Boston, Massachusetts. Mount Vernon Congregational Church. Records, 1842-1970

Records, 1842 - 1970

RG 0026

Processed 1979, Revised 2005 by Carolyn Child



Box List

Subgroup 1: Society

  • Series I - Governing Boards and Committees
  • Series II - Pew records
  • Series III - Building Committee, Joint Church and Society

Subgroup 2: Church

  • Series I - Governing Boards and Committees
  • Series II - Membership

Subgroup 3: Incorporated Church

  • Series I - Governing Boards and Committees, General Records
  • Series II - Standing Committees
  • Series III - Membership
  • Series IV - General Treasurer
  • Series V - Church Treasurer
  • Series VI - Annual Meetings

Subgroup 4: Parish Life and Worship

  • Series I - Worship
  • Series II - Ministers and Parish Life
  • Series III - Publicity and Community Relations
  • Series IV - Christian Education, Children
  • Series V - Christian Education and Residence, College Students
  • Series VI - Anniversary Celebrations

Subgroup 5: Voluntary Societies

  • Series I - Young People's Societies
  • Series II - Women's Societies
  • Series III - Missionary Societies
  • Series IV - Men's Societies
  • Series V - Children's Societies

Subgroup 6: Scrapbooks

Subgroup 7: Files on Individuals

Subgroup 8: Photographs

Subgroup 9: History


Abstract, provenance

The Mount Vernon Congregational Church had an independent existence in Boston, Massachusetts from 1842 to 1970. In 1970, the surviving members voted to federate with the Old South (Third) Church in Copley Square, Boston. The minister in charge of Old South is also listed as minister in charge of Mount Vernon, but the Mount Vernon Church has no building. The building on the corner of Beacon Street and Massachusetts Avenue, having been boarded up for some years, burned in the summer of 1977.

The records of the Mount Vernon Church were removed from the attic of the church building before it was abandoned. They were stored at Old South until the spring of 1979, when they were brought to the Congregational Library to be processed and stored on permanent loan as an independent record group among the Old South records. The Library has on permanent loan the oldest records of the Old South Church itself, from 1669 to about 1997.



There are records of two churches in the Mount Vernon Church records. By far the largest is the Mount Vernon Church records, with perhaps 3,000 items. The records of the Chambers Street Church, in contrast, are in three books. Chambers Street had been a dependent chapel of the Old South Church. It struck out on its own in 1861, but financial pressures caused it to give up in 1879 and to merge with Mount Vernon Church.

The Mount Vernon Church was founded in 1842 by a group of enthusiastic lay men and women who felt the need of a church in Boston which would lead in the fight against indifference and Unitarianism. They invited the Rev. Edward Norris Kirk, a famous evangelist, to be their pastor. He spent thirty two years in charge of the church, from 1842 until his death in 1874. Unfortunately, most of the records of his pastorate perished in a fire in 1879. He was succeeded by Samuel Edward Herrick, pastor until his death in 1904. He too was a famous preacher. The Mount Vernon records contain manuscript copies of most of his sermons. These two men, whose pastorates spanned more than sixty years, were innovators in sponsoring voluntary societies which appealed to the young unmarried teenagers who flocked to Boston form the countryside in the second half of the nineteenth century. They were not college graduates. Most of them such as Dwight L. Moody, the famous evangelist, went from the farm to retailing at the age of sixteen. They were initially attracted by Kirk and Herrick's preaching, but stayed because of the Christian fellowship and opportunity for self - education, which such groups as the Mount Vernon Association of Young Men provided. In the twentieth century, after the Church moved to the Back Bay, it turned its attention to male college students, especially those attending M.I.T., and to female office workers. The church, whose minister from 1933 to 1948, Carl Heath Kopf, took to the radio to spread the gospel, prospered until after World War II. Then it lost all its families, when the suburbs opened up and families with children left the Back Bay. For a while it was part of the Protestant chaplaincy at M.I.T., but when that failed, the remaining members, many of whom no longer lived in the Back Bay, voted to merge with Old South.


