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Emma Cushman: Missionary in Turkey and Greece

Emma Darling Cushman (1863-1931), born in Burlington, New York, was a nurse and missionary with the American Board and, later, Near East Relief. Cushman operated with the American Board at the Western Turkey Mission from 1900 to 1907, when she was released from service to the ABCFM. After this, she worked independently in hospitals in Turkey. Following the Great War, she worked with Near East Relief to provide care for orphans displaced by the war. With Near East Relief, Cushman worked in Corinth, Greece, and had a farm near St. Theodore (Agioi Theodoroi), to the east of Corinth. After an illness, she died in Cairo, Egypt, in 1931. The following are photos of Emma Cushman and the orphans with whom she worked in Greece.

Cushman, Emma Darling, 1863-1931. Portrait with children.

Cushman, Emma Darling, 1863-1931. Portrait.

Girls in Corinth, Greece.

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I just found these photographs of Emma Cushman. ...

I just found these photographs of Emma Cushman. They really touched my heart. My grandmother was an Armenian orphan in Caesarea, Turkey where Miss Cushman ran the orphanage (my grandmother arrived in approximately 1918). She spoke about Miss Cushman throughout her life and stressed that she was the person who helped her recover from the terrible things she had experienced. These photos put a beautiful face to the name about which I had heard so much.

My grandmother Karzuhi

My grandmother Karzuhi Benohanian Markarian was in the orphange where Miss Cushman was the director in Greece. The girl in the back with pig tails looks like me when I was young so I was wondering if that was my grandmother. Do you have any other oictures?


Please contact me at


Thanking you in advance and warm regards,


Nora Markarian  Yacoubian

My grandmother was in this

My grandmother was in this orphange. Her name was Karzuhi Benohanian. Do you have any original pictures or names of these gierls? The girl in the back looks like me when I was young wich means it could

be her. Please contact me at


Thanks so much!


Nora Markarian Yacoubian

 Can you tell me if Emma D.

 Can you tell me if Emma D. Cushman's body was removed from the American Cemetery in Cairo, Egypt and sent to the United States?   I am working with a committee to restore broken graves in the American Cemetery and have not been able to find  Ms. Darling's grave as yet.  

   With many thanks for your help,

         Jean W. Isteero