Blake and Goodsell Family Papers, 1883-2005 (bulk 1905-1980)

Blake and Goodsell Family Papers, 1883-2005

MS 4922
17 linear feet, 28 boxes

Processed by Meg Rampton, May 2009
Additional editing by John Blake, September 2010.

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Biographical Note

Fred Field Goodsell was born to Dennis and Abby Goodsell in 1880. He graduated from UC Berkley and enrolled as a student at the Hartford Seminary in 1902. Goodsell married Lulu (Lou) Service on June 26th, 1905. Lou was born to John and Julia Service on 1881. In 1907 the couple moved to Turkey where they served as missionaries for the next 23 years. Their first years were at Central Turkey College in rural Aintab (Gaziantep). From 1914 to 1919, during World War I, the Goodsells returned to the United States, returning to Turkey shortly after the war's end. In 1930 Fred and Lou moved to Boston, Massachusetts, when Fred became the Executive Vice President of the ABCFM. Fred retired in 1949. Lou passed away on August 10, 1971, with Fred following 5 years later on August 13, 1976.

Lynda was born to Fred and Lou Goodsell on October 22, 1906 in Berlin Germany. Growing up, Lynda traveled and served with her parents as missionaries until she left home in 1923 to attend Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Upon graduation she enrolled in a Masters degree program at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California. Her father was on furlough teaching a class there on Islam. In this class she met Everett Blake. Everett (Jack) Blake was born to Harriet Amanda May Carll Blake and John Blake on January 3, 1901 in Faribault, Minnesota. The two were married on June 24, 1927. In 1928 they sailed to Istanbul, and in 1929 the Blakes were assigned to Erenköy, a boy’s school in Goztepe, Istanbul. In 1931 they were reassigned to the School for the girls in Merzifon. The school was dispersed in 1939 and the Blakes moved to the American Collegiate Institute (ACI).

The Blakes had three children: John, Lincoln, and Jacklyn. The Blakes served on and off in Turkey until their retirement in 1971. Lynda passed away in 1989, and Everett quickly followed in 1990.

For a complete review of the Blake and Goodsell families, please refer to Way Leads on to Way; The Paths Our Family Chose by Jacklyn Blake Clayton and Paul Clark Clayton. Researchers should also note that the Congregational Library has more records by / about Fred Field Goodsell. Please refer to the online catalog or make inquiries to the staff.


Scope and Content

The bulk of the Blake-Goodsell Collection is correspondence filling 9 and a half boxes. The remainder of the collection consists of material relating to the Near Eastern Mission, sermons, newspaper clippings, photographs and scrapbooks, and other personal items. Within the correspondence it is implied that there are multiple recipients or writers when it is left as such: To / From Everett Blake.

Series 1: This series consists of letters to and from Fred Field Goodsell, who calls himself FFG. Within the Goodsell Correspondence there are two sub-series. Sub-series A is strictly correspondence between Fred and Lou Goodsell. Sub-series B is correspondence between the Fred Goodsell Family and his parents Abby and Dennis. This series also includes letters between the Goodsell relations.

Series 2: The second series is the Blake Correspondence. Everett Blake was "Jack" to most who knew him and most of his letters are signed in this manner. Sub-series A consists of letters to / from Everett and his wife Lynda.

Series 3: This series is letters writing to and from the Goodsell and Blake families. The vast majority of this series, filling 3 boxes, is correspondence back and forth from Lou and Fred Goodsell and Everett and Lynda Blake. Letters are written between each person individually and also to the families. This is Sub-series A. There is also a Sub-series B that consists of 6 unsorted envelopes of correspondence between Lynda’s Family and her grandparents, Abby and Dennis Goodsell.

Series 4: This series more specifically covers the Near East Mission. It is represented by both the Goodsell and Blake families and includes correspondence, reports, and information on the school run by the Blakes.

Series 5: This series is divided into three sub-series of Goodsell, Blake, and both. It covers ministry material and personal items. Newspaper clippings, passports, and biographies are all included here and very valuable to research.

Series 6: The Photographs are housed in Box 12 and cover the Blake and Goodsell Families. There are many duplicates in the scrapbooks that are also a part of this series.

Series 7: The Journals cover time periods relating to the ministry of the Blake and Goodsell families and also the time spent in Turkey. Everett Blake and a large collection of day planners listing his daily activities.


