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portait of Paul Revere (1768) by John Singleton Copley
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Speaker: Ellen Berkland

Three Lives in Colonial Boston – Seamstress, Potter, and Pewtersmith

Accomplished archaeologist Ellen Berkland served as Boston's archaeologist for more than 14 years. During her tenure Ms. Berkland conducted archaeological digs around the Boston Common, the Paul Revere House, and beneath the Central Artery while she worked to preserve the thousands of artifacts discovered during the "Big Dig". Currently, Ms. Berkland works as the archeologist at the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.


Wednesday, September 10th
noon - 1:00 pm

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This event is hosted in association with The Partnership of the Historic Bostons in celebration of Charter Day 2014.

portrait of Paul Revere (1768) by John Singleton Copley courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston via Wikimedia Commons

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