Congregational Christian Chaplain Applicant Collection, page 2

  Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Branch Note
Box 4
  Lair James Edward   Maritime  
  Lancaster James Locke   Navy  
  Lancenes John David   Army  
  Landolt Frank John   Army  
  Lantz Robert Brown   Airforce  
  Larson Robert L.   Veterans Association  
  Lawrence Roderick Quentin   Army Reserve  
  Laws Clifford Wellington   Army  
  Lawson Robert V.   Civil Air Patrol  
  Laxamana Fernado Alabado   Army  
  Leach Harry Philip   Army  
  Lee Charles Lee   Civil Air Patrol  
  Leibeck Henry F.   Navy  
  Leland Harold Guild   Army  
  Lelle Jellison Nesbitt   Army  
  Lemay Harold Edward   Navy  
  Leonard Ralph S.   Army Reserve  
  Lesher Everett Brooks   Army  
  Lewis Berl Artamas   Army  
  Lewis G. Franklin   Army  
  Lewis Olin A.   Army  
  Lincoln Edwin Richard   Airforce Reserve  
  Lindblade Adolph Reginald   Army  
  Linden Carl Henry   Army interleaved with another file, listed as a Methodist.
  Lindner Kenneth M.   Army  
  Lindquist Earl Owen   Airforce Reserve  
  Lindsay John Phillip   Army  
  Loehr Franklin Davidson   Army  
  Loesh Russell Talcott   Army  
  Long David Herbert   National Guard Alabama
  Loper Frank Barker   Army  
  Loring Herbert Rickard   Army  
  Loungway Ferdinand J.   Navy  
  Lounsbury Walter Bruce   Army  
  Lundquist Rainus A.   Navy  
Lusk Alpheus M.   Veterans Association  
  MacAllister Eugene Barrows   Army Label typed as "Mc"
  MacArthur Harvey King   Army Label typed as "Mc"
  Macaulay George M.   National Guard  
  MacCance William Hodge   Army Label typed as "Mc"
  MacClain Benjamin J.   Navy Reserve Label typed as "Mc"
  MacClanahan Paul Haldane   Navy Label typed as "Mc"
  MacConnell Russell Hicks   Navy Label typed as "Mc"
  MacCormac Charles Edward   Airforce Reserve Label typed as "Mc"
  MacCue Leslie Lon   Civil Air Patrol Label typed as "Mc"
  MacCutcheon James Norton   Navy Reserve Label typed as "Mc"
  MacDaniel Kenneth Earl   Army Label typed as "Mc"
  MacDonald Ernest Warburton Stewart   Army  
  MacDowell Maurice Hollie   Veterans Association part time;
Label typed as "Mc"
  MacEldowney Morris Clark   Army Label typed as "Mc"
  MacGettigan Walter Joseph   Army Label typed as "Mc"
  MacGilvaray Harold Wright   Navy Label typed as "Mc"
  MacInnes William George   Army Label typed as "Mc"
  Mack William R.   Army  
  MacKechnie David Robert   Navy Label typed as "Mc"
  MacKenzie Harry Lincoln   Army  
  MacKinley G. Orland   Army Label typed as "Mc"
  MacKnight Peter Gibson   Navy Reserve Label typed as "Mc"
  MacLaughlin Marlin Vance Jr. Airforce  
  MacLeod Norman Murray Jr. Navy  
  MacNeil Donald Murdoch   Army Label typed as "Mc"
  MacNeil Murray Thorton Jr. Navy Label typed as "Mc"
  Maery James Edwyn   Army  
  Mann Leland West   Army  
  Manning Edward Lee   Navy  
  Manwell Richard Franklin   Navy  
  Maris Marvin Elaworth   Army  
  Marker George Clifford   Navy  
  Marr Samuel Wade Jr. Army  
  Marshall James Clelland   Army  
  Marston Robert E.   Navy  
  Martin Albert Abner   Army  
  Martin Alve O.   Navy  
  Martin Clyde M.   Airforce  
  Matheson Malcolm     Army  
  Matthews Alden E.   Navy  
  Maurer Paul H.   Army  
  Maxfield Otis A.   Navy Reserve  
  Maxwell Henry Faville   Navy  
  Mayfield Spurgeon Jay   Army  