Box and Folder List

Series 1: Goodsell Correspondence, 1877-1976

Box 1
  To Abby Goodsell From Fred Field (not FFG) 1877
  To/From Dennis and Abby Goodsell and their children 1877-1952
  To/From Ralph Goodsell 1900-1939
  To/From "Family at 2614" 1900-1979
  To Family From Fred Goodsell (FFG) 1902-1905
  To Family at 2614 From Fred [at Hartford] 1902-1905
  To Family From Fred Goodsell [while in Germany] 1905-1907
  To Fred From Lou [Germany] 1906
  To Eva From Lou Goodsell 1906,1907
  To/From Ruth Goodsell 1908-1920s
  Near Eastern Mission To/From Fred and Lou Goodsell 1908-1929
  To Fred Goodsell From Goodsell Relations [Mother, Father, Ruth] 1907-1914
  To Parents From Ruth 1912, 1935
  To Family From Fred Goodsell 1914-1916
2 Folders To/From Fred Goodsell and Family 1915-1969
  To Goodsell Family From Fred and Lou Goodsell 1920-1940
  To/From Lou Goodsell 1923-1971
2 Folders To/From Fred and Lou Goodsell 1925-1974
  Ruth Goodsell, trip to Spain 1926
  To/From Fred Goodsell and Family 1926-1929
  To Goodsells From Eva Giles 1930-1947
  To Fred Goodsell From Non-Family 1930-1939
  To/From Ruth and Fred Goodsell 1930s-1970s
  To Fred Goodsell From Lincoln Goodsell 1931
  To Fred Goodsell From Goodsell Relations 1931-1937
  To Fred and Lou Goodsell From Ruth Goodsell 1931-1937
  To Fred Goodsell From Josephine Bateham Goodsell 1931-1937
  To Fred Goodsell From Children 1932
  Fred's Trip to Constantinople 1932
  By/About Robert Service [Includes information about his death] 1932-1935
  To Goodsells From Mima MacCallum 1935,1959
  From Fred Goodsell 1935, 1946, 1952
  About Ruth Goodsell and former suitor Roy King 1940s
  To Goodsell From Elizabeth M. Trowbridge 1944
  To/From Caroline Goodsell Smith and Fred and Lou 1945-1971
  To Goodsells From A.J. Cornell 1946-1947
  To "Friends" From Fred Goodsell 1949-1972
  To/From Lou Goodsell and Lynn 1954-1962
Box 2
3 Folders To Grandchildren From Fred Goodsell 1958-1962
2 Folders To/From Fred Goodsell [Professional Correspondence] 1960s
  To/From Fred Goodsell and Ruth Goodsell 1960-1976
  To/From Fred Goodsell [Professional letters] 1963-1976
2 Folders Letters of condolence for Lou Goodsell 1971
  To Caroline Goodsell Smith From Ruth Goodsell 1971-1973
  To/From Fred Goodsell 1974-1975
  To/From Mary Goodsell No date
  To Goodsells From Friends No date
  To/From Goodsell No date
  To Lou Goodsell From Service Family No date
  To Lou Goodsell From Linda Sperry No date
  To Goodsell Family From Fred Goodsell No date
  FFG "old" [unsorted] No date

Sub-Series A: Correspondence between Lou and Fred Goodsell, 1908-1970

Boxes 2 & 3
31 Folders This sub-series consists of letters to and from Lou and Fred Goodsell.  The folders are divided into: To Lou and From Fred, To Fred From Lou, and To/From Lou and Fred.  There are 21 folders in Box 2 ranging from 1908-1950. This sub-series continues into Box 3 containing 10 folders ranging from 1951-1970.

