Church History

First Church in Dorchester, Massachusetts, was gathered in 1630, following organization at Plymouth, England; during the winter of 1635-1636, some of the church members went to Windsor, Conn. with the junior minister, John Warham. It is unclear if this group removed themselves as an organization or as members of the Dorchester church. The members who remained at Dorchester, along with new immigrants from England, deemed it necessary to reorganize the church; in 1636, the church was reconstituted under Richard Mather (1596-1669). Church became Unitarian circa 1845 and still exists today as a Unitarian-Universalist church, First Parish in Dorchester in 1996.

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Digital Materials

Church Records, 1773-1784

This crudely-bound notebook contains chronological entries noting the date, name of the preacher, the names of those baptized, and the scripture used that day. Occasionally special events are also noted, including sacrament and fast days. Many of the preachers are referred to without first names.