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Simmons Students - Then and Now

From the Annual minutes of the ACA, 1939:

"In recent weeks the Library School of Simmons College has sent us one of its graduate students, Rev. Richard D. Pierce for a week of observation and practice which this school requires for all its students. Mr. Pierce who is assistant librarian at the Andover-Newton Theological School, proved himself a very capable student. In a letter recently received he spoke in a very complementary manner of our system. He wrote, in part, as follows: ' I feel that it was a week most profitably spent and will be useful experience in connection with my work here at Newton. Particularly do I admire the smooth-running system you have achieved both in charging out books and in serving reading room patrons. The charging system and the closed stacks are in a large measure, I think, responsible for the situation.'"

Both Jess and I were fortunate to have interns from the Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science concentrating in archives this Spring semester. Mike Thompson worked as our records management intern bringing order to local church histories in the Class 17.11.1. While Molly Whiteside applied her advanced archive skills on manuscript sermons by such preachers as Francis Foxcroft and Thomas Shepard II.