Sub-series B: To Fred Goodsell Family From Abby and Dennis Goodsell, 1929-1938

Box 3
7 Folders To Fred Goodsell family from Abby and Dennis Goodsell 1929-1938

Series 2: Blake Correspondence, 1908-2005

Box 3
7 Folders To Harriet Miller and Georgia Carll (Everett's Mother and Grandmother)  From Everett (Jack) Blake 1908-1942
Box 4
6 Folders To Everett Blake From Extended Family 1915-1981
3 Folders To Everett Blake From "Close Family Members" 1917-1945
  To Everett Blake From Harriet Miller 1918-1922
  Employment Correspondence to Everett Blake 1921, 1923, 1935
  To/From Lynda Blake 1926-1938
  To Blake Family 1926-1962
  To/From Lynda Blake and Connie Greenman 1927-1966
  To Everett and Lynda Blake From William McCance 1928
  To/From Harriet Miller 1928-1933
2 Folders To/From Lynda and Everett Blake 1930-1939
  To/From Everett Blake [Professional] 1930-1940
  Telegraphs of the Blakes 1930s-1950s
  To Children, Grandchildren and Family From Everett Blake 1930-1987 (gaps)
  From Lynda and Everett Blake 1932-1989
  To Lynda, Everett, and Jacklyn From MacCallum Family 1935-1950
  Annual Letter from Lynda and Everett Blake 1937, 1946-1989
  To Lynda and Everett Blake 1939-1975
  To Lynda Blake 1940-1949
  To Lynda and Everett Blake 1940-1949
  To/From Everett Blake 1940-1949
Box 5
2 Folders To/From Everett Blake 1941-1943
  To/From Everett and Lynda [Regarding sermons] 1945-1984
2 Folders To/From Everett and Lynda 1950-1959
  To/From Everett Blake 1952-1954
  To/From Fred and Lou Goodsell and Lincoln Goodsell 1952-1975
  To Carol Goodsell Smith From Lynda Blake 1952-1983
2 Folders To/From Everett Blake 1955-1958
  To Lynda and Everett  Blake 1960s-1970s
2 Folders To Everett and Lynda Blake 1960-1962
3 Folders To/From Everett and Lynda Blake 1963-1969
  To/From Everett and Lynda Blake "letters that give a sense of the community at ACI" 1965-1967, 1989
2 Folders To/From Everett and Lynda Blake 1970-1979
4 Folders Correspondence regarding Everett and Lynda Blake's Retirement 1971-1972
Box 6
  From Chester H. Kind III and other To Lynda and Everett Blake 1971, 1978, 1988
*** To/From Everett and Lynda Blake, Boston University, and Tufts University 1972, 1989
*** To/From Lynda Blake and International Folk Art Foundation 1979-1987
  To/From Everett and Lynda Blake 1980-1989
  To/From Lynda and Everett Blake, Francis Kleeman, and Weston Buddington 1981
  To Lynda and Everett Blake [In response to Lynda's Terminal Cancer] 1988-1989
  To Lynda and Everett Blake Jan-Feb 1989
  To/From John and Lincoln Blake 1989
3 Folders To Jacklyn and Paul Clayton regarding Everett Blake's Death 1989-1991, 2005
  To Everett Blake and Family [In response to Lynda Blake's death 1989-1990
  Correspondence and Papers To/From Harriet Yarrow (Near Eastern Missionary who served with the Blakes) 1980

Sub-series A: Correspondence between Lynda and Everett Blake, 1926-1986

Boxes 6 & 7
38 Folders This sub-series consists of letters to and from Lynda and Everett Blake. The folders are divided into: to Lynda from Everett, to Everett from Lynda, and to/from Lynda and Everett Blake. There are 31 folders in Box 6 ranging from 1926-1959. In 1944 letters are included to/from children. This sub-series continues into Box 7 containing 7 folders ranging from 1960-1986. There are also included folders of correspondence between the Lynda and Everett of specific trips taken.

Series 3: Correspondence between Goodsell and Blake, 1917-1978

Box 7
2 Folders To/From Lynda and Everett Blake and Lincoln Goodsell 1926-1977
2 Folders To/From Lynda and Everett and Caroline Blake 1927-1978
  To/From Caroline Goodsell and Fred and Lou Goodsell 1931-1978
  To/From Carol Goodsell, Fred and Lou, and the Blakes 1931-
  To/From Fred and Lou Goodsell and their children and Family 1936-1955
  To/From Fred Goodsell, Lincoln, Lynda Blake, and Carol Goodsell Smith 1940-1947

Sub-Series A: Correspondence Between Fred and Lou Goodsell and Everett and Lynda Blake, 1917-1975

Boxes 7-9
67 Folders This sub-series contains letter between Fred and Lou Goodsell and Everett and Lynda Blake. The folders are divided in several of the following ways: To/From Lynda and Everett Blake and Fred and Lou Goodsell, To Fred From Lynda, To Lynda from Fred, To Lou From Lynda, to Lynda From Lou, and so forth. The dates range from 1917-1975. The first part of the sub-series is housed in Box 7, containing 8 folders ranging from 1917-1942. Box 8 houses the correspondence from 1932-1960s in 26 folders. Box 9 houses years 1953-1975 in 33 folders.