Scope and Content

Sub-group Series Box range
I. Society*, 1842 - 1919 I. Governing boards and committees 1 - 3
  II. Pew Records 4 - 7
  III. Building Committee 8
The first series is the records of the Prudential Committee, the property holding body, and the treasurer's records to 1919. The second series is the pew records. The Mount Vernon Society owned two different buildings in the years of its existence. The first was on what is now Ashburton Place on Beacon Hill, an austere Greek temple that has long since disappeared. As part of the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the parish, in 1892, it moved into a new home at the corner of Beacon Street and Massachusetts Avenue in the Back Bay, this was the building which burned in 1977. The pew records are from both buildings. Their sale financed regular church operations and paid for the building. The third series of Society records are the records of the Building Committee, a joint committee of Society and Church responsible for planning the Beacon Street Church. Information on this building effort is also to be found in Box 82, Folder 7: Henry Woods. Woods bought the land and held it until the parish was ready to move.

* For the first seventy years of its existence, from 1842 to 1919, the Mount Vernon Church operated under the "Dual System" of Society and Church. The Society is a reflection of the original seventeenth century New England system whereby only the adult males of the property - holding elite had the right to vote. The Mount Vernon Church was founded after churches in Massachusetts had been dis - established, and were no longer supported by tax money, but it followed the older pattern, because not until 1887 was it possible for Massachusetts females to be members of a corporation with property - holding rights. Not until 1919 did the members of the Mount Vernon Society vote to dissolve it, and to incorporate as Mount Vernon Congregational Church, Inc.
II. Church, 1842 - 1919 I. Governing boards and committees 9 - 11
  II. Membership 12 - 14

While the society membership was exclusively male, the Church consisted of fervently Christian adults, both male and female. They had passed rigorous questioning by the Membership Committee, or else came to Mount Vernon with a letter of dismission from another Congregational Church, declaring them to be members in good standing. The Church was concerned with worship and Christian education, and it was under its aegis that the voluntary societies flourished. The Church records for the earliest period were unfortunately destroyed in a fire in 1879. The records of the annual meetings and of the Church Committee for all of Mr. Kirk's pastorate burned. The Church had its own treasurer, who applied the money collected each Sunday in the plate to the maintenance of worship and to charitable causes. Most of the Church records are concerned with membership. In Box 12 is a Membership Roll from 1842 to 1967. It should be used with caution. More reliable for the early period is the information in Pauline Holmes, One Hundred Years of Mount Vernon Church, 1842 - 1942, found in Box 87. In Box 32 is a small black notebook with the raw accounts of discussion of eligibility for membership between 1872 and 1880, an unusual item to have survived.
III. Incorporated Church, 1919 - 1970 I. Governing boards and committees General records 15
  II. Standing Committee 16
  III. Membership 17 - 19
  IV. General Treasurer 20 - 21
  V. Church Treasurer 22 - 23
  VI. Annual Meetings 24 - 27

These are the records of the various official boards and committees. They are divided into six series: Governing Boards, Standing Committee, Membership Records (admissions and dismissions), General Treasurer, Church Treasurer and the records of Annual Meetings with committee reports concerning the previous year's activities. The bulk of these records are letters of admission and dismission. The reports of the committees for the Annual Meeting should be supplemented by the records of the voluntary societies which make up Sub - Group V.
IV. Parish Life and Worship I. Worship 28
  II. Ministers and Parish Life 29
  III. Publicity and Community Relations 30 - 33
  IV. Christian Education, Children 34 - 35
  V. Christian Education, College Students 36 - 37
  VI. Anniversary Celebrations 38 - 41

Sub-Group IV is the record of the Church's effort to spread its influence in the community. These have been divided by categories, rather than by administrative function. On one level, the church spread the Gospel through worship services. The records in Worship are very brief and should be supplemented by the scrapbooks (Boxes 68 - 75) and by the sermons of second minister Samuel Edward Herrick (Boxes 77 - 79). The parish reached out to the wider world through a magazine, through radio programs, and through newspaper announcements at different periods. It also had relations, through its ministers, with other churches in its denomination. The Christian Education material should be considered with material from the records of the voluntary societies, all of whom were concerned with educating their members. There were Sunday Schools for small children, but the main educational effort was always aimed at college students, especially those at M.I.T. Herrick House, at one point run as a residence for college students, was part of this effort.

