New England's Hidden Histories

Congregational church records are an unparalleled source of information about the religious activities of the early colonists, and about many other aspects of early American life as well.
The Congregational Library, in partnership with the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale is currentlypreserving these records and making them available to the public. LEARN MORE >

Transcribe an 18th-Century Document

"St. Francis" (1898) by Albert Chevallier Tayler
Thursday, April 24, 2014

"St. Francis of Assisi in American Spirituality" -- Join scholar Patricia Appelbaum for a discussion of how a Medieval Catholic saint became so popular among Protestants and in popular culture.

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The Chicago Theological Seminary's Collection of the Illinois Home Missionary Society records has been processed and is now available for research.

The success of our October symposium, Mather Redux: New Perspectives on Cotton Mather, led us to consider creating an annotated bibliography of the library's Mather collection and other resources, in print and digitally (webliogra

The Community Renewal Society records are now processed and available for research.

The Murlin Heights Congregation, established 1847, started out within the Christian denomination. The church's first parsonage was constructed in 1917 allowing for permanent residence for pastors.