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Rev. George Champion

You may have noticed that our automated catalog record numbers have increased over night by 6,000. This was a download of records converted from cards to electronic records by our conversion vendor. We are now busy adding the local information to these records. I find that I stop frequently to look at the books that I'm adding into the records. Today, a small book piqued my curiosity : Rev. George Champion, pioneer missionary to the Zulus : Sketch of his life and extracts from his journal, 1834-8. This is a short book, only 51 pages, and sadly, Rev. Champion's life was also short. Several entries caught my eye as I quickly scanned the pages (I'm supposed to be cataloging, not reading).

1837, Jan. 2 -- "I killed a snake, have killed several before. It has frightened some of the Zulus. I had killed a man, they say, for the spirit of a man dwelt in the snake."

1838, Feb 13 -- I sent to the king that I was not afraid, that I trusted in my God, The question rises, shall we flee the coming storm? If we leave, it may be difficult to return when war is over, and Christ's cause may suffer."

Rev. and Mrs. Champion did leave in 1839 and never returned to Africa.

This book was a gift from the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (A.B.C.F.M.).