By far the most elaborate of the anniversary celebrations was the one hundredth in 1942. Not only were there pageants and special church services, but Pauline Holmes' book, One Hundred Year of Mount Vernon Church, 1842 - 1942 was published as part of the celebration ( Box 87). Its information is accurate, it quotes extensively from the records, and published some of the most important documents.
V. Voluntary Societies I. Young People's Societies 42 - 53
  II. Women's Societies 53 - 61
  III. Missionary Societies 62 - 65
  IV. Men's Societies 66
  V. Children's Societies 67

This series on Voluntary Societies is the most complex and divided in the most artificial manner. The divisions are all by age and sex, except for societies which have " Mission" in their name. However, all the voluntary societies, whatever their ostensible purpose, raised money for missions and invited speakers from the mission field to address them. Nor does this arrangement show that the Pastor's Aid Society and the Women's Association were umbrella organizations for women's groups, as well as having their own existence. The Mount Vernon Association of Young Men was one of the earliest societies, founded in 1850 when the earliest YMCAs were being founded in this country. It sponsored debates on the burning issues of the day, and encouraged members to submit articles to be bound into a handwritten magazine, known for most of its existence as "The Illuminator." In 1873 the young women, tired of being left out, joined and the Association name was changed to "Young People". The magazine, still handwritten, became the "Literary Album" and persisted until 1881. This organization became the Young People's Society, and in the 1930s, the Youth Fellowship. The debates and literary magazines date only from 1850 to the 1880s.

There were numerous women's organizations. The first of them was the Maternal Association, founded in 1842 and lasting until at least 1879. The Civil War effort to supply the Union Army produced the Soldier's Aid Society, which spawned the Sewing Circle, which in World War I produced another vigorous sewing effort. Olla Podrida was founded as a self - help and entertainment group for women working in offices in the 1920's. The Guild, which became the Evening Guild, was more interested in simple entertainment than the others. The Women of Mount Vernon, founded in 1956, was the last effort to have a female society. It took in the remnants of previous societies.

The first of the Missionary Societies was also founded in the 1840s under Mr. Kirk. The Young Ladies' Colporteur Association was interested in spreading the (Evangelical Protestant) Gospel in France. Its interests were carried on by the American McAll Association. However, most of the foreign missionary attention was directed farther afield. A defect in this archival arrangement is that the general concern for the Chilesso Mission, " Mount Vernon in Africa," is slighted. For almost thirty years until World War II the church supported a missionary couple in Angola. ( Box 63 has specific information about Chilesso. Photographs are in Box 84, Folder 6). The young women of the Foreign Missionary Society supported a mission in Asia Minor, in the Turkish Empire. Glued into the secretary's book, 1879 - 1887 are letters from the missionaries and from the native Christians who were supported by this group. ( Box 61). Glued into the Sunday School attendance records of 1902 - 1905 ( Box 35) are letters from a missionary in Armenia and shares in the "Morning Star ," the Hawaiian Missions ship. Home missions were important as well. For many years a pillar of the church was Harriette Carter, employed by the Boston City Mission as a missionary to the Chinese in Boston. Material about her is in Box 82, but it should be studied in conjunction with Home Missions material in Box 64.

The men had fewer social organizations than the women, probably because they had the offices of real power in the church. The Dwight L. Moody Bible Class was one of a series of efforts to attract young male college students to the church, after it had lost its families to suburban churches. The Westminster Foundation was an M.I.T. Protestant chaplaincy.

The children were trained in Sunday School to be concerned with foreign missions. They also had their own junior missionary societies, depending on their ages.
VI. Scrapbooks   68 - 76

Sub - Group VI is the scrapbooks. The earliest material dates from 1880; until 1919 the collecting policy was very unsystematic. The earlier volumes may well have been a personal compilation. The 1919 - 1925 volume, which has suffered an effort at re - arrangement, begins the official sequence. The material is mostly newspaper clippings and printed matter arranged chronologically. Box 76 contains miscellaneous loose material arranged in folders by decade.
VII. Files on individuals   77 - 82

Sub - Group VII documents individuals associated with the church in some official capacity. The bulk of this is the manuscript sermons by Samuel Edward Herrick, the minister from 1871 to 1904. None of the ministers after 1948 stayed long enough to have any real impact on the parish, which began to decline almost immediately after World War II.
VIII. Photographs   83 - 86

All the photographs constitute Sub - Group VIII. They span the whole period of the church's existence. Most of them were labeled for an exhibit at the 1942 Centenary celebration.
IX. History   87

The Mount Vernon records have large gaps, the most of which were caused by the 1879 fire, but enough remains to give a picture of the structure and interests of the Church. Of all the records of the Church over its one hundred and thirty year span, the most unusual and complete are those of the voluntary societies from 1842 to World War I. They document how the Church evolved groups to engage the interests of young working people, initially attracted by the preaching of Kirk and Herrick.
Chambers Street Church   88

The Chambers Street Church records are part of the Mount Vernon record group. Chambers Street Church had only a brief independent existence. It had been a "chapel," a mission which could not support itself financially, under Old South. It became independent in 1861, could not manage financially, and voted to dissolve and merge with Mount Vernon in 1879.