  Meckel Silas Archipus   Army  
  Meckel Theophilos     Army  
  Meffin James Douglas Jr. Airforce Reserve  
  Mercier Harold Abraham   Army  
  Merrill Jacob Franklin Jewett   Army  
  Merseberg James P.   Civil Air Patrol  
  Metzger Roscoe Fraser   Army  
  Milford Homer Carter   Army  
  Millard George Edward   Army  
  Miller Albert Robert Norman   Army  
  Miller Gerald Fletcher   Army  
  Miller John Henry   Army Reserve  
  Miller Rufus Ward   Veterans Association Part time
  Miller Saul     Army  
  Milne George MacLean   Navy  
  Milnes Russell Henry   Army  
  Mitchell George Edwin   Army  
  Mitchell Philip Herbert   Army Reserve  
  Mitchell Ray Marcus   Navy  
  Moody Clarence LeGrand Jr. Navy  
  Moorhead James Keith   Army  
  Morgan Victor Henry   Navy  
  Morrison John Alexander   Army  
  Morton Norris T.   Army  
  Mulhollnad John Field   Army  
  Murphy Kenneth     Army  
  Murray Martin Roy Jr. Civil Air Patrol  
  Myers George Raymond   Army  
Myers Russell R.   Veterans Association  
  Nauss Earl Franklin   Navy  
  Neal Fred William   Navy  
  Nelson Frederick Nesl   Navy  
  Newton Joseph Rodney   Army  
  Nicholas Wayne Alfred   Navy  
  Nicholas William Henry   Army  
  Nielsen Richard J.   Navy Reserve  
  Nielson David     Navy  
  Noon Robert Ninsman   Army  
Nylen Edwin Benjamin   Army
Box 5
  Olds Corwin H.   Army  
  Olsen John Herman   Army  
  Olson Edwin Albert   Army  
  Olson Lester Earl   Army  
  Opp Reinhold     Civil Air Patrol  
  Orcutt Charles McCabe   Army  
  Orcutt Noel Paul   Army  
  Orloff George Frederick   Army  
  Orr Willfred I.   Navy  
  Owen Elwyn     Army  
Owen George Booth   Navy  
  Page Charles Earl   Navy  
  Palm Walter Alfred   Army  
  Palmer Kenneth Lewis   Navy  
  Parker Charles Franklin   Veterans Association  
  Parker David Bruce   Army  
  Parker Robert L.   Army Reserve  
  Parker Wilbur Putman   Army  
  Parkman Joseph Davidson   Navy  
  Parks Kenneth G.   Army  
  Parry Maldwyn V.   Army  
  Parsons Horace W.   Army  
  Patterson Elber Legrand   Civil Air Patrol  
  Patterson Elmer L.   Airforce  
  Pavy Rey Gilmour   Army  
  Peacock Alfred G.   Army  
  Pearman Earl Oscar   Army  
  Pearson Roy Nesser Jr. Army  
  Pease Arnold   Jr. Navy Reserve Ensign Probationary
  Pendleton Charles Lee   Army  
  Pendleton Luther Keene   National Guard  
  Pennington Philip Ward   Navy  
  Perkins James H.   Army  
  Perry Homer Frank   Army  
  Peterson Adolph Luther   Navy  
  Peterson Everett Eugene   Army  
  Peterson Roy Peter   Army  
  Petter John Harrison (Harry) III Navy Reserve  
  Phillips Hudson Bissell Jr. Airforce Reserve  
  Phillips Lawrence Raymond   Navy  
  Pickens John Elliot Jr. Army Reserve  
  Pierce John Dunton   Civil Air Patrol  
  Pietz Emil Theodore   Army  
  Pillsbury John     Navy  
  Pitman Frank Armstrong   Army  
  Plowright Joseph Archibald Hutchinson   Army  
  Pomeroy Robert Ferris   Navy Reserve  
  Pond Peter Lawrence   Airforce Reserve  
  Poppe Louis Gustave   Army  
  Porter Matthew Branch Jr. Army  
  Potter Linwood Cecil   Army  
  Pratt Melvyn Eugene Jr. Army  
  Pratt William David   Army  
  Preston Howard J.   Veterans Association part-time
  Pretzer Paul Brill   National Guard Wisconsin
  Prince John W.   Army  
  Prior Cecil Loam   Navy  
  Proctor Lester Tally   Army  