Sub-Series B: Correspondence between Dennis and Abby Goodsell and the Blakes

Box 10
  This correspondence is between Dennis and Abby Goodsell (Fred Goodsell's parents) and the Blakes. It consists of 6 folders of unsorted letters with "2614".

Series 4: Near Eastern Mission, 1925-1970s, 1995, 1998, 2005

Box 10
*** Margaret Blemker and C.D. Evans From Naomi Foster (Interim Principle) 1959, 1971
  Correspondence [no date]
  Correspondence - Blake [no date]
  Conferences/Reports [no date]
2 Folders Contemporary Studies of Middle East/Turkey 1930s-1970s
  Newsletters from Missionaries 1930s-1960s
  "Dear Friends" Newsletter from Blakes [no date]
  Circulars and Reports to staff [no date]
  Translation Services [no date]
  Near Eastern Missions - Reports/Minutes/ Form ABCFM (sic) 1930s-1970s
Box 11
  Blake PR/Writings [no date]
  The Merzifonian 1932-1933
  Merzifon Monthly News 1936-1937
  Merzifon Station Annual Report 1932
  Acts and Plays for ACI (Merzifon) [no date]
  A Chronicle of American Collegiate Institute 2005
  American Collegiate Institute - Izmir 1995, 2005
  Constitution of the Council for Protestant activities in Izmir [no date]
  Offical Documentation and Correspondence of Ministery in Turkey: Everett and Lynda Blake 1923, 1928, 1936
  Blake trip to Turkey 1971
  Blake trip to Turkey 1988
  Lynda Blake's Turkish Addresses [no date]
  Turkish Sermons by Everett Blake [no date]
  Everett Blake's File labeled "Turkey" [no date]
2 Folders Blake's File "Islam" Journal Articles and Book chapters 1925-1927, 1965

Series 5: Ministry and Personal


Sub-Series A: Goodsell Ministry and Personal, 1899-1975

Box 11
  Autobiography and memoirs of Fred 1975
  Thesis Paper by Fred 1905
  Fred's Ordination Papers of May 19, 1905 and related material 1905
  Early Sermon by Fred 1906
  Sermons by Fred -1975
  Early lectures by Fred at First Church in Berkeley 1926
  Published material by/about Fred 1916-1976
  Travel Itinerary of Lou and Fred Goodsell 1926-1972
  Summary of the Year by Fred Goodsell 1973
  American Board 1960s-1970s
*** Tale of the Nightie for Lynda by Fred 1947
  Translations by FFG Turkish Stamp 1968
  Memories of Mary Goodsell by Fred 1964
  Dennis Goodsell Diary 1914-
  Helen Goodsell Journal 1899
    <td colspan="2" "="">Caroline Goodsell Smith - Life sketch 1934
  Lincoln Goodsell Diary 1924
  Service Family Genealogy  

Sub-series B: Blake Ministry and Personal, 1927-1988, 1999

  Everett's Ordination Paper 1927
3 Folders Sermons - Everett [no date]
  Everett's writings "Effects of present Turkish situation upon Islam" 1936
2 Folders Everett's Writings [no date]
  Biblical Studies in Turkey 1981
  "House of Prayer" Correspondence, Brochures, Plans 1953-1961
  Church Service Programs 1915-1966
  Itineraries of Everett and Lynda 1928-1986
*** Trips organized by Everett C. Blake 1953-1971
*** Court Cases 1964-1970
  Everett's Personal History - "My Life" [no date]
Box 12
  Everett's Childhood Diaries  
  Everett's Childhood Papers  
  Talks and Notes of Lynda  
4 folders Talks and Writings of Lynda 1923-1988
  Personal History of Lynda Blake "The Old Missionary" by John S. Clayton 1999
  Momentos of Europe - Blakes travel to Turkey 1928
*** Wellesley College, BU, Pacific School of Religion, and Doane College 1926, 1928, 1955, 1968
  Relating to Lynda's time at Wellesley College 1920-1927
  "Blakes in California" 1962
  Certificates and Awards of Lynda and Everett 1975-1987
  Sermons by Paul C. Clayton 1985-1988

