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Two new Hidden Histories collections available

We are pleased to announce the availability of two new collections in our New England's Hidden Histories (NEHH) program.

The first collection comes from First Church in Newbury, Massachusetts, and is part of Series I. It contains an 1853 copy of minutes from a 1669-1670 Ecclesiastical Council called by the church to render an opinion on the church's desire to change their style of governance by dismantling their Elder system. The Council advised against the proposal strongly, but by 1683 First Church in Newbury had no ruling elders. To learn more about this collection, visit the finding aid or view the item online.

letter written by Jonathan Edwards to Esther Burr, 1757

The second collection, found in Series II contains a single letter written by Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) to his daughter, Esther Edwards Burr (1732-1758), seen accompanying this blog post. The letter is dated November 20, 1757 and was written shortly after the death of Esther's husband, Aaron Burr, Sr. (1715/16-1757). You can view the letter online via the collection page.