  Purdue Joseph Olag   Army  
Putnam Raymond Gentlee   Navy  
Quillian Joseph Dillard   Navy  
  Rafos Otto Thorner   Navy  
  Ramberg Augst Julius   Navy Reserve  
  Ramstad Philip Julian   Airforce  
  Rasberry Hosea     Army  
  Rasche Robert LaFollette   Navy  
  Rasetzki Dietrich Felix Eberhard   Army  
  Read Alden Arthur R.   Navy  
  Rector Marshall Alfred   Army  
  Reed Dale Dean   Civil Air Patrol  
  Rees James Howard   Army  
  Reeves Charles Abram   Navy  
  Reeves George Paul   Navy  
  Reid William Richardson   Army  
  Reighard Edward     Navy  
  Rekstad H. Paul   Army  
  Renz Ferdinand J.   Army  
  Reynolds Grant     Army  
  Rhine Raymond Otto   Army  
  Rice Vernon Waldo   Army  
  Richards Egbert Warren   Army  
  Richards Waldo Summer   Army  
  Richards William Arthur   Army  
  Richardson Russell Bucan   Army  
  Richardson Winthrop Horton   Navy  
  Rieger Grover Clair   Civil Air Patrol  
  Ringdahl Paul Gerhardt   Army  
  Rinta Jaakko     Army  
  Roberts Bruce     Army  
  Robie Everrett     Army  
  Robinson Daniel Somner   Navy  
  Robinson Hughes Alonzo   Army  
  Roddy Clyde H.   Army  
  Roemmich Carl     Army  
  Rogers Oscar Allan Jr. Army Reserve  
  Rogers William Fred   Navy  
  Rohre Henry John   Navy  
  Ronander Albert Carl   Army  
  Ross Edgar McKinley   Army  
  Rowlands William D.   Army  
Russ Charles Trumball   Navy  
  Sahlin Ernest Hilding   Army  
  Salmon James D.   Army  
  Sanderson Emerson J.   Civil Air Patrol  
  Sargent Stanley Morse   Navy  
  Saunders Clifford Reed   Army Reserve  
  Schlueter Roland Franklin   Army  
  Schott Fred Henry   Army  
  Schramm Roy Julius   Army  
  Segerstrom David Ivar   Army  
  Senior Robert Cholerton   Army  
  Senter James Perle   Civil Air Patrol  
  Shankwile Paul Walbert   Army  
  Sharp David Addison Jr. Navy and Army
  Shaw Edgar Medill   Civil Air Patrol  
  Shaw Everett Leslie   Army  
  Sheild John Morgan   Army Reserve  
  Shelton Paul     Navy Reserve  
  Shiery Floyd William   Army  
  Shold Carl Henry   Army  
  Sinclair Donald Keith   Navy  
  Skinner Bradley Fuller   Army  
  Slater William Archer   Army  
  Smith Delaney G.   Army  
Smith Herbert R.   Army  
Box 6
  Smith James Otis   Army  
  Smith Jefferson H.   Airforce Reserve  
  Smith Raymond Peter   Airforce Reserve  
  Snavely Jerald Hood   Navy  
  Snyder Richard L.   Navy  
  Soland Andrew Walter   Army  
  Sorensen Morton     Army  
  Souter Lex King   Navy  
  Sowder Charles Sherman   Army  
  Spurrier William Atwell   Army  
  Spyker Fred Bowers   Army  
  Staffeld John Daniel   Army  
  Stallard Henry Charles   Army  
  Stark Walter Howard   Navy  
  Stearns Gordon Woodburn Jr. Army Reserve  
  Steininger William Richard   Army  
  Sterling Donald Melvin   Civil Air Patrol and Navy
  Stevens Charels William   Army  
  Stevens Herbert A.   Army  
  Stoeve Olaf     Navy  
  Stone William Edward   National Guard Connecticut
  Stowe Clayton Harold   Army  
  Stowell Allen R.   Army  
  Strobel Walter R.   Airforce Reserve  
  Strong Charles W.   National Guard Ohio
  Sturtevant Francis Tyler   National Guard Washington,
  Sullenberger Carl L.   Navy  
  Sunburn John Harvey   Army  
  Sunden Herbert Philip   Army  
  Swanson Harvey W.   Navy Reserve  
  Swanson Robert Olmstead   National Guard  
Swartz Arthur George   Army  
