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Sermons, sermons and more sermons

We're continuing to catalog sermons into our online catalog. Some of the latest sermons entered are on the topic of morality. A couple of titles that caught my eye were "Comfort to Sodom: a Sermon on gambling preached in the Union Congregational Church Worcester, April 22, 1883" by Henry A. Stimson and "Joy in Heaven over the Penitent. A Sermon delivered in Park Street Church, before the Penitent Females' Refuge Society on the evening of Sabbath, December 18, 1825" by Justin Edwards. It's hard not to stop and read these sermons. Who was in the congregation who heard these sermons? Was gambling a political as well as a religious issue in that time? Who were the females in the Penitent Females' Refuge Society and what did they do?

New records are added daily so check us out.