History Matters series - Theologian, Poet and Mystic: A Conversation with Charles Harper

photo of Chuck Harper
Thursday, November 13, 2014
Speaker: Charles H. Harper

Join us for an hour of poetry and conversation with Charles H. Harper. He describes his writing and presentation style thusly:

A theologian, a poet and a mystic live in me. The theologian is steeped in classical Christian traditions, understood metaphorically. The mystic lives simultaneously in the worlds of light and darkness held together in a dialectical unity. The poet is a metaphysical agnostic, a cultural critic and a spiritual seeker.

Off the busy hallway between my brain and soul is a small seminar room where my inner triumvirate regularly meets. Their conversations are wide ranging. In December 1954, during my sophomore year in college, I was invited to join the discussion. The four of us have kept this conversation going for sixty years. My poetry is, to a large extent, a record of these deliberations.

At a recent poetry reading in East Falmouth, a retired English teacher commented, "Your poetry raises more questions than it answers." Exactly! My readings are dialogical events at which the poems invite the audience into the conversation. The poems seem to sense they are incomplete apart from the response of the audience.

Chuck Harper began writing poetry soon after his graduation from Yale Divinity School and it quickly became a passion. His poetry is seen regularly in journals, including Mobius, the Aurorean, Avocet, The Lyric, and The Deronda Review. He is the author of four poetry books: Sorting Things Out (2008), Making A Life (2010), Gratitude (2012), and Fragments (2014). A resident of Plymouth, MA, he is a member of the Tidepool Poets, a frequent participant in POETRY: The Art of Words, and leads poetry appreciation workshops at the Plymouth Public Library. To learn more about Chuck and read examples of his work, visit his website.

Having served the Boston area, as an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, Chuck was the founding Executive Director of the Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries. The CMM is an interfaith collaboration of urban and suburban congregations working to address critical social justice issues.

Chuck serves on the Congregational Library and Archives Advisory Circle.


Thursday, November 13th
noon - 1:00 pm

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