Congregational Library

  • Worthley, Harold F., "14 Beacon Street, Grand old address, great church library," A.D., United Church of Christ, Vol. 7, No. 10, Nov. 1978, pp. 39 - 42.
  • Mount Vernon Church
  • Hawes, Alice M., Glimpses of the old Mount Vernon Church, an informal talk given to the Mount Vernon Young People's Society, Herrick House, December 30, 1923. Boston: Thomas Todd Co., 1923. 19p.
  • Holmes, Pauline. One hundred years of Mount Vernon Church, 1842 - 1942. Boston: Mount Vernon Church of Boston, 1942.
  • Usher, Sally. Facts about Mount Vernon Church, 1842 - 1967. 11p., typewritten.
  • Note: Dwight L. Moody, the famous evangelist, joined the Church May 3, 1856. (Box 12, Rollbook). It is said that he had been rejected once before because his knowledge of the Bible was insufficient, but the Church membership records of the 1850s perished in the 1879 fire. Moody joined the Mount Vernon Association of Young Men in 1855, when it was re-organized. (Box 43, Constitution and Membership list). His signature is on page 12.


Folder List

Sub-Group 1 - Society, 1842-1919

Series I - Governing Boards and Committees
Box 1    
  Prudential Committee. Book, Brown leather, spine missing. Front: Prudential Committee Mount Vernon Cong. Soc'y 1842-1918
  Treasurer. Book, Brown leather. Spine: Cash Waster Ledger No.1. Paper Label: 1842-1873 1843-1878
Box 2 - Society, 1842-1919
Prudential Committee, Typed duplicate 1842-1878
Treasurer, miscellaneous multiple dates
Box 3
  Clerk's Record. Annual Meetings. Book, Large red leather bound. Spine: Mount Vernon Cong. Soc. 1916-1919
Series II - Pew Records
Box 4 - Society, Pews
Ashburton Place, Pews  
  Book, small black. Pew holders Beacon Street  
  Book. Small Tan. Pew Plan, Beacon Street  
  Bundle of Pew Deeds  
  Bundle of Pew Deeds  
Box 5    
  Pew records, Ashburton Place. Book, Large Brown. Front: Mount Vernon Congregational Society. Spine: Records of Deeds. Mt. Vernon Cong. Soc. 1844-1892
  Pew Deed Index. Book Undated (pre-1892)
Box 6    
  Pew Rents and Taxes. Book, brown. Spine: Rents & Taxes Mt. Vernon Cong. Society 1872-1880
Box 7    
  Pew plan, Beacon Street. Book, black, flat after 1892
Series III - Building Committee, Joint Church and Society
Box 8    
  Building Committee, 1888-1892. Book. Front: Building Committee Records M. V. Church 1888-1892
  Building Committee. Book, flat, black, unlabelled 1888-1892

Sub-Group 2 - Church 1842-1919

Series I - Governing Boards and Committees
Box 9    
  Church Committee. Admissions and Dismissions. Book. Front: Records M't Vernon Church Committee. Spine: (paper label) Church Committee. Note inside flyleaf: Records 1842-1879 burned December 28-29, 1879 1880-1919
  Church Treasurer. Book, black red spine 1880-1887
  Church Treasurer 1880-1919
Box 10    
  Church Treasurer. Book, black red spine. Front: Treasurer Mount Vernon Church 1907-1919
  Annual Meetings. Book. Spine: Records M't Vernon Church. Paper Label Records from 1880 to 1919. Note inside flyleaf: Records 1842-1879 burned December 28-29, 1879 1880-1919
Box 11 - Church, Miscellaneous, Pre-1919
  Membership ca. 1850-1920
  Church Committee 1880-1915
  Church Treasurer 1888-1889
  Funds 1910-1922
  Deacons Pre- 1919
Series II - Membership
Box 12 - Confessions of Faith, Catalogues, Manuals
  Confessions of Faith 1842, 1844, 1852, 1857, 1863, 1872(3), 1882(2)
  Manual 1912
  Directory 1917
  Catalogue 1848, 1874
  Yearbook 1900, 1913, 1917(3)
  Rollbook of Members. Spine (coming off) on adhesive tape: Roll 1842-1967
Box 13 - Church Membership Records
  Members List. Front: Records. Mount Vernon Church. Spine: (loose) Records. Mt. Vernon Church on adhesive tape: List of members 1879-1909
  Book: Alphabetical list. Front: Records Mt. Vernon Church. Spine: (paper label) 1871-1896 1871-1896
  Book: Membership Committee. Small black notebook. Front: Records 1872-1880
  Membership. Book, reversible. Spine: records 1842-1873. Recto Cover: Church records (Contains admissions etc. 1842-1885). Verso Cover: Baptised Children (Contains baptisms 1842-1885) 1842-1885
Box 14    
  Church Records. Book. Front: Records. M't Vernon Church Cash Dismissions Deaths &c. Spine (paper label): Records 1880-1919 1880-1919

