Sandwich, Mass. First Church

Collection History

Sandwich's First Church was founded in 1638 as part of the original Plymouth Colony. A Second Church was briefly formed in 1734 when some parishioners left due to a dispute over church admissions, but the congregation was reabsorbed into the First Church in 1749. The first volume contains administrative records, admissions, dismiions, baptisms, and deaths. The second contains meeting minutes for the first precinct in the town of Sandwich, as well as for parish meetings.

The original manuscripts in this collection are owned by our project partners, the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Further information about the collection can be found in the NEHGS catalog.


Digital Materials

Church records, 1691-1818

This volume contains a combinatin of transcribed and original records. Entries prior to 1749 were copied from earlier records. The book includes a list of church members for 1695-1811 and 1824, church meeting minutes, lists of baptisms, deaths, dismissions, and other administrative records.

Church records, 1786-1853

The second record book contains summaries of meetings and correspondence related to the first precinct in the town of Sandwich, as well as parish meeting records and correspondence.


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