Sub-Series C: Goodsell and Blake Personal, 1909-1990

Box 12
  Newspaper Clippings of Lynda and Everett 1926-1935
  Newspaper Clippings of Lynda and Everett 1958, 1978, 1989
  Early Newspaper Clippings 1909-
  Newspaper clippings and Publicity 1926-1985
  Album - Yavshan Memories  
  Accounts and Receipts 1920-1940
  Passports and Licenses  
*** Cathedral Column 1970-1971
  Death and Services of Lou 1971
  Death and Services of Fred 1976
  Memorial Services of Lynda 1989
  Obituaries of Lynda 1989
  Memorial Services of Everett 1990
  Obituaries of Everett 1990
  Cemetery Information 1968-1979

Series 6: Photographs

Box 13
  Dennis and Abby Goodsell and Family  
  Fred and Lou Goodsell Family mostly early 1900s
  Fred and Lou Goodsell Family  
2 Folders Blake Family  
  Blakes in Turkey  
  Aintab Istanbul 1920s
  Lynda Blake's Memorial  
  Blake-Goodsell Collection: Goodsell Scrapbooks, 1883-1976
Removed from binders:
Box 14
  11 Golden Book 11. Letters found on Lou's [Goodsell] Desk in 1971 1906-1926
  11(2) Golden Book 11 (2) Letters 1910-1950
  108 Miscellaneous Goodsell, including Hunting Hittites - a trip to Merzifon to Boazkoy with Lynda G. Blake 1925-1930
  1 Fred Field Goodsell Memories 1934-1941
  60 Items of interest on Turkey by FFG 1971
  95 Cadi Burhandd Publication and Notes 1922
  26 Genealogical Notes and Sketches of Goodsell and Field Families 1968
Box 15
  Lou Goodsell Letters of Condolence 1971
  Memories and Tribute to Lou [Goodsell]. Includes table of contents 1974
Box 16
  Memorial for Fred Field Goodsell - all original binders had table of contents pages 1976
  A-Barnes; notices, programs, telegrams. (2 folders)  
  Snowa-Y, Turkish friends (2 folders)  
  Indexes to Scrapbooks Re-boxed/bound albums
Box 17/24 FFG Retrospective: no index, but comprehensive captions 1883-1975
Box 18-BP5 Big Pictures 5: Dennis and Abby Field Goodsell, indexed 1893-1948
Box 19 Big Picture 11: Lou and Fred's Children, spouses; grand-children and great-grandchildren. Indexed 1930-1972
Box 20 Golden Book 1 (#35). Indexed - incl. Lou and Fred's wedding pictures 1905-1955
Box 21
Golden book Part 2 and 3 Blake and Goodsell families; index includes timeline of events 1965-1966;
Box 22
Golden Book 4 - Blake and Goodsell families – "family roundup" as preface 1967-1969
Box 23
Golden Book 5 (#39) - Goodsell, Clayton "family roundup" as preface 1970-1971
Box 24
Golden Book 9: "Across the Years with Lou" - images and some biographical. Lulu Service Goodsell Memorial Fund 1900-1971
Box 25
Golden Book 10: Memorial Album - Lou Goodsell. Indexed, mostly textual, some images 1971
  Originally Bound Scrapbooks 1902-1972
  Golden Book 8 - extensively indexed  
48 Missionary Notebook - Aintab, Turkey, FFG 1910

