Hopkins, Samuel. Papers, 1766-1803.

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Samuel Hopkins papers, 1766-1803.


Hopkins, Samuel 1721-1803


1766-1767, 1803


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Samuel Hopkins (1766-1803) was a Congregational minister in the New England area. This collection contains three letters, two written in Hopkins's hand from 1766, 1767. The letter from 1803 was not written in Hopkins's hand, but it is presumed to be dictated by him, and transcribed by an unknown person, due to Hopkins's age, and illness.

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Historical Note

Samuel Hopkins (1766-1803) was a Congregational minister in the New England area. Born in Connecticut he was educated at Yale, and later studied under Johnathan Edwards (1703-1758). Hopkins preached in Sheffield (now Great Barrington) from 1743-1769, until a difference in theology between Hopkins and his congregation forced him to leave Sheffield. Hopkins then traveled to Newport Rhode Island, where he preached from 1770-1803, when he died. During the Revolutionary War, Hopkins fled Newport, and continued to preach at Newburyport in Massachusetts, as well as Canterbury and Stamford Connecticut (1776-1780). Hopkins is an important figure in Congregationalism, because of the school of theological thought that bears his name, Hopkinsianism, sometimes called New Divinity. Hopkins is also prominent as an early abolitionist, being one of the first Congregationalist ministers to denounce slavery, despite owning slaves at one time in his life.


Scope of Collection

This collection contains only one series, which contains only three individual items. These are three letters, two of which are written in Hopkins's handwriting (1766 and 1767), the other (1803) is presumably dictated by Hopkins, due to age, and illness. The letters written in 1766 and 1767 are to a Mr. Ebenezer Little in Newbury Massachusetts, thanking him for his hospitality in hosting Hopkins while he preached/stayed in Newbury. The 1803 letter is addressed to a man named Fuller, who may have lived in Newport, and may have also been a congregational minister. It is likely that it was dictated by Hopkins, because it begins with describing his poor health, and then launches into a theological argument. The 1803 letter may have been a draft, due to numerous crossed out words, scrawled additions, and being unsigned.


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Hopkins, Samuel, 1721-1803.

Hopkins, Samuel, 1721-1803. Correspondence.


New Divinity theology.

Theologians – United States – Correspondence.


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Since this collection contains only three items in a single series called correspondence. The collection has been arranged in chronological order to best present the resources.



  Date Location
Letter to Mr. Little, 1766 1766 July 18 F1
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Letter to Mr. Littel, 1767 1767 January 9 F1
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Letter to Fuller, 1803 1803 October 18 F1
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