Anarchists, Communists, and Women: Congregational Missions to Polish Immigrants in 20th Century America

Rev. Dr. Kazimierz Bem
Promotional image for the event, featuring a photo of a Polish hymnal.

FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2023
12-1 pm EST


The history of Congregational Home Missions still awaits its historian. One of their least known fields of work were the Congregational and Presbyterian missions to Polish immigrants in US cities. Inspired by both 19th century missionary zeal and social gospel they were surprisingly successful and perhaps because of that quickly forgotten. Join us for lunch to hear Rev. Dr. Bem talk about his research into this important topic and his experiences working in the CLA and other libraries.

The event is free to attend, but tickets are limited and registration is required by Tuesday, March 28th via Eventbrite.

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Rev. Dr. Kazimierz Bem is the pastor at First Church in Marlborough, Massachusetts and a 2023 Research Fellow at the Congregational Library & Archives. A former lawyer and graduate of Yale Divinity School, Bem is an accomplished scholar. His most recent book, Calvinism in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 1548–1648 (Brill, 2020), offers an in-depth history of the Reformed Churches in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth over their first hundred years.