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New tool for church libraries

It's been a while since we've promoted our page of resources for church libraries. We have gathered a list of websites, books, and articles to help with everything from getting started to ensuring your collection can be passed down through the generations.

One of the tools we've recommended in recent years is a free online cataloging system called LibraryThing, and now it's even better. The makers of LibraryThing have just launched an extension called TinyCat that turns your basic list of books into a real library catalog. It can help make your catalog records more robust, makes searching easier, is mobile-ready, and even has a circulation system to keep track of when your books are checked out and when they're due.

If you're already using LibraryThing for your church library (or any very small library), TinyCat could make it even better. If you're not using it yet, this might just be the time to start.


I'm not familiar with Libib

I'm not familiar with Libib yet, but it also looks like a good option. I'll add it to our reference page.

My advice would be to choose the software that will work best for your collection(s), your community, and whoever links the two. If your librarian and borrowers are happy, it will probably be the right way to go.

We know that budget is also often a consideration, which is why we try to recommend free or inexpensive options as much as possible.The size of your collection will probably be a factor in this case. (Libib's flat rate vs. TinyCat's scaled pricing.) If that is less of an issue, you could test out the free version of each product with a small number of books to see which you prefer before you commit to any subscription.

Good luck. We'd love to hear what you decide.

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January 24, 2019
Holy Humanitarians