Church History

In 1838, a group of thirty, known as the "Christian Band", signed a covenant to organize a church community in the village of Pottersville in Somerset. The covenant led, in November 1840, to the construction of a meetinghouse. On May 26, 1841, a double ceremony was held for the dedication of the new meetinghouse and the acceptance into the Christian denomination. Later that year William Shurtleff was called to be the first pastor of the religious society known as the First Christian Union Society in Somerset, Massachusetts.

It was not until 1911 that the First Christian Church, as it came to be known, was incorporated under the laws of Massachusetts. In 1939, a vote was taken to change the name to the Congregational Christian Church of Somerset Centre. In 1957 the church voted to approve the constitution of the United Church of Christ and to become a part of it. To find out what they're up to today, visit the church's website.


historical information courtesy of the Massachusetts Bible Society

Digital Materials

Ladies Industrial Association 1857-1895

This group grew from the former Ladies Union Sewing Society. It operated as part ladies' auxiliary for the church, part Bible study group, and part social club. The book include records of membership, attendance at meetings, finances, and the sewing and knitting projects the Association undertook for the improvement of the parish.