Graduate Student Workshop in Research Methods: Records of African Americans and Native Americans at the Congregational Library

Richard Boles and Jaimie Crumley

9 am - 1 pm EST


This event will held in-person at 14 Beacon Street and an application is required to attend.



Dr. Richard Boles and Dr. Jaimie Crumley will conduct a workshop for graduate students at the Congregational Library & Archives on March 2, 2023, from 9 am - 1 pm. The workshop will introduce participants to archival materials related to 18th- and 19th-century African Americans and Native Americans that are available at the Congregational Library or digitally with the New England’s Hidden Histories project.

There is no cost to attend, but space is limited. Applications are now open and will be accepted until February 1, 2023 using this form:

For more information, please email


Dr. Jaimie Crumley is an Assistant Professor of Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies at the University of Utah, where she teaches courses including Black American Women's History and Abolitionist Feminisms. Currently, she is the Research Fellow at Old North Illuminated in Boston, where she researches the experiences of the Old North Church's Black and Indigenous parishioners from 1723-1923. Her monograph-in-progress is about Black Christian women's contributions to abolitionist politics in the Northeastern United States from 1770-1870.

Dr. Richard Boles is an Associate Professor of History at Oklahoma State University. He specializes in early North American and United States history, particularly African American, Native American, and American religious histories. This first book, Dividing the Faith: The Rise of Segregated Churches in the Early American North (NYU Press, 2020), examines the transition from racially diverse churches during the early eighteenth century to separate Native American and African American congregations by the early nineteenth century in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. Boles began researching at the Congregational Library & Archives in 2004 and is currently a member of their Board of Directors.