Sub-Group 3 - Incorporated Church 1919-1969

Series I - Governing Boards and Committees, General records.
Box 15    
  Records. Book, black leather spine. Spine (paper label) 1919-25 (2 books) 1919-1933
Series II - Standing Committee
Box 16    
  Standing Committee (3 Folders) 1941-1957
Series III - Membership
Box 17 - Admissions and dismissions, 1902-1944
  Membership records. Was in binder, red leather. Spine (paper label): Weddings, dismissals, funerals, baptisms etc. 1933-1940 1933-1940
  Letters of dismission, stubs 1902-1944
  Admissions and dismissions, Letters 1942-1944
Box 18 - Admissions and dismissions, 1945-1948
  Admissions and Dismissions (4 Folders) 1945-1948
Box 19 - Admissions and dismissions, 1949-1955
  Admissions and Dismissions (7 Folders) 1949-1955
Box 20    
  General Treasurer. Receipts. Book, black. Front: Record 1919-1924
  General Treasurer. Disbursements. Book, black 1919-1924
  General Treasurer. Receipts and Disbursements. Book (3 Books) 1925-1935
Box 21 - General Treasurer, Miscellaneous Financial, 1919-1941
  Audit. Treasurer 1919-1920
  Canvass material 1927-1930
  Bank loans 1928-1932
  Parish survey 1939
  Parish survey 1941
  Christmas Bazaar 1952
Series V - Church Treasurer
Box 22    
  Church Treasurer, Receipts and disbursements. Book 1922-1934, 1944-1950
Box 23    
  Church Treasurer, Receipts and disbursements. Book 1951-1957
  Treasurer's Books, Book 1951-1952
Series VI - Annual Meetings
Box 24    
  Annual Meetings and Records (2 Folders) 1943-1954
Box 25    
  Annual Meetings and Records 1954-1958
  Annual Meetings, Council Meetings 1963-1964, 1962-1968
Box 26 - Annual Meetings, 1925-1940
  Annual Meetings , Committee Reports (16 Folders) 1925-1940
Box 27 - Annual Meetings, 1941-1952
  Annual Meetings, Committee Reports (12 Folders) 1941-1952

