Plymouth’s Pilgrims: Their Church, Their World, and Ours

Our four-part historical introduction and discussion guide, “Plymouth’s Pilgrims: Their Church, Their World, and Ours” is now available, free of charge and right in time for your 2020 planning. Elegantly written by Library board member Linda Smith Rhoads, it provides short, pithy historical information along with thoughtful discussion questions.

Over the course of 2020 we will be providing a variety of online resources, some of which are already here: suggestions for further study, some key historical documents to pair with each lesson, a list of helpful websites, and ultimately an “ask the experts” feature.  We are also providing a version of our discussion guide specifically geared for youth groups and confirmation classes.

It’s our hope that your 2020 year will be a time for deepening your understanding of the Congregational tradition, and make you curious to know more. We are here to help with that!  We welcome you to explore the many other resources on this website, to visit us in Boston, and, of course, to support our work.

We’ve also provided a few resources for those who want to dig deeper into the Pilgrim story. This includes four sets of historical documents, each of which pairs with a  lesson in the discussion guide.  You’ll also find web resources specifically geared toward the youth curriculum, and a list of the best new and old books on Plymouth’s history.  There is still more to follow, so don’t forget to check back periodically.

Click here to visit the curriculum webpage.