History Matters series: A Space for Faith

cover image of "A Space for Faith" by Paul Wainwright
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Speaker: Paul Wainwright

Join photographer Paul Wainwright for a look at his captivating shots of New England's classic church buildings.

New England's Puritan meetinghouses embody an important chapter in American history, yet their role in forming our country is not widely known. Participatory government (the "town meeting") was born and refined in them. The original "Tea Party" was organized in one – the Old South Meetinghouse here in Boston.

Following the example set by Paul Strand in his classic 1950 book Time in New England, the exact location of each of Wainwright's photographs is relatively unimportant. Just as Strand painted a composite portrait of New England, Wainwright's photographs paint a composite portrait of the New England meetinghouse. These structures are typical of those that once existed at the center of every colonial New England town. While most have been torn down or renovated beyond recognition, the few structures contained in this body of work remain, touched only by time.

Paul's book, A Space for Faith, The Colonial Meetinghouses of New England, is available for members to borrow from the Congregational Library.

Wednesday, January 29nd
12:00 - 2:00 pm

(Please note that this is a special extended session.)

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