Sub-Group 4 - Parish Life and Worship

Series I - Worship
Box 28 - Worship, 1880-1952
  Worship 1880-1952
  Notebook: Music 1892-1896
  Sunday School Hymns  
  Music, miscellany 1880s
  Organist search 1941
  Festival of Faith 1952
  Upper Room Communion Service, Maundy Thursday Undated
  Service leaflets 1928-1939
Series II - Ministers and Parish Life
Box 29 - Ministers and Parish Life
  Reports for Congregational Yearbook 1904-1939
  Central Church, merger possibilities 1920s
  Standing Committee, Correspondence with ministers 1926-1939
  Ministers' Letters, Christmas and Easter 1960s
  Notebook. Gray. Parish calls 1944
Series III - Publicity and Community Relations
Box 30 - Publicity and Community Outreach, 1950s
  Radio Program, "Churchmen Weigh the News" 1950-1953
  Newspaper announcements (2 Folders) 1952-1957
Box 31 - Other Churches
  Aniversaries and Services  
  Ecclesiastical Councils  
Box 32 - Mount Vernon Messenger, 1919-1933
  Mount Vernon Messenger,Vol. I-VIII (8 Folders) 1919-1933
  Mount Vernon Messsenger, Seperate issues 1932, 1933
  Mount Vernon Messsenger, Correspondence  
  Mount Vernon Messsenger, Treasurer  
Box 33- Mount Vernon Messenger, 1919-1929
  Mount Vernon Messenger. Book. Leather bound, brown paper jacket 1919-1925
  Mount Vernon Messenger. Book. Leather bound, brown paper jacket 1925-1929
Series IV - Christian Education, Children
Box 34 - Sunday School Courses of Lessons, Undated
  Notebook. Handwritten (2) Undated
  Course of Lessons Undated
Box 35 - Sunday School, Attendance and Miscellaneous,ca. 1900-1934; Boys and Girl Scouts, ca. 1948
  Sunday School clippings  
  Attendance 1902-1905
  Treasurer 1919-1933
  Notebook: Christian Endeavour. Roll call Undated
  Notebook: Sunday School Attendance (2) 1920-21, 1923-1924
  Boy and Girl Scouts ca. 1948
Series V - Christian Education and Residence, College Students
Box 36    
  Herrick House. Financial. Book, Black (4 books) 1923-1934
Box 37    
  Herrick House Financial. Book, Black 1933-1935
  Westminster Foundation. Notebook, reddish 1954-1956
  Westminster Foundation. Envelope, reddish 1955-1958
Series VI - Anniversary Celebrations
Box 38 - Anniversaries, 25th, 50th, 75th, 125th
  Anniversaries, 25th, 50th, 75th, 125th (4 Folders) 1867, 1892, 1917, 1967
Box 39 - Centenary, 1942
  Miscellaneous (2 Folders) 1942
  100th Anniversary Pageant 1942
  100th Anniversary Letters and Telegrams 1942
Box 40 - Centenary, Pauline Holmes, One Hundred Years of Mount Vernon Church, 1942
  Letters of Inquiry (2 Folders) 1942
  Membership List, Raw material 1842-1942
  Page Proofs and illustrations 1942
Box 41    
  Guest Book, Centenary. Book, Green Leather. Front: "Mount Vernon Church Centenary Guests 1842-1942". Spine (paper label): Centenary Guests. List of men in service 1942

