Church History

Mattapoisett was set up as the Second Precinct of Rochester by an act of the Massachusetts General Court in June 1736, though the village did not become a separate town until 1857. The first meetinghouse was constructed in 1737. The early years were contentious, as congregants disagreed over everything from who to accept as their pastor to the propriety of singing "by rule" (using hymnals that include musical notation) and instrumental accompaniment.

The original building was lost in the "great gale" of 1815. The congregation met at the town's schoolhouse for a time until its new building was constructed. Due to a strong revival movement, they soon outgrew this building, and moved to yet another new structure in 1842. After the town was incorporated, the church officially became the First Precinct in Mattapoisett in 1860, and later simply Mattapoisett Congregational Church.

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Digital Materials

Clerk's records 1736-1855

These records contain primarily membership records, including admissions, dismissions, baptisms, and marriages. It also has minutes of church meetings and ecclesiastical councils, particularly when the topics discussed pertain to the conduct of church members.