  Tamblyn Ronald John   Army  
  Tee Lawrence Edward   Army  
  Thomas Charles C.   Airforce  
  Thomas George Brewer   Army Reserve  
  Thompson Gordon Clarence   Army  
  Thompson Roy D.   Navy  
  Thomson Fred Stewart   Army Reserve  
  Tillson Lewis Newton   Navy  
  Toms Paul Elmer   Civil Air Patrol  
  Torrence Edgar Clifton   Navy  
  Tuck Leslie J.   Veterans Association  
  Tucker Stephen Robert   Civil Air Patrol  
  Turner Eugene Alfred Jr. Navy  
  Turner John Alden   Army  
Turrell Stephen W.   Army  
  Uphold William Bliss   Army Reserve  
  Upton Arthur Llewellyn   Army  
  Upton Lawrence Munns   Veterans Association also Army
  Usher William Reed   Army  
Utterback Glenn Lester   Civil Air Patrol  
  Van Kirk Perry Wayne   Army  
  Van Lunen Herman     Army  
  Van Luven Philip Edward   Army  
  Van Meter Herbert Ensign   Navy  
  Vedeler Donald Grant   Army Reserve  
  Vernon Samuel James   Army  
  Vore Duane Nathan   Navy  
  Vornholt Esra R.   Veterans Association  
Voth Theodore Henry   Army  
  Wadsworth Leslie Russell   Airforce Reserve  
  Waggpmer John Garland   Navy  
  Wagoner Walter Dray   Navy  
  Wakai Masayoshi     Army  
  Walker Charles Caesar   Army  
  Walker Paul Robert   Army  
  Walker Raymond Edward   Navy  
  Wallace Arthur     Army  
  Wallace Richard Arthur   National Guard Listed as Methodist
  Wallick Charles C.   Navy  
  Wallin Nathaniel Charles   Navy  
  Walters Louis Verdette   Army  
  Walters Verdette     Army  
  Washburn Gordon Henry   Navy  
  Washington Arthur Guidry   Army  
  Watson William Austin   Army Reserve  
  Weaver Stephen     National Guard  
  Webster Gifford Milo   Civil Air Patrol  
  Weed Norman Curtis   Army  
  Weiskel Frank Elton   Navy  
  Weiss G. P.   Army  
  West Donald Lee   Army  
  Westbrook John Hardy   Navy  
  Westhalen Elmer Christian   Army  
  Whetstone G. Michael Jr. Airforce Reserve  
  Whiston Lionel Abney   Army  
  Whitcomb John C.   Navy  
  White Louis Edmond   Army  
  Wiese Oliver Frederick Lee   Navy  
  Wigfield George Dewey   Army  
  Williams James Robert   Army Reserve  
  Williams Lawrence Augustus   Navy  
  Williams Palmer Day   Navy  
  Williams Stephan James   Army  
  Williams William David   Navy Reserve  
  Wilson Gene Franklin   Airforce Reserve  
  Wilson Robert Norris   Army  
  Winchell Wallace     Navy  
  Windemiller Duane Arlo   National Guard  
  Wingfield Marshall     Civil Air Patrol  
  Winn Edgar Homer   Army  
  Wirt Sherwood Eliot   Army  
  Wirt Williston     Army  
  Wise Francis Herbert   Army  
  Wisse Donald Peter   Airforce Reserve  
  Witherspoon Glenn J.   Army  
  Wood Bruce H.   Civil Air Patrol  
  Wood Owen Leslie   Navy Reserve  
  Wood Robert Leslie   Navy Reserve  
  Woodbury Robert C. Jr. Airforce Reserve  
  Worthley Herbert Morrison   Army  
  Wulfkuehler Edward Georege Jr. Airforce Reserve  
  Wygant W. E. Jr. Navy Reserve  
  Wyman Henry G.   Airforce Reserve  
Wyman Walter     Army  
  Yamada Masao     Army  
  Yarboff William Wollin   Navy Reserve  
  Yeagle Lloyd Ritter   Civil Air Patrol and Army
  Yinger Paul Wesley   Army  
Young Parker Nilo   Airforce Reserve  
  Zdvoracek Lawrence Worel   Navy  
  Zeckhausen Paul Wesley Jr. Army Reserve  
  Ziegenhals Walter E.   Army  


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