Sub-Group 5 - Voluntary Societies

Series I - Young People's Societies
A. Mount Vernon Association of Men, Mount Vernon Association of Young People
Box 42    
  Mount Vernon Association of Young Men Constitution and By- Laws. Secretary. Book, calf, brown paper jacket 1850, 1850-1857
  Mount Vernon Association of Young Men Constitution and Membership List. Book, black. Front: Mount Vernon Association of Young Men 1855-1858
  Mount Vernon Association of Young Men Secretary. Book. Brown calf. Front, printed vertically: Mount Vernon Association of Young Men 1857-1867
Box 43 `  
  Mount Vernon Association of Young Men Constitution. Book. Flat, marbled paper. Cover: MtVA of YM  
  Mount Vernon Association of Young Men Secretary. Book. Brown calf. Front, printed vertically in red panel: Mount Vernon Association of Young Men 1867-1878
  Mount Vernon Association of Young People Treasurer. Book. Cover: Treasurer's Accounts of MVAYP 1876-1892
Box 44    
  Mount Vernon Association of Young Men "Illuminator" 1850s-1860s
Box 45    
  Mount Vernon Association of Young Men "Illuminator" 1850s-1860s
Box 46    
  Mount Vernon Association of Young People "Proof-Sheet" and "Literary Album", Vols. 1 and 2. Book. Leather bound (2 volumes bound together) 1873-1875
  Mount Vernon Association of Young People. "Literary Album" Vol. 3. Book. Leather Bound 1876-1877
Box 47    
  Mount Vernon Association of Young People "Literary Album" 1877-1881
Box 48- Mount Vernon Association of Young People "Literary Album",1877-1881
  Manuscript articles, "Literary Album"  
  "Contributions Box, 1881" 1881
  Mount Vernon Association of Young People. Scrapbook of the fourteenth International Convention of Christian Endeavour 1895
B. Young People's Society
Box 49 - Young People's Society , Committees, 1914-1933
  Program Committee 1926-1927
  Tea Committee 1926-1931
  Social Service Committee 192-1933
  Music Committee 1928-1929
  Book: Social Committee 1914-1919
  Book: President 1914-1927
Box 50    
  Missionary Committee. Treasurer 1917-1944
  90th Anniversary Guest Book  
  Treasurer. Book, black, red spine 1928-1954
C. (Youth) Fellowship
Box 51 - Youth Fellowship, 1951-1966
  Secretary (3 Folders) 1951-1953, 1965-1966
D. Young People's Societies, Miscellaneaous
Box 52 - Young People's Societies, Miscellaneous, 1850-1963
  Mount Vernon Association of Young Men 1850-1873
  Mount Vernon Association of Young People 1873
  Young People's Society of Christian Endeavour 1906
  Intermediate Young People's Society  
  Couples Club (2 Folders) 1948, 1959-1963
Series II - Women's Societies
A. Soldier's Aid, Civil War and World War I
Box 53    
  Soldier's Aid, Special Aid Society. Book, paper, large, flat, black spine 1861-1863, 1917-1918
  Soldier's Aid, War Work Unit. Book, paper, calf spine 1863-1864, 1917-1918
B. Sewing Circle
Box 54 - Women's Groups, Sewing Circle, 1883-1936
  Constitution and By- Laws  
  Treasurer (3 Folders) 1883-1896, 1895-1920, 1922-1936
  Notebook: Secretary (2) 1891-1909,1918-1929
C. Pastor's Aid Society
Box 55 - Women's Groups, Pastor's AId Society, 1900-1925
  Secretary. Book. Black, red spine 1909-1921
  Miscellaneous 1900-1916
  Notebooks (6) 1904-1910
  Notebook: Church Members  
  Notebook (unlabelled): Members  
  Notebook: Treasurer 1902-1925
D. Women's Association and Women of Mount Vernon
Box 56 - Women's Groups - Women's Association, 1906-1956; Women of Mount Vernon, 1956-1961
  Women's Association, Miscellaneous (3 Folders) 1906-1918, 1948-1954
  Notebook: Women's Association,Treasurer (not in box 8/1/05) 1940-1953
  Women of Mount Vernon, Mimeographed Annual Reports 1956-1961
Box 57    
  Notebook: Women's Association, Secretary 1940-1953
  Women of Mount Vernon, Secretary. Binder, Black. Spine (Paper label): Women of Mount Vernon 1956-1962
E. Olla Podrida
Box 58 - Women's Groups - Olla Podrida, 1926-1956
  Secretary (3 Folders) 1926-1937, 1946-1956
F. (Evening) Guild
Box 59 - Women's Groups - (Evening) Guild, 1906-1956
  Guild, Miscellaneous 1917-1922
  Guild, "A Very Little Thing" 1906-1907
  Guild, Secretary 1915-1924
  Evening Guild, Secretary (2 Folders) 1953-1956
Box 60    
  Guild, Secretary. Book, black, red spine (2) 1924-1950
  Evening Guild, Secretary. Book, black, red spine "Law Notes" 1950-1953
G. Women's Groups, Miscellaneous
Box 61 - Women's Groups - Miscellaneous, 1842-1920s
  Notebook: Maternal Association, Constitution and members 1842-1879
  Notebook: Maternal Association, Secretary 1852-1865
  Notebook: Maternal Association, Secretary 1866-1879
  Church Mite Society 1887
  Neighborhood Women's Club 1914
  Young Matron's Fortnightly Club 1914
  Phi Theta 1920
Series III - Missionary Societies
Box 62 - Missionary Societies- Young People (Ladies), (Women) Foreign Missionary Society (Circle), 1879-1938
  Young People's Foreign Missionary Circle, Treasurer 1900-1907
  Young People's Foreign Missionary Society 1894-1906
  Young Women's Foreign Missionary Society, Miscellaneous 1905-1938
  Notebook: Young Women's Foreign Missionary Society, Treasurer 1882-1892
  Notebook: Young Women's Foreign Missionary Society, Secretary 1879-1887
Box 63 - Missionary Societies - Foreign, 1843-1940s
  Notebook: Young Ladies Colporteur Association 1843-1849
  American McAll Association 1883-1933
  "Race Relations" Undated
  Chilesso, Angola, West Africa  
  Missions, not West Africa  
Box 64 - Missionary Societies - Home, 1895-1928
  Notebook: Mount Vernon Auxiliary, Women's Missionary Society, Treasurer 1895-1926
  Notebook: Pastor's Aid Society, Home Missionary Branch 1912-1922
  Notebook: Women's Association, Foreign Missionary Branch 1920-1939
Box 65 - Missionary Societies - Miscellaneous, 1893-1939
  Notebook: Mount Vernon Auxiliary, Women's Board of Missions, Secretary 1893-1917
  Notebook: Women's Association, Home and Foreign Missions 1929-1939
  Notebook: Women's Association, Foreign Missionary Branch 1920-1939
Series IV - Men's Societies
Box 66 - Men's Groups, 1909-1941
  Dwight L. Moody Bible Class. Charter Members 1939
  Dwight L. Moody Bible Class. Secretary 1939-1941
  Service League; Brotherhood 1920;1913
  Men's Club (2 Folders) 1909-1913, 1935-1938
  Men of Mount Vernon 1937-1941
  Notebook: Men's Club. Secretary 1901-1909
Series V - Children's Societies
Box 67 - Children's Societies
  Junior Missionary Society 1912-1916
  Boy's Societies, Boys Association, Boys Athletic Club, Boys' Bible Club, Boys' Club 1920s
  Girl's Society, Faithful Workers  
  Notebook: Junior Missionary Society, Attendance (2) 1907-191
  Notebook: Junior Missionary Society, Secretary 1907-1917
  Notebook: OJS Club, Secretary Undated
  Notebook: AES Club, Secretary (2) 1927-1929

