Middleboro, Mass. First Congregational Church

Church History

The town of Middleborough was incorporated in 1669, settled by a group of men from Plymouth. The first meetinghouse was built in 1680, and the First Church of Christ (also called the "Church at the Green") was officially organized in 1694 following the Articles of Christian Faith laid down by John Robinson, Pastor of the Pilgrim Church in Leyden, Holland.

The present building, built in 1828 and designed by architect James Sproat, is the fourth meetinghouse of the church. Membership waned during the denominational reorganization of the early 20th century, but has revived significantly starting under the leadership of Rev. Manfred Kohl in the 1970s.

To learn more about the First Congregational Church of Middleborough, read the history on their website.


Digital Materials

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Church records, 1707-1821

This volume contains membership records, including admissions, dismissions, and confessions of faith, as well as records of baptisms, marriages, and a few disciplinary cases. The later pages are primarily devoted to minutes of church meetings, and includes a copy of the church covenant.

A full transcription of this volume is available.

Church records, 1745-1816

The records in this book were kept in two separate sections, starting from either cover. The front section contains administrative and financial records for the precinct. The back section has the treasurers' records of pew fees and other payments.

Relations and Personal records, 1724-1865

Relations are written accounts of individuals' religious experience, often required in the process of applying for full membership. This collection contains approximately 500 such documents, many in the congregants' own handwriting. It also includes related membership records, such as letters of transfer to and from other churches, requests for baptism, and confessions of sins written in order to return to the good graces of the church.

Full transcriptions of most of these documents are available.

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