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We have three interns from Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science this semester. The archive interns are Kristin and Diana. Kristin continues to organize the Park St. Church collection that she began working on last semester. We are happy to have her back. Diana is working on the manuscript collection of sermons. She started the program at Simmons in January. Michelle is our records management intern. She is reviewing and organizing the local Boston church history materials in the library.


How wonderful to have interns with you at the lib...

How wonderful to have interns with you at the library. If any of them would like to take a break from their work I am looking for info on the Williams College students who were at the Haystack Meeting 200 years ago. They were Samuel Mills, James Richards, Francis Robbins, Harvey Loomis, and Byram Green.
I know Loomis went to Bangor where he served as the first pastor of what is now All Souls Congregational Church. Robbins pastored in Maine and then returned to CT but I'm not sure where. Green preached for a while but then served in the US Congress, probably from NY. Richards was a missionary to India until his death in 1822. Mills was active in mission work in the Southwest US and influenced the founding of the American Bible Society. He died after a short term mission trip to Africa in 1818.

Jennifer, You will find a lot of the information ...

You will find a lot of the information you are seeking in the following book:
John Hewitt, Williams College and Foreign Missions: Biographical Sketches of Williams College Men Who Have Rendered Special Service to the Cause of Foreign Missions (Boston, 1914)
If one can read only one book on the Haystack Prayer Meeting and on the lives of those who were involved in it, this is the book I would recommend.
Best wishes,
Doug Showalter

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