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Aborigines, Indians, Native Americans

I've been working to complete the section in US history related to the "Indians". I found a wealth of pamphlets published from the early to late 1800 regarding the condition and management of Indians. Numerous pamphlets and letters were published by the Indian Rights Association. One such pamphlet is "The Latest Studies on Indian Reservations" by J.B. Harrison and another is "Our Next Duty to the Indians" by James E. Rhoads, both published in 1887. We also have many reports, discourses and sermons from the Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Indians, and others, in North America. One of these sermons was preached November 8, 1817 in Chauncy-Place Church, Boston by John Foster and another was preached November 5, 1829 by Benjamin B. Wisner, pastor of Old South Church, Boston. Rev. Wisner's title was "The Proper Mode of Conducting Missions to the Heathen."  In his "Address on the Present Condition and Prospects of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of North America, with particular reference to the Seneca Nation, M. B. Pierce, a chief of the Seneca Nation and a member of Dartmouth College, speaks on the wrongs done to the Indian tribes and the land frauds perpetrated upon them.