Sub-Group 6 - Scrapbooks

Box 68    
  Scrapbooks (2) 1880-1908
Box 69    
  Scrapbooks (2) 1903-1909
Box 70    
  Scrapbooks (2) 1919-1925, 1925-1927
Box 71    
  Scrapbooks (2) 1930-1934, 1937-1939
Box 72    
  Scrapbooks (2) 1940-1942, 1942-1943
Box 73    
  Scrapbook 1944-1945
  Scrapbook, YPS Clippings etc, Rev. Carl Kopf misc. info 1945-1947
Box 74    
  Scrapbooks (2) 1948-1949, 1950-1953
Box 75    
  Scrapbooks (2) 1954-1958, 1959-1964
Box 76 - Supplement to Scrapbooks by Decade, 1840-1959
  Supplements (13 Folders) 1840-1959, Undated

Sub-Group 7 - Files on Individuals

Box 77 - People - Ministers (not Herrick)
  Kirk, Edward Norris 1842-1874
  Fitch, Albert Parker 1905-1909
  Richards, James Austin 1909-1918
  Lovett, Sidney 1919-1932
  Kopf, Carl Heath 1933-1948
Box 78 - Herrick, Samuel Edward - Sermons and Prayers
  Manuscript Sermons (2 Folders)  
  Printed Sermons  
Box 79 - Herrick, Samuel Edward - Manuscript Sermons, Bound
  7 Books bound in green cloth  
Box 80 - Herrick, Samuel Edward - Manuscript Sermons, Bound
  4 Books bound in green cloth  
  Notebook: Black and white, Front: Record Book "A" Extracts and Sermons etc.  
Box 81 - Herrick, Samuel Edward - Works About
  25th Anniversary  
  Funeral Tributes  
Box 82 - People - Lay
  Carter, Harriette, missionary to Chinese in Boston  
  Clouter, Joseph, Libraries Newfoundland  
  Cushing, Andrew  
  Hawes, Alice M.  
  Neesima, Joseph Hardy  
  Palmer, Julius A.  
  Woods, Henry  

Sub-Group 8 - Photographs

Box 83 - Photographs - People
  Women and Children  
  Official Boards  
Box 84 - Photographs - Places and Events
  Ashburton Place Church  
  Beacon Street Church  
  Plays and Pageants  
  Centenary 1942
  Youth Fellowship, Outings 1952-1953
  West Africa Missions  
  Missions, not West Africa  
Box 85 - Photographic Miscellany
  Glass negatives  
  Film negatives  
  Engraving Plates  
  Movie of choir  
Box 86    
  125th Anniversary Photograph Album, Book. Green leatherette, Front: 125th Anniversary Photograph Album  

Sub-Group 9 - History

Box 87 One Hundred Years of Mount Vernon Church, 1842-1942. Book, red 1942
Chambers Street Church
Box 88    
  Records (2 Notebooks) 1861-1865, 1863-1878
  Chambers Street Church Records. Book. Brown calf. Brown paper jacket 1877-1880


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