras, Function of Modern Missionaries 1938
Box 3
1 IMC 1928-1946
2 IMC, Geneva 1945-6
3-5 IMC, Whitby, Ontario 1946-7
Box 4
1-3 IMC 1950s
4-6 International Seminar 1943-1946
Box 5
1 Latin America 1944-1946
2 Movement for Wold Christianity 1936
3 Near East Missions 1913, 1935-1967
(many gaps)
4 Palestine Controversy 1949
5-7 Rethinking Missions 1931-1934,
1940, 1944
Box 6
1-5 Rethinking Missions 1931-1934,
1940, 1944
These last 2 boxes are manuscripts
Box 7
1 The American Board in the Sandwich Islands no date
2 The American Board in Ceylon 1947?
3 The American Board in China, 1830-1950. Review and Appraisal 1969
4 The American Board in China, Part 2 1969
Box 8 Among the Bantu in Africa. The Angola Mission (mss #2) 1960?
1 Among the Bantu. Introduction and South Africa Mission (mss #3?) 1960?
2 Among the Bantu in Mozambique and Rhodesia 1960?
3 Autobiography of Mr. James Ch'uan 1972
4 Major Steps Toward Fulfilment of our Christian World Mission. Facts and Reflections on the History of the ABCFM, 1810-1960 1962