Series 7: Blake Journals

Box 26
  LB "Beginning of Trip to B.C." June 17, 1917
  LB Journal and sermons — "The paragon School Series: Pocket Note Book No. 17" 5 February 1925 - about June 1925
  LB Notes, devotionals, and expenses — "Campanile Brand Note Book." Dec 1926
  LB Gaziantep, Turkey: Journal. 2 August - 18 August 1931
  EB Journal Nov. 1931- Oct. 1934
  LB Merzifon, Turkey: Journal. 7 Oct 1936 - 11 April 1937
  LB Trip around the world — "Bloknot": includes expenses. 29 December 1967 - 29 March 1968
  LB Japan: Journal. Includes newspaper clippings and other loose leaf notes. April 3, 1968 - April 19, 1968
  LB Notes and calculations 1978
  LB England: Notes and lists — cover states "Joszef A. Abajoli: Saman Iskelesi Kardicali Han, Izmir" Sept 30 (no year)
  LB Notes and other quotations  
  LB Miscellaneous notes and travel in Iran?  
  LB Travel Accounts  
  LB Notes  
  SB Address Book  
  LB Alphabetical journal of religious topics  
  LB "Diary": Describes the qualities she wishes to posses. January 1, 1920 - January 25, 1920
  LB "Poesie": An autograph book with friends and classmates addressing letters to Lynda. June 1923
  LB "My Five years": missing many dates including most of 1929 and 1930. January 1, 1928 - 11 October 1932
  LB "Of this and that — Chiefly Books, July 1936, No. I": scrapbook includes quotations and loose leaf notes. July 5, 1936 - March 1939
  LB "Of this and that — Chiefly Books, No. II. April 1939": Includes newspaper clippings, recipes, and other loose leaf notes. April 3, 1939 - August 28, 1941
  LB "Books and that there upon III August 1941": includes loose leaf quotations and notes. August 1941-
  LB Journal: scattered dates. August 4, (1935?) - August 20, 1943
  LB "The art of living" February 12, 1949, December 1954 - March 1955
  LB The Wellesley College Notebook October 22, 1950 - May 31, 1952
  LBL "Travel Notes" Trip to Russia from Izmir: Includes 2 photographs and letter from U.S. Bureau of Security. July 4, 1967 - July 16, 1967
  LB Asia: "Trip across Asia, visiting mission work for the UCBWM" December 29, 1967 - April 18, 1968
  LB Izmir, Turkey: planning notes: includes loose leaf notes. (February 1968)
  LB Izmir, Turkey: "The Blake's last 6 months in Turkey": Includes letters, notes, and photographs. November 17, 1970 - June 23, 1972
  LB Naples: "Trip Book: From New York to Naples": Includes addresses May 1978
  LB Journal January 17, 1980 - August 3, 1986
  LB Peru: "Habitat trip to Peru 1986" June 26,1986 - July 15, 1986
  LB For 60th Anniversary of Lynda and Everett Summer of 1987
  LB Turkey: "Happy Travels Lynda and Jack: God bless you always Love, Virginia" includes addresses. June 4,5,6, 1988
  LB Thoughts and quotations of scriptural passages from July 5th- July 18th with no year. Also includes other various notes from both Lynda and Everett. July (no year)
  LB The Wellesley College Notebook: "All in the Day's Work": includes scriptural commentary. May-July (no year)
  LB "Book Love": Includes quotations and personal commentary on books; and "my code", unbound. September 28 - October 5 (no year)
  LB Notes and commentary: Includes newspaper clippings and letters from 1937  
Box 27
  Blake Date Books
  SB Everett "The Continental Diary" 1936
  SB Everett - Printed text of book in Turkish 1950
  SB Everett - "Diary and Budget Account" 1952
  SB Lynda "Engagements" 1952
  SB Everett - Printed text of book in Turkish 1958
  SB Everett - While in Izmir, Turkey 1963
  SB Everett - Printed text in Turkish 1965
  SB Everett - Printed Text in Turkish 1966
  SB Everett - June trip to Russia 1967
  SB Everett - furlough. April 20, 1968 - 31 July 1968
  LB Lynda - "The Blake's last year in Turkey" 1971
  SB Everett - Includes addresses 1972
  SB Everett - Includes addresses 1973
  SB Everett - Waban, Newton, MA 1975
  SB Everett 1977
  SB Everett - Hyde Park, MA "Diary 1978" 1978
  SB Everett - "Appointments" 1979
  SB Everett - "1981 Appointments" 1981
  SB Everett - Auburndale, MA 1986
  SB Everett - "Week at a Glance 1988" 1988
  LB Calendar — "American Kiz Koleji, Izmir" September 1968 - August 1969
Box 28
  LB Scrapbook: life in Turkey (Lynda) 1919-1923
  FFG Goodsell Guest Book 1920-1928
  FFG Goodsell Guest Book 1928-1930
  FFG Personal Journal "A" 1898
  FFG Personal Journal "B" 1899-1900
  FFG Personal Journal "C" - not a complete record 1901-1950
  FFG Personal Journal, South Wellfleet, MA "and elsewhere" 1904-1909
  FFG Lines Worthy and Unworthy, with index 1917
  FFG The Old and the New in Turkey 1922