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Murder Most Foul

The archive recently acquired a new small collection from Peter D. Hanson of Vermont. Thank you to Peter for donating a fascinating set of letters that focus on the murder of a missionary, Justin W Parsons, stationed in Turkey in the 1870s until his untimely end in the summer of 1880. This collection was originally Isaac Jennings pastor at Old Bennington, Vermont.

The collection includes 13 letters, the earliest of which is from the lamented Justin Parsons. The letters continue on, sent to Jennings or his wife, Sophia. There are 3 missives from the Department of State, a few published documents from the American Board, and a newspaper story covering the circumstances.

To find out more, please visit us and study the sordid details.


I am looking for information on my grandfather, J...

I am looking for information on my grandfather, Josiah Prescott Watson, minister of the Christian Church, Troy Ohio, and Editor of The Herald of Gospel Liberty c 1894.
I should also like to know what your plans are to celebrate this upcoming (2008) 200th anniversary of the 1st religious Journal in AMerica, the HGL
published by Elias Smith in Portsmouth NH, 1808, and until 1930 with the mergers, in Dayton OH by the Christian Publishing Association.
Thank you

So, this is not how to contact your central offic...

So, this is not how to contact your central office. Sorry. But since this is only for "Murder" will note that I could not enter any more that the enticing 1st paragraph. What means "Visit us to learn miore"? - since I am not in Boston, and probably couldn't get across the Big did to you place for a while.