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Directory of Open Access Journals

[]With the cost of periodical database subscriptions rising every year, more and more organizations are moving toward open access methods of publishing scholarly research online. Since these free-to-read journals aren't indexed in subscription-based services like JSTOR, the Directory of Open Access Journals was created to serve a similar function in the open access world.

As of this month, the DOAJ includes listings from over 7600 journals containing almost 800,000 articles, and more than half are searchable at the article level. The journals included in the directory meet strict criteria for peer-review, research content, and accessibility. Some are Creative Commons licensed, and many are open to submission. The titles in the index cover all manner of scholarly subjects, in many languages and published around the world, but of particular interest to our readers will be the 80+ publications on religion and more than 200 on history.

There are titles published in dozens of languages, from Afrikaans to Hungarian, Indonesian to Persian to Japanese. The site itself is viewable in English, French, Greek, and Turkish. It is hosted by the Lund University Libraries in Sweden, with support from a number of European and North American partners.

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