New England's Hidden Histories

Congregational church records are an unparalleled source of information about the religious activities of the early colonists, and about many other aspects of early American life. The Congregational Library and Archives, in partnership with the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale is currently preserving these records and making them available to the public.

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Renaissonics - Miyuki Tsurutani (harpsichord, recorders) ; John Tyson (recorders, crumhorn, pipe & tabor) ; Laura Gulley (violin, viola) ; Daniel Rowe (cello)
Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Performers: Renaissonics

Join us for a concert by Renaissonics, accompanied by The Gropina Trio.

Renaissonics' newest...

News & Highlights

We're pleased to announce the availability of three new collections in our New England's Hidden Histories program. All of them contain some interesting history and insights into the lives of the people who created them.

Rev. Dr. Llewellyn (Lelly) Parsons Smith is a retired minister in Massachusetts. She has given her time to a number of groups over the years, including the Mass.

The latest additions to our New England's Hidden Histories program come from two churches that have survived many changes.


There are two new additions to our New England's Hidden Histories program, both of which have experienced changes in geography since their creation.