History Matters series - Growing Deeper Roots: Why the Stories of the Past are More Important Than Ever

Pilgrims Landing by Edward Percy Moran
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Speaker: Peggy Bendroth

A Conversation with Peggy Bendroth

At the Congregational Library and Archives we believe that "history matters" — but what does that really mean in practice? What does it mean to have a sense of history?

Join Peggy Bendroth, the library's Executive Director and author of The Spiritual Practice of Remembering, in a conversation about the past and its importance for people today. Making meaningful connections with people, ideas, and events of long ago can be rewarding but also deeply confusing. Our ancestors are sometimes so familiar and at other times utterly and completely different from us. We want to celebrate their achievements, but we also know where they have come up short. In this noontime presentation and discussion we will think together about ways we can relate to the past, focusing especially on the Congregational tradition and its spiritual heritage.


Wednesday, October 15th
noon - 1pm

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image of "Pilgrims Landing" by Edward Percy Moran

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